Even though a little traditional, stereo systems remain in rank among the most recommended entertainment systems for homes because of the high-quality sound they deliver. They have professional-grade speaker systems, well-engineered circuits, and power-efficient systems that are ideal for entertaining every day. Moreover, they have a greater aesthetic value than subwoofers and are relatively easier to use in homes.


Once you have set up their speakers and connected them to compatible outlets, you can listen to your favorite music on demand. If you enjoy music, intend to purchase a new stereo system, and want a top-notch accessory with offering the foregoing benefits plus more, we have lined up the top 10 best stereo systems reviewed in 2017. They are not only affordable but also made of high-grade components. They also have advanced speaker systems and easy to use designs that most homeowners appreciate.

10. Sony 120 Watt Hi-Fi

Sony 120 Watt Hi-Fi Stereo Sound System with MP3 CD Player, FM Radio, Digital Time Display, Alarm Clock, Sleep Timer, Child Lock, Lightning Dock & USB Input with DB Sonic 30-Pin iPod Connector Cable

Which is the best stereo speaker system for entertaining at home? Sony 120 Watt Hi-Fi Stereo Sound System with MP3 CD Player, FM Radio, Digital Time Display, Alarm Clock, Sleep Timer, Child Lock, Lightning Dock & USB Input with DB Sonic 30-Pin iPod Connector Cable. It is, therefore, suitable for entertaining indoors. You can also use it in a camping site to pass time and have an entertaining time overall.

A recommended stereo sound system for both home and commercial use, this is a powerful accessory. It all in one design, for instance, has all the bells and whistles that will satisfy your musical desires. It comes with a professional-grade CD and Mp3 player. Moreover, it has a quality FM radio, a digital timer with, as well as sleep timer, an alarm clock that comes in handy. Unlike some models that play music from CDs only, this accessory will improve how you entertain because of its premium high-performance design.

This stereo system has an advanced lightning dock that you can use to connect an iPod via a 30-pin connector cable and stream media in HD at the comfort of your home. It is affordable; simple to set up, and has 8-band preset sound equalizers with Bass Boost. When entertaining, therefore, you can easily customize its performance to meet your needs with little effort.


  • Versatile all in one design
  • Powerful CD player and MP3 player
  • Impressive Bass Boost technology
  • Advanced lightning dock
  • Professional-grade FM radio
  • Easy to use digital timer


  • Cords are short
  • Not compatible with US electrical systems

9. Sharp 350-Watt All-In-One

Sharp 350-Watt All-In-One Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Sound System With 5-Disc Multi-Play CD Changer, Cassette Deck, iPod-iPhone Dock, AM-FM Radio Tuner, Remote Control

With this model, you get a 350-Watt all-in-one Hi-Fi audio stereo sound system with a 5-Disc Multi-Play CD Changer, Cassette Deck, iPod-iPhone Dock, AM-FM Radio Tuner, Remote Control. Even though cheap, it is not only durable but also has a technologically advanced system that has improves how people entertain.

Designed to generate quality sound while not cluttering the space, this is a compact stereo is one of the best models for home use. It advanced system delivers real value in all grounds. For instance, with an original model, you get a Hi-Fi-ready design with an S-Master amplifier that improves sound quality and projection. It also has premium-grade musical accessories that boost sound quality and a convenient plug and use technology that takes entertainment to the next level.

With a CD collection, for example, which you like listening to; this system’s 5-disk multi-player CD player will impress you. Its load and plays most types of CDs. It is also powerful and has a concealed design that keeps dust out. You also get an easy-to-use AM/FM radio tuner, a top-grade cassette deck plus, and an advanced iPod/iPhone dock that diversifies your listening options.


  • High powered 350-watt system
  • Five CD changer
  • Powerful AM/FM radio
  • High-performance cassette deck
  • Built in S-Master amplifier
  • Powerful speaker system
  • Aesthetic design


  • CD changer has a fussy random play
  • Relatively hard to setup

8. Sony MHCECL99BT

Sony MHCECL99BT Wireless Music System

Sony MHCECL99BT will bring your desired music to thumping life, thanks to the deep lows, high power kick drums, plus its clarity of sound. If you have used several brands with poor results, expect the best from this novel accessory. Setup is straightforward. Speakers are large and functional, while its technologically advanced components work in synergy to better the experience of listeners.

During your free time, access your old school CDs and power your playlist. You can also stream media from your favorite audio applications or listen to your favorite radio station with this one of a kind stereo system. Even though simple, it is durable. It also has a professionally crafted design and an optimized system that will meet all your needs.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Professional grade sound system
  • Eye-catching design
  • Powerful CD player
  • USB playback
  • Advanced two-way speaker system
  • Cost effective


  • Non-portable
  • Lacks a radio
  • No headphone jack

7. Sony CMTSBT100 Micro

Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System with Bluetooth and NFC

Sony is a dominant global brand with quality high-performance products in its arsenal. If you are shopping for a new stereo speaker, for instance, this Micro Sony CMTSBT100 never disappoints. Powerful and dynamic, it is a valuable day-to-day accessory. The advanced NFC and Bluetooth enabled architecture offered supports audio streaming from numerous sources, while its impressive sound quality is notable.

Even though powerful, this speaker has a compact design that does not clutter personal space. You can use in your living room, for instance, with notable results. You can also use it in your bedroom with positive results. This speaker has a classic micro design that blends so well with home décor. Its 50-watt system is power-efficient, while the two 2-way reflex speakers it comes with generate high-quality sound in all musical genres—pop, rock, and R and B. It also features an all-in-all center console.


  • Eye-catching center console
  • Two 2-reflex speakers
  • Stylish looking design
  • NFC and Bluetooth enabled
  • Power efficient 50-watt system
  • Cost effective


  • Proprietary plug
  • Fussy Bluetooth connectivity

6. Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000

Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 Classic Retro Bluetooth Stereo System with CD Player, FM Radio, Aux-In, and Headphone Jack, Black and Silver

Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 Classic is a retro-themed Bluetooth Stereo System with a CD player, FM Radio, Aux-In, and a Headphone Jack. It has a stylish black and silver theme, and a sturdy and well-constructed body that withstands abuse well. If you enjoy music and want a quality stereo system for everyday use, you will never regret buying an original today.


With impressive aesthetic value, this stereo system is among the best for home or office use. Its premium design blends well in all spaces. The high-grade components it comes with, on the other hand, better its functionally indoors. The powerful speakers offered, for instance, produce a clear and immersive sound.

Bluetooth connectivity is fast and reliable, while its low-powered 50-watt system keeps bills low. With the help of its dedicated control buttons – treble, balance, and bass, you can customize its functionality in real-time and customize sound output to suit your needs. For added convenience, Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 has a large LED backlight display and dual VU speaker systems with removable grills.


  • Advanced VU speaker system
  • LED backlit display
  • Low powered 50-watt system
  • Dedicated control buttons
  • Powerful CD player
  • Responsive Bluetooth connectivity


  • Poor mid-range driver
  • Flimsy remote control
  • Does not play MP3 files

5. iLive iHB603B

iLive iHB603B Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System with CD Player and FM Radio

Space-efficient, iLive iHB603 is another top quality stereo system for entertaining. Featuring a premium wireless technology, it enables users to load and listen to their favorite music remotely. Its aesthetic dark themed body blends well in both contemporary and traditional homes, while its powerful FM radio and built-in CD player diversify how individuals entertain. Whether you enjoy listing to old classics backed up in CDs or streaming a podcast, this stereo system will benefit you.

Even though made of plastic, its durability is desirable. Its vibration-proof case eliminates sound distortion for extra sound clarity, while its high-grade speakers last long. They are also powerful and fully integrated with an advanced Bluetooth adapter (2.1 technology) that is active up to 33-ft. You also get a USB port for music playback and cell phone charging and bright LED lights that create a stunning light show whenever you are playing music. This makes it ILive iHB603B one of the best stereo systems for hosting indoor parties for friends or family.


  • Colorful LED light effects
  • USB playback and charging port
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Technology
  • High-grade speakers
  • Aesthetic dark theme
  • Top of the range CD player


  • Flimsy remote control
  • Fussy CD player

4. Sony All-In-One Stylish Micro

Sony All In One Stylish Micro Music Stereo System with Wireless Streaming NFC

Featuring a stylish and space-saving all-in-1 micro-system, Sony All-In-One takes entertainment to the next level. It valuable design, for instance, has earned it a spot among the top 10 best stereo systems reviewed in 2017. Buy a new one today to get a high-performance CD player. Its built-in USB port is perfect for playback and charging phones and the quality AM/FM radio offered ideal for listing to news or streaming podcasts. For those that love entertaining indoors, its versatility is one of its major strengths.

This stereo system has an aptly positioned AUX cable system for easier setup and use. You also get high-performance full remote and dynamic speakers that generate powerful sound when in use. Forget about the flimsy poor sounding stereo system that often disappoints you. This model will serve you well without cluttering your personal space.


  • AUX cable system
  • High-performance speakers
  • Built-in AM/FM radio
  • Premium CD player
  • Solid freestanding design
  • USB playback and charging port


  • Annoying FM texts
  • Expensive

3. Jensen JTA475B

Jensen JTA475B 3-Speed Turntable with CD, AM-FM Stereo Radio, Cassette and Remote

Unique in design, Jensen JTA475B is a 3-speed easy-tune stereo system, which supports both cassette and CD playback. It has AM/FM stereo radio that works great in all settings and an integrated auxiliary jack for connecting and streaming music from iPod, Mp3 players, and all other digital players.

Setup is very simple. Once you have assembled its speaker and connected it to a power outlet, you can listen to music with minimal hustle. The full remote control offered eases its operation further in all settings. Instead of walking to and from it to adjust sound and change music, you can do the foregoing directly from its remote control, on demand.

Do not let the low quality stereo system in your home compromise your experience whenever you are entertaining. Even though cheap, this model is not only dependable but also designed to produce great sound in large and small rooms.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Full remote control
  • Cassette and CD playback
  • AM/FM stereo radio
  • Media streaming from iPod and iPhones


  • Tiny speakers
  • Fussy vinyl playback

2. Sony MHCEC619iP

Sony MHCEC619iP 120 Watts Music System

Ranking among the very best of the top 10 best stereo systems reviewed in 2017 is Sony MHCEC619iP. It is a 120-watt premium-class stereo music system with a stable and aesthetic plastic casing, a 2-way bass reflex speaker system for offering added value, as well as an integrated Bluetooth adapter for supporting music playbook from your iPhone, iPod, and other smart devices. It comes with a battery-powered remote control for hands-free convenience. Moreover, its space-efficient design is durable—and affordable.


  • Powerful 120-watt system
  • Integrated Bluetooth adapter
  • Space-efficient design
  • 2-way bass-reflex speaker


  • Poor USB functionality

1. GPX HC221B

GPX HC221B Compact CD Player Stereo Home Music System with AM-FM Tuner

If all you need is the crème de la crème of stereo systems, then go for the GPX HC221B. It has a superbly functioning CD player that works well with most CD types. Its AM/FM radio tuner is, powerful as well, while its programmable system never disappoints. Moreover, it has two detachable speakers, each with a dynamic boost system that improves sound quality significantly. For added convenience, you get a battery-powered (Two AAA) remote control.


  • AM/FM tuner
  • Full battery-powered remote control
  • High-performance CD player
  • Advanced dynamic boost technology


  • Okay sound

Stereo systems are among the best accessories for entertainment, both in homes and in commercial places. If you are planning to buy one to improve your music-listening experience, choose our recommended top 10 best stereo systems reviewed in 2017. They are durable, produce quality sound, and are attainable cheap online.




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