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Babies are adorable, especially when they are happy. If you are a parent, this phrase must be hitting home for you. It is safe to say…sweet and innocent babies can be a bit scary when they are annoyed. When it comes to your toddler, even the smallest things can become very important, such as showering.

Something as generic as showering can turn disastrous if your baby is irritated. In the case of showering, it is crucial to protect your baby’s eyes from the lather created by shampooing. If your baby’s eyes have gotten wet one too many times you could be faced with an agonizing problem, the bath time hating.

These little angels require appropriate care so they can grow up feeling loved, happy and healthy. This guide would also help you if in case your baby has curly hairs.

How Our 30% Customers Were Able To Choose The Best Cap For Their Babies and How You Can Too?

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You must be wondering how you can provide your baby’s eyes with a barrier against water and lather, the answer is simple, a baby shower cap. Yes, you heard that right. A baby shower cap is all you need in order to have a happy bathing time with your little one.

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There is a huge array of options on the market, regular baby shower caps, baby shower shields, baby shower visors and so on. It is important to explore your options and consider verified products only, so that you do not end up with an inefficient product. Instead of leaving you to splash about in search of your most ideal baby shower cap, we have prepared a list of Top 10 Best Baby Shower Caps for you.

When you are shopping online, it is imperative to know what exactly you are looking for. In order to do that, we suggest you go over the types of baby shower caps listed below.

  • Regular baby shower cap: This baby shower cap is quite literally the same as an adult shower cap. The only difference is in the size which is made smaller and better suited for a child. This shower cap only fulfills the purpose of protecting your baby’s hair from water, it is for days when you want to skip the hair-wash.
  • Baby shield cap: This cap is shaped like a normal hat, without its top part so it can fit onto half of the baby’s head. It keeps the water from getting into your baby’s eyes while you wash their hair. These can also be used as sunhats.
  • Baby visor cap: A baby visor cap is shaped like a regular visor hat with some modifications. This cap prevents the water from getting into your baby’s eyes, because of the bucket-like structure of the cap, you can wash their hair peacefully.

1. Kilofly Waterproof Reusable Bath Hat Kids

Kilofly Waterproof Reusable Bath Hat Kids

This unbearably adorable pack of 3 shower caps from Kilofly is bound to strike your eye. Made with soft waterproof fabric, this shower cap will fully protect your baby’s hair from water in the shower or in the pool. It is double layered for extra protection, so there is a waterproof fabric interior as well.

The elastic is not pesky or uncomfortable, it is soft and flexible so it will not irritate your child. These shower caps do not have an age limit, they are made for babies but they can be stretched up to a child’s size. These shower caps are durable so they will last for a year of continuous use, if handled with care. The pack is great value for money because you will get 3 fun designs and your baby can opt for a different one for each shower.

2. Duck, Frog, Santa Claus Double Layered

Duck, Frog, Santa Claus double layered

This pack of 3 shower caps is hard to refuse. The exterior is made of soft microfiber towel material, and the interior is made of soft waterproof Eva. Just by looking at the shower cap, the comfort here is unquestionable. The cute design and the softness of this shower cap will encourage your baby to keep it on during bath time.

The elastic is very stretchy, so this shower cap can fit children between the ages of 3-12. These shower caps are high quality and durable, they will not get worn out over time and they are machine-washable as well. Because of its practical design, your baby can also wear this cap like a beanie during winter.

3. Ibepro Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protection Soft Cap

Ibepro Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protection Soft Cap

The baby shield cap from Ibepro is just as comfy as it looks. Made with soft Eva resin foam materials, this structured shield will prevent water and shampoo from getting into your baby’s eyes as well as their ears, so you can wash their hair without any worries. Thanks to the material being very soft and seamless, your baby will not be agitated.

The overall size of the cap is 38-45 cm, with buttons at the back, making the circumference very flexible.  You can adjust it according to the size of your baby’s head. It is said to be most suitable for babies between the ages of 0-3 years. This shield cap comes in 3 different colors, blue, pink and yellow. If you are convinced, check out the link below.

4. Kids Baby Shower Cap by Yarachel

Kids Baby Shower Cap by Yarachel

The baby shield cap from Yarachel is cute and effective too. Shaped like an adorable bear, it is made of high quality soft silicone materials which are completely safe and will not harm or irritate your child. Silicone is durable so this shower cap will last you a good amount of time. Water and shampoo will not get into your child’s eyes while you are washing their hair.

If your baby hates it when water flows into their ears, a plus point for this shield cap is that it has additional ear flaps which prevent the water from getting into your baby’s ears. The age compatibility for this shield cap is unlimited. The size can be adjusted according to your baby’s head using the buckle at the back. This baby shield cap comes in 3 colors, blue, yellow and pink.

5. BhBuy Baby Adjustable Shampoo Shower Shield Hat

BhBuy Baby Adjustable Shampoo Shower Shield Hat

If you were impressed by the Ibepro design, take this one into consideration too. This baby shield cap from BhBuy offers an additional layer of protection for your baby’s ears because it comes with sizable ear flaps. This one is also made with soft Eva foam materials, which are safe for your baby’s skin and will not irritate them.

Water and lather do not stand a chance against this shower cap, it is the perfect combination of quality and protection. The buttons at the back can be used to adjust the size of this baby shield cap according to your needs. There is no age limit because the material is flexible and offers elasticity. This baby shield cap is available in 3 colors, blue, yellow and pink.

6. Niaody Baby Bath Shield

Niaody Baby Bath Shield

The shield cap from Niaody is a great option if you are looking for a shield that is smaller in size but still completely protectant from water and lather. It is made with safe ultra-soft silicon materials that will not harm your baby. The size is suitable for babies over 6 months, the unique hook and loop strap offers more adjustability than ordinary shower shields.

The material and fit are designed to be watertight so there is no chance of water or lather stinging your baby’s eyes. This shield cap comes with large ear flaps which will cover your baby’s ears as well. This is a high quality product so it will not turn inefficient over time. Niaody has this shower shield available in 2 colors, pink and blue.

7. Rely2016 3Pcs Baby Shower Bathing Cap Frog Pig Bear Shampoo Hat

Rely2016 3Pcs Baby Shower Bathing Cap Frog Pig Bear Shampoo Hat

Our list would not be complete without this adorable pack of 3 shield caps from Rely2016. It is made of soft Eva foam materials, so your baby will not be annoyed while wearing it. Instead they will be excited to shower thanks to the fun and interactive designs of these caps. Adjustable shield caps can be hard to find, this one has buttons at the back so it can fit your baby’s head just right.

Ear flaps are part of the design so no water will get into your child’s ears, and they will remain unbothered. These shield caps have a snug fit so water and lather will not be anywhere near your child’s eyes either. Your child can also wear this cute shield during playtime to protect them from sunlight.

8. Lil Rinser Splashguard in Blue and Pink

Lil Rinser Splashguard in Blue and Pink

The visor from Lil Rinser is a form fitting cap that keeps water and lather at bay while you wash your baby’s hair. The cap is made of firm yet soft plastic, which will not be agitating for your baby. The difference between this and other visors is that this one does not have a buckle or buttons at the back.

It is open from the back enabling you to wash all of your child’s hair without any water getting into their eyes. This visor is more suitable for older babies, between the ages of 4-6 since they may have significant length to their hair. To keep the visor in place, a soft grip handle is provided at the front so you can hold it while your wash your child’s hair. The plastic visor is more durable than shower caps made of foam. This visor comes in another color combination of blue and yellow as well.

9. KAIR Air Cushion Baby Visor

KAIR Air Cushion Baby Visor

The Kair Air Cushion baby visor cap is truly one of a kind. For starters, it is reversible into a shield as well so you can use it as you and your baby please. It uses unique air cushioned technology which is a guaranteed seal-off from water and lather. This product is completely leak-proof.

Unlike other visor caps that are made with hard and uncomfortable plastic, this visor is made of soft silicon materials, which is why it is very comfortable. The Kair baby visor cap does not need to be held in place, it is a hands-free product. It is adjustable in size and has a tight enclosure once worn. This visor is high quality and will last for 1 year of continuous use. Kair provides this visor in 3 colors, purple, green and blue.


Conclusion: That is all folks! We hope you find the most ideal baby shower cap for your baby after reading this article. It is important to identify your individual needs before you buy something for your baby.

Do not buy something just because it is used by the majority of parents, buy it only if it is capable of fulfilling your needs. It is okay to splurge a little when it comes to babies. At the end of the day comfort is all they need to stay happy. And a happy baby means happy parents!

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