How To Make A Baby Shower Cap

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Giving your toddler a bath can be difficult at times. However, washing a toddler’s hair is a challenge in itself. Babies tend to get irritated when their eyes are exposed to the shampoo, and they end up crying.

Another consequence is that they refuse to go to shower again after such an experience. Irritation is not the only problem that comes with the exposure of shampoo to the eyes; shampoo has strong ingredients that are seriously harmful for the eyes. This is why it is crucial to protect your baby’s eyes from the stinging shampoo.

That way you will not have to tolerate the endless crying either, and your baby’s eyes will be safe too. You can also use a grocery bag in order to make a perfect shower cap for baby.

How To Make A Baby Shower Cap – Step By Step Guide

How To Make A Baby Shower Cap - Step By Step Guide

Luckily there is a workaround for all the parents who face this issue with their toddlers, an innovative invention known as the Baby Shower Cap.

This cap was most probably invented by a like-minded parent who was having a hard time giving their toddler a bath. You can cop this god-gifted invention by ordering it online, but sometimes online shopping is infamous for being fraudulent.

And those baby shower caps are not always adjustable, so if you end up buying one like that unknowingly, you will waste money.

To avoid all that hassle, we would advise you to make your own baby shower cap. If you are wondering how to be able to do that, do not worry! You are in good hands. This article will show you how to make a baby shower cap right at home.

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Keep reading to find out the simple method of creating your very own baby shower cap:

Things you will need:

  • 2 Styrofoam plates. (A paper plate will be useless, because it will easily get wet)
  • Water-Proof Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors/Cutter

Step 1:

Take one of your Styrofoam plates, apply the water-proof glue all over it. Including the edges and the center. It needs to be fully covered in glue. Put your second Styrofoam plate on top of the first one, and stick them together.

Now you will have a thick Styrofoam plate that can withstand the flow of water easily. If you had used just one Styrofoam plate, there would be a likelihood of it breaking during the shower. Two plates glued together provide a stronger support against the water. When you are giving your toddler a shower, you simply ca not have an easily breakable baby shower cap. Instead, you will need a sturdy one. It is also important to note that a water-proof glue is essential for this baby shower cap.

If you use an ordinary glue to stick your Styrofoam plates together, there is a high chance that they will separate during you are giving your baby a shower and that can create discomfort. So glue stick is definitely a no go.

Step 2:

Grab a pencil, start drawing a circle equivalent to the size of your baby’s head. Draw the circle with a light hand, because you do not want to poke holes into the Styrofoam plate. Make sure the circle is the same size, because if it is any smaller or bigger than the actual size of your baby’s head, it will not be usable because it will either not fit your baby, or it will leak the water.

The Styrofoam plates will go to waste too.

You can achieve a completely equal circle by placing the plate on top of your toddler’s head, and drawing a circle adjacent to it. Bear in mind the circle has to be big enough to reach till the toddler’s ears, which will give you just enough space to wash the hair.

Step 3:

Start cutting the circle you drew in step 2. You can use a scissor but it may not give you a smooth finish, so it is far more advisable to use a cutter instead. Please keep your toddler away from yourself while you are doing this, to avoid any mishap or accident.

Take your time while you are cutting, because the circle has to be equal to the size of your baby’s head.

You should put all of your emphasis on the circle only as it is the deal breaker for this baby shower cap. Don’t rush yourself otherwise you might end up with an unequal circle, which will be useless.

Step 4:

Once you are done with step 3, you will basically have a baby shower cap. It does not end here though, you still have to make sure it is the right size for your toddler’s head.

Think of this step as a ‘test-drive’ Put your self-made baby shower cap on your toddler’s head, and check if it fits perfectly. The ideal fit should snug right before the toddler’s ears. As far as the water leakage is concerned, the only way to find out if there is any chance that the water will leak is that you test the baby shower cap in the shower.

If there are any size issues, there is an alternative to making a new baby shower cap. If the baby shower cap is too small, simply make the hole bigger by cutting it again. If the baby shower cap is too big, you can simply add on tape to the inside of the hole which will make it smaller. Hooray! Now you have yourself a solution to the irritable baby shower problem.


Conclusion: This article marks the end of crying babies during showers. Once you have made your own baby shower cap, perhaps you could tell other parents all about it so they too, can enjoy bath time with their babies. This may be a simple solution, but we bet it will go a long way for restless parents who just want to be able to give their toddlers a shower, peacefully.

Parents and babies both deserve a little consideration. Hence, sharing is caring! You know the drill, a happy baby equals to a happy shower.

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