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Technology has taken over the world and we have a lot of examples of it in front of us, there was a time when we were only aware of the word irrigation but its 2019 and we now have something more advanced and modern.

We are talking about none other than the drip irrigation system which is more of a controlled irrigation that helps in saving a lot of water.

Drip irrigation is a unique method in which water is provided to the roots of the plants slowly in the form of drops and sometimes in this system, water is even injected directed into the roots of the plants.This method is preferred over the surface irrigation one because in this method there is a lot of water saved because it doesn’t get evaporated.

A Complete Guide To Drip Irrigation System

drip irrigation

At the end of the day, the sole purpose of irrigation is to provide water to the roots of the plants for them to nourish and that can be done now by saving a huge amount of water through the drip irrigation system. We hope you got an idea of what drip irrigation is and how on what principle does it operate but this isn’t it and there is a lot more we have to tell you about this type of irrigation.

So, if you are someone who is genuinely interested and eager to know about drip irrigation then stick to this article as we will tell you all you need to know about this process, it’s benefits and the components of this system.

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Drip irrigation is basically a watering system that comes with a low pressure and it helps in providing water to home landscapes in various ways. In this system, the plants and the roots take less water for the nourishment and just by the drops, stream and sprays, you get to keep the roots moist.

Now, you might be wondering that is the less consumption of water the only benefit of the drip irrigation system? Well, the answer is “no” because there are several other reasons why the drip irrigation system is better than the surface irrigation and there surely are more benefits to this operation.

Benefits Of Drip Irrigation Systems

  • With it, you will be able to conserve more water and that will eventually save you a lot of money too. With this system there is minimal and sometimes no evaporation and overspray of water so yes this is the one main benefit of the drip irrigation system.
  • With it, you won’t have to cut the home water line and you can directly connect it to the hose spigot.
  • No more overly moist environment which is the main cause of the production of fungal diseases.
  • No runoff or erosion because the water is spread in an equal way and it does not soak the ground or the plants, in fact, you can say that with drip irrigation you get to provide an optimal amount of water to the plants.
  • Prevention of water in the places that should not be moist as sometimes this encourages weed growth.

Components Of Drip Irrigation System

If you want to have a drip irrigation system of your own then you have to buy all the parts from the same manufacturer in order to ensure compatibility. You can also buy an entire system kit in order to have a customized system.

Drip Irrigation SystemWe are now going to jot down the components of a drip irrigation system so that you can have a better understanding of this system and what things you need to have one of your own.

Soaker Hoses

The soaker hoses generally consume more water than a drip system but on the light side, these hoses are cheaper and are also known to be the simplest to use when it comes to irrigation. These hoses actually work by dripping water out of the tiny holes on them, they are available in different lengths so you can buy any one of them as per your requirement.


You can now easily find proper kits in order to grow vegetables, flowers, and trees etc. You can also expand these kits as per the need of your irrigation system. You can also convert the pop-up sprinkles or other repair parts in order to perform drip irrigation.

Pressure Reducers

If you need to make your drip irrigation system compatible with your home water pressure then you need pressure reducers because if you won’t use these reducers then the pressure of your home water will be too much for the drip irrigation system to work.


You definitely don’t want the debris and the other dirt to block your tubes and emitters and for that purpose, you need some built-in filters that can provide clean and clear water to the plants without blocking or clogging the pipes.


The most important thing you need in setting up a drip irrigation system are the fittings, these fittings will help you in connecting the components of the system.


These help in supporting the emitters and the tube too from getting blocked and clogged from all the debris, bugs and even the soil because when you are working to provide water to the plants, there are high chances that the water coming out of your home blocks the pipe with dust or some other material.

Hole Punches

With the hole punches, you will be able to connect the emitters and tubes with the insertion points and this way you can provide equal water to your landscape.

Backflow Preventers

This is also an important component of the drip irrigation system as it helps in the prevention of the water to re-enter your water supply because if this happens then the water you drink will get contaminated and this is something no one wants.

These are the few necessary components of a drip irrigation system and if you are someone who loves gardening or growing plants and nourishing them then you need to get yourself a customized drip irrigation system because at the end of the day it is a better and more effective method that saves a lot of water from being consumed too.

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