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We all want healthy hair and we go to all sorts of lengths for this very reason. Issues like dryness and frizz are considered disadvantages of specific hair types. It is true that certain hair types are more prone to such issues, but there is always a hair treatment calling out your name. We have also shared an amazing article on using a shower caps after rebonding.

It is important to be optimistic when it comes to your hair. Never give up on it. If you have not found the right treatment for your hair just yet, do not feel discouraged. It is true that the right hair care can tackle almost everything. Deep conditioning at home is one of the best methods which can treat your hair with natural ingredients. It is also the secret to having hair like Rapunzel’s. Regardless of your hair type, one of the leading causes of hair damage is lack of moisture.

The flexibility, manageability and strength of your hair depend mostly on the moisture balance. Human hair needs moisture to remain soft and healthy. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, deep conditioning once a week is highly recommended. Make sure you check our article on curly hairs if you have so.

Best Shower Cap For Deep Conditioning – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

The science behind the deep conditioning treatment is that it unlocks moisture, ensuring that a copious amount of sebum is produced while restoring and increasing the strength of the hair strand. All deep conditioners are not created equal.

The most expensive deep conditioner out there claiming to have jaw-dropping results may have little or no effect on your hair, while a cheaper and more affordable deep conditioner may just turn out to be the holy grail product for your hair. So how do you choose the right deep conditioner suitable for your hair?

The answer lies in the ingredient section of the product. Do not be fooled by the made-up wow factor of the product. Instead, turn it over and make yourself familiar with the ingredients. The effectiveness of a deep conditioner varies from person to person. Do not make your decision based on the popularity of the product, study the ingredients and determine whether or not they are beneficial for your hair type. For example, a deep conditioner with shea butter will be suitable for frizzy hair.

Whereas a deep conditioner with tea-tree oil will be suitable for oily hair, and the one that contains aloe vera will be best for dandruff-stricken hair. You can buy the deep conditioner for your individual hair condition, either from the store or you can make one at home with the ingredients that are most compatible with your hair.

You can make a mask using the ingredients and leaving it in your hair just as you would with a normal deep conditioner.

The next question is, how do you make the most of your deep conditioner treatment? How do you maximize the moisture and hydration capabilities of your deep conditioner? Is there any way you can retain more from your deep conditioning treatment than you think?

The answer is simple – The shower cap. An all in one product that protects your hair while you are sleeping, in the shower, and during deep treatments. There is a common misconception that the only reason why people use shower caps is to prevent their hair from getting wet.

Make sure you read our article on the buyer’s guide of shower caps. I am sure you would love the review!

There are uncountable other uses for the shower cap. Shower caps are of great importance especially for ladies that regularly treat their hair. Covering your hair with a shower cap during deep conditioning is an excellent idea, it adds heat. The addition of heat will open up cuticles and allow the deep conditioner to deeply penetrate. There are many types of shower caps that vary in material, size and durability. Some of them work better than the others.

Now that deep conditioning has become so common, there are special shower caps made specifically for deep conditioning. If you are in the market for a deep conditioning shower cap but you are not quite sure what to go for, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with a complete guideline for choosing the right deep conditioning caps as well as the top 10 list of shower caps for deep conditioning.

Keep this in mind before buying a shower cap for deep conditioning:

Deep conditioning shower cap come in three different forms.

  • Regular shower cap: The regular shower cap is the best option for someone who is looking for a cheap, disposable and travel friendly option since it does not require any activation. All you have to do is put it on and it will work its heating magic during your deep conditioning treatment. Hence, the power of a regular shower cap should never be underestimated.
  • Plug-in shower cap: This shower cap is plugged into the wall to charge with heat to give you a strong, heat packed enclosure for your deep conditioning treatment. It costs more than the regular shower cap, but it also works that much more.
  • Microwavable shower cap: Just like the plug-in shower cap, this shower cap may be slightly more costly than ordinary ones, but it is definitely worth the money. With a quick spin in the microwave, you will have yourself a heated shower cap ready for use. This type of shower cap is more effective than the normal one because it contains more heat which in turn, gives you a better result after your deep conditioning treatment.

Choose According to the Length and Thickness of Your Hair

If a shower cap is not the right size for you, it is practically useless. For people with a small amount of hair, it may not be a big problem if their shower cap is a little loose because it can easily be tightened using bobby pins. Calling out all the ladies with a big head of hair, we hear you!

You may have purchased a cute shower cap only to find out later on that it is too small for you. You may not be able to fit your hair into the shower cap without it popping off. This is common with shower caps found in hotel restrooms. If water seeps into your hair during your shower, your deep conditioning treatment will be disrupted.

Hence, you have to consider the size of your cap accordingly before you buy it.

Now that you know the dynamics of purchasing a shower cap, let us enlighten you with some options. The ideal shower cap will be economical, durable, reusable and also adjustable. Be sure to do thorough research before you buy one.

1. Fashion Design Beautiful High Quality Reusable Shower Cap

Fashion Design Beautiful High Quality Reusable Shower cap

Kicking off our list with none other than the Fashion Design shower cap. It is perfect for someone who loves hair care, as well as someone who has a knack for fashion. The shower cap is made of materials very similar to a shower curtain. It is not thin and flimsy like other shower caps which can get torn easily.

It is also snug on your head disallowing the shifting or coming off while showering. It is a full sized adult cap suitable for people with a big head of hair. So no more hair-sticking-out problems. Who would have thought that a pretty floral shower cap could also be heavy duty?

2. ESARORA Shower Caps

ESARORA Shower Caps

The Esarora pack of 4 shower caps is a great option for someone who is in search for a strong shower cap. It is cheap but it is also durable, perfect for someone who is undergoing deep conditioning. The double layer of satin is comfortable, and it provides a good defense against water.

This shower cap happens to be a very tight one which is undeniably a blessing in disguise. This shower cap saves you from must and mildew. The microbe-resistant materials ensure your cap stays clean and fresh. For the fashionista in you, this shower cap features a well stitched and leak-proof elastic. The elastics are stitched in properly unlike visible elastics that can be seen in cheap caps. Durable enough to hold your hair tight during a long shower!

3. Tyche Pro Conditioner Heat Cap by Red – Salon Approved

Tyche Pro Conditioner Heat Cap by Red – Salon Approved

The Tyche pro is an economical option for someone who is interested in buying a plug-in shower cap. All you need to do is preheat it before you go to shower, and you can set it to your desired setting. On its lowest setting, it can stay heated for a 15-20 minute treatment.

The best thing about this product is that it can provide you with maximum heat, and there is a guarantee that it will not burn or scorch your hair. It is a salon approved product perfect for deep conditioning. Easy to use, suitable for all hair types including dry and oily hair and it includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Who does not want salon quality treatment right at home?

4. Mudder 2 Pack Women Waterproof Shower Hat Elastic Double-Layer Bath Cap

Mudder 2 Pack Women Waterproof Shower Hat Elastic Double-Layer Bath Cap 

Another comfortable yet stylish product, the Mudder shower caps are known for their flexibility and elasticity. A good option for someone who has not been able to find the right sized shower cap for themselves. They are cheap but not so reusable.

The inside is layered, so there is no chance of your hair getting wet but the outside will get wet since the exterior is not water proof. So the shower cap may get worn out after a few uses, but it will completely prevent water from seeping into your hair each time you wear it. You can be the judge of whether you like the odds or not!

5. Milliard Professional Hair Conditioning Heat Cap with Adjustable Temperature

Milliard Professional Hair Conditioning Heat Cap with Adjustable Temperature for Deep Penetrating Hair and Scalp Treatments

Another plug in shower cap option, although not very economical, it still works wonders. Unlike the Tyche plug in shower cap, the Milliard shower cap has a strap that can be adjusted right below your chin.

This shower cap provides even heat disbursement that helps conditioner absorb evenly and fully, for soft and nourished hair. Three temperature settings allow you to adjust according to your needs.

The Milliard shower cap comes with an extra plastic shower cap which can be worn for your first use. It is made for a professional, but do not let that stop you from copping one, you are a professional in the works!

6. Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps for Women

Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps for Women

The Hot head shower cap by Hot Head Thermal Hair Care is a microwavable shower cap perfect for someone who wants the maximum amount of heat for their deep conditioning treatment. You do have to wear an additional shower cap underneath this though, since it is practically a heating cover. It is lined with terry cloth and filled with natural flax seeds. It produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment, hence you will not have to worry about a bland result after your treatment. The material itself is very warm which makes this one of the ultimate shower caps for deep conditioning. It is also durable and reusable. This shower cap gets bonus points for being super cute!

7. Noble Health Care Disposable Plastic Shower Caps

Noble Health Care Disposable Plastic Shower Caps

From Noble Health Care, you can get a pack of 100 shower caps for a very low price. These shower caps are one-size-fits-all. They are cheap but not very durable, perhaps not the absolute best for a hefty hair treatment but for regular deep conditioning they are more than enough.

If you are going for a heavy restorative treatment, opt for a sturdy shower cap instead. Since they are made of clear plastic, they are not reusable. But we would not worry about running out of shower caps, because once you buy this pack, you will be stocked up on shower caps for a long time.

8. HonestGood eco-friendly Premium Shower Caps – Top Salon Grade Caps 

HonestGood eco-friendly premium shower caps – Top salon grade caps 

The Honest Good shower cap line has gone viral recently, and for all the right reasons! Not only are these shower caps premium quality, they are also super cute and eco-friendly. They are made with eco-friendly peva nylon. And they are impressive when it comes to durability.

Being Mold resistant – The shower cap is designed with top grade peva Nylon specifically to keep your shower caps free of mold and other unwanted contaminants. This means that your Honest Good shower cap will be unaffected by any treatment your hair is undergoing. Buying a shower cap that can protect your hair while also protecting the planet? We simply can not turn it down!

9. All Caps Hair Protector

All Caps Hair Protector 

The All Caps shower cap is a soft and flexible one, with a silk layer interiorly. Designed like a bonnet, this shower cap is best for restorative treatments, like Keratin. And unlike your past shower caps, All Caps is fungus-resistant and machine washable.

This shower cap is unique due to its loops and buttons, which will help you adjust and fit according to your needs. This hassle-free shower cap is used by luxury salons as well. For your convenience, the brand also provides a travel-friendly bag for your shower cap.

10. Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap

 Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap

This socialite shower cap from Betty Dain is made from waterproof nylon exterior and soft terry cloth lining. Shower caps lined with terry cloth are perfect for deep conditioning as well as perms because they allow the treatment to be prolonged.

This shower cap is also oversized, so people with a generous amount of hair should be more inclined towards this one! What makes it different from other shower caps is that it has a reversible design that allows for use as a shower cap or sleeping cap. Another plus point is the mildew-resistant feature of this shower cap, which ensures freshness throughout many uses. The Hounds tooth print is also very chic!


Conclusion: That is all for today! If you read through the article, you must have come to the conclusion that hair care, although complicated, can be made easy by exploring your options. To get the best out of your deep conditioning treatment, befriend a shower cap.

You now have a list of options to set you in the right direction. Choose one that is appropriate for you, and deep condition your way to stunning hair. It is okay to take your time before you come to a final decision. The fact that shower caps are easily available both online and in stores gives us even more of an incentive to pamper our hair. Case in point being, when it comes to a lavish treatment of deep conditioning, the conditioner and shower cap are interdependent.

Together they can be the ultimate combo of repairing and strengthening your hair. If you love your hair, realize what is best for it. By making some simple yet life-changing decisions, you will give your hair the nourishment it truly deserves. So grab your conditioners along with your beloved shower caps, and say hello to gorgeous hair in no time!

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