People have relied on corded computer mice or work and gaming for many years now. They are affordable accessories. They also come in an assortment of designs online that satisfy the needs of most people. Unfortunately, because of their wired designs, they tend to clutter workstations. This frustrates people with small desks. People who like organization also find them to be a bother. Do not fret, though. If you are part of this, we have a better solution for your – wireless mice. These battery-powered devices are super convenient. They also connect reliably with most types of computers whilst working or playing. Consider ordering one today.

Computers have improved over the years. Peripheral devices such as mice have also improved as well. If you are tired of the wired mouse that you bought years ago, for instance, upgrade your system with a new wireless one. The 10 brands that we have reviewed, for instance, do not lag as traditional wired ones do. They also have charming designs and battery-powered systems that do not clutter the best office desks with wires. Buy yours to get a valuable computer accessory that will serve you well for long.

10. Logitech 910-004165 M325

Logitech 910-004165 M325

In the computers niche, Logitech has many quality products. This 910-004165 M325 mouse, for instance, is a powerful wireless device that improves how people work and play. If you have a wired mouse that lags often, do not hesitate to buy one. It is a durable product. The seamless optical movement that it has at 100dpi also improves its performance. Whether you are working a wooden desk or your bed, you do not worry about your cursor sticking. You also get a durable plastic case and a micro-precise scrolling technology that performs well.

When browsing the Internet or working, people use mice for long. With the low quality wired models available online, irritation and bruises are common. This is not the case with Logitech 910-004165 M325. It has a smooth and contoured design that fits comfortably in the hand. It also has textured rubber grips that ease its control whilst playing fast action games. They also come in handy whilst working.

Logitech 910-004165 M325 is a battery-powered mouse. The rechargeable battery that it uses is durable. It also has a high capacity design that powers it well or up to 18 months. This Mac and Windows compatible mouse uses a tiny nano-receiver (USB) to create secure connections.


  • Reliable nano-receiver
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Smoothly contoured case
  • Textured rubber grips
  • 18-month capacity
  • Seamless optical movement
  • Micro-precise scrolling technology


  • Short range (under five feet)

9. TeckNet M002

TeckNet M002

Are you tired of your wired mouse cluttering your desk whenever you are working? To get a suitable wireless model that you will enjoy using for long, consider TeckNet M002. It is a reputable product all over the world mainly because of its power. The 2.4GHz wireless adapter that it uses, for instance, is one of the best. It is durable. It also processes tasks well without lags and other performance issues. Whenever you are handling complex projects, thus, you will enjoy having this mouse.

The reliability of this wireless mouse is also a major attractant. Fitted with an innovative Tru Wave technology, for instance, users enjoy smart and precise cursor control on all surfaces. It also has a responsive nano receiver (15 meters) and a Co-Link technology that keeps it connected. After a power outage or restarting your computer, you do not have to link it manually. It does so automatically. The rechargeable battery that TeckNet M002 mouse uses lasts for 10 months.


  • High-capacity battery (10 months)
  • Responsive nano receiver (15 meters)
  • Co-Link technology
  • Tru Wave technology
  • Powerful 2.4GHz wireless adapter
  • Comfortable and non-slip design
  • Adjustable DPI
  • 5,000,000 clicks lifespan


  • None

8. EagleTec MR5M2509

EagleTec MR5M2509

Powered by a high capacity (18 months) rechargeable battery, EagleTec MR5M2509 is a versatile wireless mouse that never disappoints. It is also cheap and has a powerful (2.4GHz) processor that benefits people of all cadres. If you are an office worker, for instance, you will like its fast and smooth cursor control. You can even change its DIP (1000/1500/2000) using the DPI switch on its surface. Most wired mice lack this novel feature.

Do you enjoy playing games? Are you looking for a durable wireless mouse that you can customize to suit your gaming style? EagleTec MR5M2509 stands out for many reasons. First, it is a wireless device. You do not have to worry about wires getting in your way as you play. You also get a five-button system with two programmable keys that you can customize, as you desire. Expect a good time with an original one.

The performance of EagleTec MR5M2509 has made it a sought-after wireless mouse worldwide. However, it is also a best seller because of its comfortable design. Its smooth and contoured body, for instance, fits snug in the hand. As such, you can maneuver it easily as you work or play. You also get non-slip rubber grips that improve its stability and shut down/auto-sleep features that save battery power.


  • Shut down/auto-sleep features
  • Two programmable keys
  • Smooth and contoured body
  • Adjustable DIP (1000/1500/2000)
  • Non-slip rubber grips
  • Powerful (2.4GHz) processor
  • Reliable nano-receiver


  • Confusing to set up
  • Poor instruction manual

7. Logitech M185

Logitech M185

Logitech mice combine both style and power in an affordable package. Most of its products also have universal designs that satisfy the demands of most people. Logitech M185, for instance, is a premium silver-themed mouse with a wireless interface. You do not have to deal with wires as you work or play. The optimal motion detection technology that it uses is super-convenient. Forget about the lags and performance issues that your current mouse has. Finally, built to work at resolutions of up to 1000dpi, this mouse works well on all surfaces.

The design of Logitech M185 is top-notch. Made of high-density plastic, for instance, its durability is impressive. Even though it will develop a few scratches over time, you do not have to worry about major damages. It also has a portable design that you can carry easily and a universal system that works with both Windows and Mac OS. You get the best of the best products in this niche.


  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Durable plastic case
  • Stylish silver-themed design
  • 1000dpi resolution
  • Heavy-duty switches
  • Optimal motion detection technology
  • Works well on most surfaces
  • Powerful nano receiver
  • Light and portable design


  • Poor instructions

6. Etekcity Scroll M910

Etekcity Scroll M910

Working or playing with a low-grade mouse has numerous cons. Most of such products irritate the palm and wrist. Because they are uncomfortable to handle, they also lower the performance of people significantly. Avoid them at all costs. A quality wireless model such as Etekcity Scroll M910 will serve you better. With one, you get an ergonomic vertical mouse with two thumb buttons that ease its use. It also has a removable palm rest for support, an adjustable DPI, and nine programmable buttons. If you are a gamer or browse the Internet a lot, you can customize its system easily to meet your needs.

Wrist strain is not an issue with this wireless Etekcity Scroll M910 mouse. It is comfortable to handle. Because of its smooth optical technology, you also do not have to exert a lot of effort to move it around smoothly. Finally, the powerful 2.4GHz processor that this mouse uses is not only powerful but also reliable. Using the provided nano receiver, you can connect and operate your computer from distances of up to 33 feet.


  • Powerful 2.4GHz system
  • Responsive from 33 feet
  • One-year warranty
  • High capacity battery
  • Nine programmable buttons
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Ergonomic vertical design
  • Removable palm rest


  • Jittery cursor

5. Anker Ergonomic Mouse

Anker Ergonomic Mouse

Home to some of the best portable power banks, Anker is a reputable brand. Its line of computer mice is also appealing with this ergonomic one ranked among the best. With one, you get a functional day-to-day accessory that is perfect for Word processing and browsing the Internet. You also can also use it for gaming without straining your wrist and or sacrificing performance in any way. This mouse has a powerful wireless technology. It also has adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600) for optimizing its responsiveness.

Even though this wireless mouse does not use rechargeable batteries, its superior design is appealing. The contoured case that you get, for instance, is comfortable to use. The risk or bruises and or wrist strain are slim, even when used for hours. This mouse is also easy to maneuver and connects to a tiny wireless receiver (USB) that works with most computers. Other notable attributes are its power saving mode and the 18-month warranty that Anker offers for it.


  • Convenient side controls
  • 18-month limited warranty
  • Smooth and comfortable case
  • Powerful wireless receiver
  • Adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600)
  • Customizable settings


  • Feels big in the hand

4. Microsoft 3500

Microsoft 3500

Many people like Microsoft’s Windows line of operating systems. It is powerful. It is also versatile and optimized to meet the needs of most people. The wireless computer mice in its arsenal offer the same experience. Microsoft 3500, for instance, is a quality peripheral device that connects via a nano receiver. The technology is responsive. You only have to try once to get a stable connection. The smooth optical technology that it employs boosts its performance further. You will like it.

Some brands of wireless mice perform poorly on some surfaces. They either wobble or fail to respond to the movements of their users. This is not the case with Microsoft 3500. This is a top-grade accessory. In addition to its power, people like the advanced BlueTrack technology that it uses. Whilst working on hard surfaces such as desks, you get a seamless performance every time. This mouse also responds well on soft surfaces such as beds or couches.

Do not worry about this wireless mouse losing charge easy. The battery that it uses powers it well for up to eight months. This is impressive. You also get a compact, portable, and ergonomic accessory that you will enjoy using.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Ergonomic plastic case
  • Eight months battery capacity
  • Advanced BlueTrack technology
  • Reliable nano receiver
  • Stable wireless connections


  • Loose scrolling wheel

3. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

Do you have a Windows computer that you use at home or at work? Are you tired of the underperforming wired mouse that you use on a day-to-day basis? Consider replacing it with this wireless model from Amazon basics. It supports all Windows OS (Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP). It also has a stylish and ergonomic design that works reliably via a nano USB connection. With one, thus, forget about the wrist strain that you suffer often. You will also be able to make swift and precise movements whenever you are working and or playing.

As most wireless mice that we have listed, AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse has a reliable 2.4GHz adapter. It is also accurate and has a durable plastic case that fits comfortably in the hand. This is an excellent day-to-day wireless mouse.


  • Supports all Windows OS
  • Powerful wireless technology (2.4GHz)
  • Comfortable plastic case
  • Responsive buttons (three)
  • Reliable nano USB connection
  • Plug and play convenience


  • Drains batteries fast

2. Logitech M325

Logitech M325

Perfect for browsing the Internet, Logitech M325 is a handy wireless mouse with an innovative micro-precise technology. Unlike some models that require elaborate movements to work, this one responds better. It is fast. It is also stable (rubber grips) and has a comfortable design that you can use for hours without tiring your hand or wrist.

Logitech M325 is gentle on its battery. Unlike some models that drain fast, this mouse works consistently for up to 18 months. If you use your computer heavily at home or at work, you will enjoy owning an original one. It also works well with all Windows computers and has a universal nano receiver that works well with most USB ports.


  • Powerful wireless technology
  • Contoured design (comfortable)
  • 18-month battery life
  • Powerful nano receiver
  • Non-slip rubber grips
  • Innovative micro-precise technology


  • None

1. Logitech M510

Logitech M510

Logitech M510 is a Mac and Windows-compatible wireless mouse with a two-year battery life. It has a powerful wireless system. It also has three programmable buttons (both back and forward) that you can use to customize its performance easily.

Buttons are responsive are very durable. Unlike some models that break down often, this one will serve you well for long. It even has rubber grips for stability and a smooth plastic case that you can hold comfortably for many hours. Currently, this is the best wireless mouse in the market.


  • Responsive and durable buttons
  • Comfortable plastic case
  • Powerful wireless system
  • Non-slip rubber grips
  • Programmable buttons (back and forward)


  • Somewhat big for some people


Wireless mice are clutter-free computer devices that make work and or play fun. They are also comfortable and have powerful systems that enable people to complete most tasks effortlessly. If you are looking for a new one, the 10 brands on our list offer these benefits and much more. Buy one to get a quality wireless mouse that works well.


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