The CCENT practice test is a valuable material developed for the ultimate success in the CCENT exam. The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification is the formal recognition of relevant skills most desirable in entry-level network support position. It represents the introductory point for every productive career in the world of networking. You are expected to have the basic skills and knowledge in installing, operating and troubleshooting any business branch network, and perform other network security tasks. For better understanding, the CCNA certification is the next career stage, and then comes the CCNP certificate.

It is not impossible for you to pass the CCENT exam as long as you have access to a relevant practice test. Before, all you needed to do was get a few study books or videos, and sooner or later you became an IT professional. But nowadays this approach is becoming largely inadequate for the desired success in this commendable exam. One of the integral parts of successful preparation for the exam is getting access to quality materials with straightforward and corresponding explanations.

Suggested materials and books most suitable for the CCENT exam

There are several CCENT practice tests materials found offline and online. They come in the form of videos, texts and other materials. Meanwhile, to lower the cost, save your time and boost the success rate in the exam, you must be prepared enough to separate the wheat from the chaff and find exactly those materials that will maximize your efficiency. One of the best CCENT practice tests is Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Study Guide by Todd Lammle. This is the same material I personally used for the test, and still read from time to time to refresh my memory. In spite of the fact that this book may seem boring and dry, I still find it highly valuable for guaranteed success in the exam. One interesting fact about this guide is that the questions and answers provided in it are very close to those of the real exam.

Tips for achieving success in the CCENT exam

Practice makes difference

The importance of the Visit Now CCENT practice test cannot be overemphasized. To pass the exam, you must look for all materials available. Repeat the same practice test unless you score about 100% on a consistent basis. When you achieve this, proceed to the next test. Don’t be surprised when you come across some of the questions during the main exam after such intensive practice. I actually explored around 4 distinct websites for my CCENT practice test questions and yet each of them offered me new question I had never seen before.

Be motivated

One of the best ways to complement your CCENT exam is motivation. If you are not well-motivated towards writing the exam, the quality of your practice tests could be low without the required discipline.

Areas of concentrations in the CCENT practice test

The CCENT exam is specifically designed to examine the candidate’s readiness to accurately configure business networks. As soon as you pass this exam, you will be presented the certificate that will help gain respect of your potential employers, as they are well aware that your skills will benefit their organizations. No wonder they are not hesitated to pay you attractively. To enhance your preparation even further, below are listed the topics to which you should pay extra attention when studying for the CCENT certification test.


Until recently, this topic was not part of the Cisco exams, but now it is covered along a few other additional topics.

IP address

This is an integral part of networking. Transfer of information from one computer to another is only made possible with IP addresses, the same way the conventional postal service is dependent on the street name and house number. Be reminded that IP address is categorized into host and networking while subnet mask determines the alternate parts.

OSI model

This is the base on which the entire topics in networking are built upon. If you can diligently study OSI model, operation and application of networking will be a child’s play to you after passing the exam. This model was developed to ensure that all networking equipment components operate without conflicts. As a result, the devices manufactured by different companies can be interchanged and remain functional due to pre-determined standard.


As far as the CCENT exam is concerned, this is the most vital topic. This is because it appears in virtually all questions and you must be ready to complete a simulation on it. You are advised to devote more time to study this topic.

  • On a personal note, it is advisable you enroll in a standard class, particularly if you can spare the time and budget. While the computer tests could be boring, having an instructor may be all that you need for passing the CCENT exam.
  • Try to identify the fastest technique you find most suitable to subnet. Better still, your ability to subnet off-hand will help you save considerable time in solving subnetting questions. I still believe there are many more and possibly better guides you can find online if you are interested in passing the CCENT certification exam.

The final remarks

As my final piece of advice, I will tell you not to panic or exercise unnecessary apprehension. It is understandable that keeping yourself calm could be a little difficult during such an important exam but it is doable. To achieve this, ensure that you get to the exam center on time. You may as well bring ear plug with you just to enhance your concentration during the exam. Considering all the factors, getting the CCENT certification is worth all the troubles with the exam. It boosts your job and promotion opportunities. More importantly, it is a right step towards career advancement. With a good job and motivation, you can now be thinking of the next career stage which is the CCNA certification.

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