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Considered among the best techniques for treasuring life’s best memories, photos are popular for many reasons. Their clarity, for instance, is impressive. They capture intricate details of people and the environment. They are also cheap to produce using standard equipment such as the best digital cameras. Because of their plug-and-use designs, for instance, you do not have to grapple with complicated set up to use them.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Photo Scanners

They are also compatible with most types of pictures and produce clear images that you can back up in computers of flash drives. To get a valuable model that you will enjoy using, one of the 10 models that we have reviewed will serve you the best. They are fast and have innovative systems that offer value.

Finally, if you have printed photographs that you want to digitize, the process is not as hard as it was in the past. Affordable and effective photo scanners are currently available in most web stores. What are the benefits of using photo scanners over most comparable remedies? If you are planning to convert your analog photos into digital ones, photo scanners are among the easiest devices to use.

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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Add. features
Epson Perfection
Epson Perfection
  • Design Clutter-free
  • Functionality 6400×9600 dpi
  • Add. featuresDigital Ice feature
Canon CanoScan
Canon CanoScan
  • Design Portable
  • Functionality Auto fix feature
  • Add. features10-second scan
Epson Perfection
Epson Perfection
  • Design Space-efficient
  • Functionality 4800×4800 dpi
  • Add. features10-second scan
Epson Perfection
Epson Perfection
  • Design Light high-rise lid
  • Functionality 4800×9600 dpi
  • Add. featuresInternet-enabled
Canon Office
Canon Office
  • Design USB-powered
  • Functionality 2400×4800 dpi
  • Add. featuresInternet-enabled
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  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Add. features
Doxie One
Doxie One
  • Design Standalone
  • Functionality 300dpi scans
  • Add. featuresFree SD card
Avision IS15+
Avision IS15+
  • Design Portable
  • Functionality 300dpi resolution
  • Add. featuresFast (10 seconds)
Doxie Flip
Doxie Flip
  • Design Light/portable
  • Functionality Fast scanning
  • Add. featuresFree SD card
Epson Perfection
Epson Perfection
  • Design Stable flatbed
  • Functionality 6400 dpi
  • Add. featuresLED lighting
Pandigital Photolink
  • Design Standalone
  • Functionality Quality Scans
  • Add. features600dpi

10. Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04

Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04

Photography is a popular practice that appeals to millions of people all over the world. If you enjoy it and want to convert your analog pictures to digital, Photolink PANSCN04 is the scanner to use. Featuring a convenient one-touch design, it is easy to use.

Prints are large (5×7-inches), while its fast system is ideal for personal and commercial use. Forget about the slow scanner in your possession that wastes a lot of your time whenever you are working on a project.

Most brands of photo scanners depend on computers to scan and to backup data. With Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04, however, you get a professional-grade accessory that works standalone. In simple terms, you do not need a computer to use it at home or in your office.

Well set up, it scans up to 600dpi images fast and effective. You also get an SD slot that you can use to back up your digital images easily.

Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04 is popular for people with space limitations. Unlike traditional scanners that require a lot of space to work well, this model has a compact and space-saving design.

You can set it up and use it on a desk with positive results. You can also use it on a countertop in your home without compromising its functionality. This photo scanner is cheap and comes with a free 512MB memory card.

Our Verdict

We started off our list with the 10th item the Pandigital Photolink PANSCN04 and it delivered good results and a decent performance. We liked its design as it is very space-efficient and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Comes with a free 512MB memory card it gives you the best value. The system is very easy as it is plug and use which can produce quality scans up to 600dpi. Thanks to its standalone design as it doesn’t need any interference and software to work. It operates by just a single touch. Though it faints lines on some scans but overall it is a decent working photo scanner.

  • Space-efficient design
  • Free 512MB memory card
  • Plug-and-use system
  • Quality scans (up to 600dpi)
  • Standalone design
  • Fits up to 5×7-inch pictures
  • The one-touch system of operation
  • Odd resolution settings (indicators)
  • Faint lines on some scans

9. Epson Perfection V550

Epson Perfection V550

In the printers and scanners niche, Epson is one of the best brands. Among photography enthusiasts, for instance, Epson Perfection V550 is a trusted product that converts analog photos to digital ones as well.

Recommended for personal and commercial use, it is durable. Its space-saving design works well in tight spaces, while the quality printing technology it employs is invaluable.

With an original, for instance, you can produce 6400dpi color photos from old analog ones. With its Micro Step drive technology, you can boost resolution to 12,800dpi.

Considering its ease of use, Epson Perfection V550 is an excellent day-to-day scanner. It has a stable flatbed design, for instance, that works well on most surfaces.

Loading pictures (up to 8.5×11.7-inches) is easy, while its support for both 16 bit and 18-bit greyscale appeals to most individuals.

It also reproduces color balance well to breathe life into old photos during scanning. Finally, because this scanner has a ReadyScan LED lighting technology, you can use it easily in the dark.

Our Verdict

At the 9th position on our list, we reviewed the Epson Perfection V550 which is a very efficient photo scanner. Thanks to its readyscan LED lighting it scans your photos in the best possible quality. Being very versatile, it supports both 16 bit and 18-bit greyscale and it helps to reproduce colors accurately and efficiently. It also features a wide scanning bed which is pretty easy to use and produces 6400dpi native resolution photos. The technology it features is a micro-step drive which makes sure you get the best-looking photos. Though challenging to set up but worth buying.

  • ReadyScan LED lighting
  • Supports 16 bit and 18-bit greyscale
  • Reproduces color accurately
  • Wide (8.5×11.7-inch) scanning bed
  • 6400dpi native resolution
  • Micro Step drive technology (12,800dpi)
  • Stable flatbed design
  • Dependent on computers
  • Challenging to set up

8. Doxie Flip Flatbed Photo Scanner

Doxie Flip Flatbed Photo Scanner

Perfect for use on the road, Doxie Flip is a versatile flatbed scanner that works well in homes, school, and offices.

At home or school, for instance, it is one of the best scanners for creating albums. It scans fast. Scan quality is also impressive considering its low cost. You can also use it to create pocket notebooks and backup analog photos to devices such as memory card.

Its performance is equally as impressive in offices. You can use it to scan documents into small images that you can share easily over the Internet. In addition to its versatility, the convenience of this photo scanner is impressive.

Featuring a freestanding design with a flatbed design, for instance, users enjoy a clutter-free experience indoors.

This scanner is also cordless and therefore perfect for traveling to school or seminars. Finally, if cash is a challenge, you do not have to break the bank to own this scanner. It is affordable. The battery pack it comes with lasts long. You also get a free SD card and a removable top that lines up photos accurately.

Our Verdict

At the 8th position on our list, we reviewed the Doxie Flip Flatbed Photo Scanner which proved to be a decent working scanner. Comes with a free SD card it gives you the best value for your money. It features a removable top which is a nice option as it eases loading. Thanks to its quality battery it lasts long. The design is also clutter-free and it bears no cord as it is very light and portable and carrying it around is no problem for its users. The technology it features is very fast as it produces photos in no time. Though it doesn’t auto-crop images but it doesn’t make it an inefficient contraption.

  • Free SD card
  • Removable top (eases loading)
  • The long-lasting battery pack
  • Clutter-free flatbed design
  • Cordless photo scanner
  • Light and portable
  • Fast scanning technology
  • Short battery life
  • Does not auto-crop images

7. Avision IS15+

Avision IS15+

Are you shopping for a portable and versatile scanner that you can use on a day-to-day basis? Even though several brands are available on Amazon, Avision IS15+ stands out. Featuring a compact and portable design, you can travel with it effortlessly.

It is also durable and has a well-constructed standalone design that does not require computers to work. After generating scans, you can store them to portable devices such as flash disks. It also works well with memory cards (including the 4GB one that you get free).

Avision IS15+ is easy to use. If you struggle with the photo printer in your home or office occasionally, replace it with this product. Because of its compact design, you do not need a lot of space to operate it well.

The one-touch scanning technology that it employs is also super-convenient. Instead of struggling with settings, all you have to do is press a button to initiate printing. Finally, you get an automated document feeder that aligns pictures well during printing. This prevents blurring, streaking, and all other problems that people face whilst scanning pictures.

Even though simple, Avision IS15+ performs better than some hyped products in this niche. Scan resolution (300dpi), for instance, is acceptable. Scan speed is approximately 10 seconds, while its automated feeder fits photos measuring up to 5×7-inches.

Our Verdict

At the 7th position on our list, we reviewed the Avision IS15+ which gave us positive results and decent performance. This scanner is very efficient as it has a resolution of 300dpi which makes sure it produces great quality photos. We also liked its portable design as it is very easy to carry around which fits up 5×7-inch photos within a matter of seconds. The operation is fairly easy as it can be operated by just a single touch. Thanks to standalone design it doesn’t need any extra software to work. Comes with a free 4GB memory card it gives its customers the best value for their money.

  • 300dpi print resolution
  • Portable design
  • Fits up to 5×7-inch photos
  • Fast (10 seconds)
  • Automated document feeder
  • One-touch operation
  • Standalone design
  • Free 4GB memory card
  • Advanced image processing
  • Does not accept smaller prints

6. Doxie One

Doxie One

The Doxie line of photo scanners is home to some of the portable and versatile products in this niche. Recommended for photographers and crafters, for instance, Doxie One is a standalone photo scanner that doubles as a document scanner. It is durable, affordable, and has a high-performance design that never disappoints.

Indoors or outdoors, for instance, you will generate clear 300dpi scans without using desktops or laptops. You can then store them directly to SD cards.

Thanks to its standalone design it doesn’t need any extra software to work. Being very versatile in its approach it features a universal power adapter. It is capable of producing clear 300dpi scans.

Doxie One works well on all surfaces. Whether you have the office desk or an adjustable sit-stand desk at home, you will appreciate its value. It also creates searchable PDF and comes with many add-ons including a free 2B SD card and a universal power adapter.

Our Verdict

At the 6th position on our list, we reviewed the Doxie One which proved to be a decent working photo scanner. It comes with a free SD card of 2GB which gives its customers best value for their money. We also liked its portable design as it is very easy to carry around. Works efficiently this scanner can scan documents too and creates searchable PDF files. However, its document feeder is a bit fussy but overall this scanner is chosen by smart folks.

  • Free SD card (2GB)
  • Standalone design
  • Universal power adapter
  • Clear 300dpi scans
  • Portable design
  • Scans documents too
  • Creates searchable PDF files
  • Fussy document feeder

5. Canon Office Products LiDE120

Canon Office Products LiDE120

Canon products never disappoint. Canon Office Products LiDE120, for instance, is a popular photo scanner that maximizes scan quality.

It is also cheap and has a compact yet durable design that works excellently in homes and offices. Finally, if understand cloud computing this is the product for you. You do not need flash disks or SD cards to store files.

Because it has an Internet-enabled system, you

can scan photos and documents directly to the cloud. Do not let all these technical jargons to scare you. To use Canon Office Products LiDE120 effectively, you do not need special skills or experience. Being very versatile it features the USB-powered design which is very easy to operate.

The EZ buttons that it comes with offers a one-touch copy, scan and send to cloud experience. Its USB powered design is easy to set up with computers, while the free My Image Garden software it comes with is ideal.

Even though it will not win you a graphics design award, it will help you personalize and organize images easily. Finally, you get an auto fix that corrects placement automatically.

Our Verdict

So, we are halfway through our list and the 5th spot on our list is held by the Canon Office Products LiDE120 and we got satisfied by its decent performance. It produces great looking products of high-quality thanks to its 2400x4800dpi resolution. Thanks to its auto-fix feature it makes your photos look great. We also liked its space-efficient design as it doesn’t consume a lot of your precious space and can be stored anywhere easily. finally, this scanner is internet enabled which gives you the freedom to use it in numerous ways. Though its poor connectivity with Mac OS is a downer for some but overall this scanner is one of the best scanners we reviewed so far.

  • 2400x4800dpi scans (at 48bit)
  • USB-powered design
  • Auto-fix feature
  • Free My Image Garden software
  • One-touch EZ buttons
  • Internet-enabled
  • Space-efficient design
  • Poor connectivity with Mac OS

4. Epson Perfection V370

Epson Perfection V370

The brilliance of Epson Perfection V370 has earned it a spot among the best photo scanners in 2019. With one, for instance, you get a high-powered device that produces 4800x9600dpi scans in color.

It is durable and has a versatile system that accommodates films, images, documents, and negatives.

Finally, with its advanced send to cloud feature, you can scan images to cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote automatically.

Do you want to enlarge photos for framing? Do not struggle with the complicated printer in your workplace. It also has internet features which gives you so much freedom and a plethora of options for scanning.

Epson Perfection V370 is easier to use. With its built-in TPU, for instance, you can easily enlarge small images without compromising quality.

You also get a high-rise lid that accommodates documents and 3D objects and a document capture feature that works with phones. Finally, with the aid of its inbuilt photo restorer, you can restore faded color easily.

Our Verdict

At the 4th position on our list, we reviewed the Epson Perfection V370 and this scanner proved to be an overall good scanner in our review. It features an inbuilt photo restorer which enhances your photos and make them look good one again. Being very versatile this scanner can scan documents and 3D objects as well. The resolution it features is 4800x9600dpi which promises you quality scans in color. We also liked that it scans negatives and films as well which makes it one of the most versatile scanners available in the market. though it crops picture poorly but overall this is one of the best scanners in our review.

  • Inbuilt photo restorer
  • Scans documents and 3D objects
  • Internet-enabled
  • Light high-rise lid
  • 4800x9600dpi scans (in color)
  • Scans negatives and films as well
  • Does not save preferred settings
  • Crops pictures poorly

3. Epson Perfection V19

Epson Perfection V19

As all Epson Perfection photo scanners that we have reviewed on this list, this V19 model us a value product with quality features.

Designed to produce clear 4800 x 4800dpi scans, its quality is impressive. Its case is light yet durable (heavy-duty plastic) while its fast (10-second) scanning technology delivers in both home and commercial settings.

Perfect for day to day scanning, people of all cadres can use Epson Perfection V19 effectively.

We liked the layout and the design of buttons as these are large and easy to use. Works very fast this scanner produces the scans within 10 seconds.

This is because of many reasons. First, even though it is computer-dependent, setup is straightforward. The large buttons it comes with are easy to use.

Finally, you get a well-tuned Epson Easy scan software that eases the scanning process further. It even supports scanning to Picasa and popular cloud-based services such as Evernote.

Our Verdict

So, we are down to our best three and the 3rd photo scanner on our list is the Epson Perfection V19 and performed great in our review. It comes with an Epson Easy Scan software which is very versatile and easy to operate. Not only this scanner is fast but it also produces some of the great pictures we have seen as this photo scanner produces clear 4800 x 4800dpi scans. We also liked its space-efficient design as it is very portable and can be stored anywhere easily.

  • Epson Easy Scan software
  • Large and easy to use buttons
  • Scans in 10 seconds
  • Clear 4800 x 4800dpi scans
  • Space-efficient design
  • Inconsistent results

2. Canon CanoScan LiDE220

Canon CanoScan LiDE220

By purchasing Canon CanoScan LiDE220, you get a portable all-in-one photo and document scanner with a stylish black theme.

It prints fast. It also has an auto-scan mode that optimizes settings based on the photo or document that you are scanning. This maximizes quality.

This scanner is very fast as it scans within 10 seconds and you can also upload your scans to the cloud with just one click. Auto scan mode is also a very useful feature which makes your life a bit easy.

If you share documents or photos via cloud services such as Dropbox, Canon CanoScan LiDE220 will be your new best friend.

It supports one-click upload to cloud-based services such a Dropbox and Evernote. Scan speed (10 seconds) is impressive, while its Auto Document Fix feature improves quality through area-by-area correction.

Our Verdict

At the 2nd position on our list, we reviewed our runner-up the Canon CanoScan LiDE220 which provided us great results and a decent performance. It features auto document fix option which makes your photo as beautiful as they were before. We also liked the portable design as it can be stored anywhere easily. Being very versatile this scanner is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Though it is a bit complicated to set up but once done it promises to give great results.

  • Auto document fix feature
  • 10-second scan speed
  • One click uploads to the cloud
  • Auto scan mode
  • Portable all-in-one design
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Complicated to set up
  • Works poorly with Windows 10

1. Epson Perfection V600

Epson Perfection V600

Top on our list, Epson Perfection V600 is a coded picture, image, and document scanner with a clutter-free design. It produces impressive 6400x9600dpi scans.

It also supports large images (up to 17x 22-inches) and has a built-in transparency unit that improves quality.

We liked its one-touch photo feature as it can improve and fix the color and hue etc. of your picture automatically.

Being very efficient this scanner features a built-in transparency unit and it can fit up to 17x 22-inch images and has a resolution of 6400x9600dpi.

With this scanner, you get a digital ice feature that eliminates creases and tears from damaged photos. You also get a one-touch Photo Fix feature that restores faded color. Finally, it has an OCR ABBY FineReader that converts scanned documents into editable text files.

Our Verdict

So, we are down to our very best and our no.1 spot is earned by the Epson Perfection V600 and this scanner justified its position in our review. It features OCR ABBY FineReader technology which produces great scans with high quality. The design is clutter-free and can be stored anywhere easily as it is very portable. Though poor instructions are given and it sometimes crops photos poorly but overall it is one of the best scanners we reviewed.

  • OCR ABBY FineReader
  • One-touch Photo Fix feature
  • Digital Ice feature
  • Built-in transparency unit
  • Fits up to 17x 22-inch images
  • 6400x9600dpi scans
  • Clutter-free designs
  • Poor instructions
  • Crops photos poorly

How to Choose the Best Photo Scanner?

Choosing which photo scanner to buy can be a difficult job but worry not as we have given a couple of tips to help you out.

Versatility: Always opt for those photo scanners that are versatile and compatible with both operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

Image Quality: Always make sure that you don’t go for the aesthetic only, the photo scanners are supposed to produce images so you should choose the slide scanner that gives you the best image with great details.


Conclusion: Photo scanners have simplified how people process films, and negatives. They are powerful. The advanced standalone systems buyers get produce HD quality images. Finally, most models are versatile and do not use caustic chemicals to develop prints.

So, if you are planning to buy the slide scanner then you have come to right place as we have reviewed the best 10 models which we have talked about meeting this threshold. They are currently the best of the best in the market.

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