Are you frustrated that when you play games or watch movies on your PC the experience fails to live up to what you get on your latest home theater entertainment system? Fret no more as you can enjoy the same epic sound processing offered by a new brand of sound processing cards. These plug in directly to your computer’s USB ports, almost always as Plug-n-Play accessories. The cards are just as versatile in processing both output and input (recordings) to match the highest surround sound specifications. It is the least inconveniencing way of transforming the threadbare sound capabilities of your PC to match up to the highest standards in the industry.

10. Dyconn USB Stereo Audio Adapter



Devised to offer impressive performance as well as dashing looks all in one package, this is a must have device for anyone craves convenience but demands epic sound production on PC as well. The ingenious ruggedized aluminum finish and smooth finish will match the sleek appearance of your Macbook or Ultrabook and deliver stunning performance just as flawlessly. What is more, the sound card not only offers high quality processing of output audio but also for recording.

9. Eastvita 7.1 Channel USB External Sound Card Audio Adapter


Enjoy the same level of robust sound processing you get with a high fidelity dedicated PCI sound card by opting for this USB 2.0 compatible USB surround sound card adapter. Just insert the easy Plug-n-Play device into your desktop or laptop’s USB interface and start enjoying music, movies and gaming on another level altogether. The device offers excellent controls as well as indicators including volume controls, function to mute either the stereo output or the mono microphone output as well as LED indicators of each functionality.

8. AFUNTA 7.1 Surround Sound and 12 Channel USB Sound Adapter


Add incredible audio performance on your PC computer with this incredibly priced adapter. The USB 2.0 compatible adapter interfaces well with your stereo headphone jacks and offers the versatility of a mono microphone input jack receptacle. Whether you love music or gaming on your PC, this nifty cable will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the experience with plenty to spare. The device also includes support for Xear 3D Sound simulation software.

7. VONOTO USB Sound Card adapter Audio Cable for PC and Mac


Do not be deceived by the inconspicuous appearance of this USB adapter cable, it has the potential to turn your home to a cinematic theater, transforming the ordinary stereo output of your computer to virtual 3-D surround. It is versatile to be installed on computers running either Windows of Apple’s Mac OS operating systems. Fully compatible with USB 2.0 interface of your computer, there are no complex software packages to install. The device comes with prepackaged with Xear 3D, the award winning 7.1 surround sound simulation software for Windows and Mac computers.

6. Virtual 5.1-surround USB 2.0 External Sound Card


No larger than your average pen drive, this inconspicuous external sound card offers a level of versatility rarely seen on this scale of innovation. The device makes use of your already installed USB device driver, necessitating no downloads or pesky optical drive installations. Moreover, it does not require external power, deriving all the juice it needs to run from the USB plug entirely. The card offers the full functionality of a fully fledged PCI sound card including virtual 5.1 channel surround effect and 3 dimensional rendering.

5. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB Audio System


Enjoy Dolby Digital Surround sound right in the comfort of your home with this incredibly versatile sound card. Plugging in directly to your computer’s USB interface, you do not have to open up the computer’s casing, potentially voiding any warranty guarantees offered by the seller or manufacturer. Instead, you only need to plug this device in and follow easy installer dialog instructions and you are all; set to enjoy all audio at a scale as epic as any cinematic hall can provide.

4. HDE 7.1 Channel USB External Sound Card Audio Adapter

Make the action seem even more epic with this 7.1 channel surround sound card now available at an incredibly low bargain price. You only have to plug it into a high speed USB port, plug in your head phones or subwoofer audio connects and you are instantly transported where every sound, every short, crack of a twig or even subtle whisper is transformed to an epic scale. The versatile device works with a variety of both desktop or portable computers. It includes prepackaged installation package so you do not have to use CD installers or download software from the web.

3. Sabrent Virtual External USB 2.0 Surround Sound Adapter



Functional, compact and irrepressibly robust in action this device is your ultimate ticket to incredibly well processed cinematic audio projection right in the comfort of your living room. The nifty device requires no external powering but offers the most incredible interface with your PC and high definition surround sound home theater system. Gaming as well as audio and video streaming from the web has never been this epic. And considering that you can enjoy all this at pocket change pricing, there is no reason why you are not hitting the “buy now” button to place an order for this marvel of technological innovation.

2. Creative Sound Blaster Omni USB Surround Sound Card


Making use of the latest in SBX Pro and Crystal Voice technologies, this easy Plug-n-Play device lets you enjoy the best of Surround Sound audio blasting on your PC or Mac computer. Whether you are into gaming, block buster movies or even the perfunctory Web 2.0 applications such as YouTube or Skype, enjoy them all on a bigger than life scale with these tech innovations. The device takes just a minute to install and configure, offering almost instantaneous transformation of ordinary PC audio to full cinematic surround sound in 5.1 channel versatility.

1. Sewell Direct Sound Box External USB Sound Card


Small and compact enough to carry around with no trouble this USB adapter adds versatility and adaptable functionality to your sound processing needs. In fact, the entire assembly is no larger than a deck of cards yet its ability to amplify sound in a room is almost unparalleled. The 7.1 full analog inputs through 3.5mm jacks offer ready interfacing with a host of HiFi systems. As a fully functional Plu-n-Play device, you only need to hook it to your high speed USB port and you are good to go.

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