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Top 10 Best Synonyms & Antonyms Reference Books Reviewed

First spoken in medieval England, English is now a global language. Many countries, especially British colonies, have it as their national language. Nonnatives, on the other hand, learn it to communicate with their people from other countries easily. If you are planning to visit an English speaking country, thus, make sure that you know the


Top 10 Best Dictionaries Reviewed In 2017

Dictionaries are the go-to accessories by individuals looking to improve their grammar and expand their vocabulary. Carefully crafted by professionals in various fields, most brands are accurate. Prints are clear and fun to read, while their ever-evolving content captures changes of dynamic languages such as English and French. Finally, unlike hiring professional tutors, dictionaries are

Lee Child Books

Top 10 Best Lee Child Books Reviewed In 2017

Lee Child is a multi-award winning author and orator who has written several bestselling books over his lustrous career. Gaining global attention in March 1997 with his debut title, Killing Floor, he has captivated readers with his famous Jack Reacher characters. He has also written film-based novels that have featured in television programs and films.

Stephen King Books

Top 10 Best Stephen King Books Reviewed

A master storyteller and trusted orator, Stephen King is an award winning writer with a generous collection of over 50 heart wrenching books that have won him a vast following globally. Over his years of writing, he has written many interesting titles in various genres (horror, autobiographies, and several others) that continue to captivate and


Top 10 Best Thesauruses Reviewed

The Thinker’s Thesaurus: Advanced Synonyms for Standard Words, by Peter Meltzer, surpasses the world of exactly what we believe a “thesaurus” needs to be by supplying us with a level of beneficial words that surpasses exactly what we have actually ended up being utilized to in a regular thesaurus. The thesaurus that the majority of