The iPhone and iPad, like other smart devices, require charging to work well. However, whenever the stock chargers that most models come with damage, people resort to unorthodox charging techniques that damage phones. Do not make the same mistake. Lightning cables are in abundance on the Internet. They come in many lengths. You also find durable models with well-engineered charging systems that never disappoints. Research and buy the best one.


Choosing the best lighting cable is not as hard as some people think. It is not as easy as choosing any random model that you find online too. To get value for money, the cable you choose must be compatible with your iPhone or iPad. Check the configuration of its head before buying. You should also choose a durable brand. A cable that kinks easily might not serve you well for long. Guided by these features, we have identified 10 of the most trending lighting cables in 2017.

10. Anker PowerLine + New Lightning Cables

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (3ft) Durable and Fast Charging Cable [Kevlar Fiber & Double Braided Nylon] for iPhone, iPad and More(White)

Talking about the Anker brand, most people think of the best portable power banks that it has manufactured over the years. However, it also a dominant brand in the lightning cables niche with this PowerLine+ Cable ranked among the best. Designed to last up to six times longer than standard cable, the braided nylon used to make it is durable. You can bend it up to 6000 times without compromising its structure. It also has a toughened aramid core (fiber) and laser welded connectors that never disappoint.

In terms of performance, Anker PowerLine+ is one of the best. Because of its well-engineered design, it charges phones fast and safely. Unlike some standard USB cables, you do not have to worry about it damaging your phone’s battery or charging system. It is also long (three feet). Whether you like charging your phone for an electrical outlet or your computer, you will never run out of cable.

Anker PowerLine+ has many add-ons. You get an adjustable carrying pouch for storing and transporting this cable. You also get friendly customer service and a limited 18-months warranty.


  • Three feet long
  • Laser-welded connectors
  • Braided nylon cover
  • Heavy-duty copper cables
  • 18-months limited warranty
  • Adjustable carrying pouch


  • Frays over time
  • Overpriced cable

9. SGIN iPhone Lightning Cables

SGIN iPhone Lightning Cables

Do not let the diversity of the lighting cables in stores to confuse you. If you use your phone frequently and want a charger that holds up well over time, SGIN is ideal. With each pack, you get four multi-compatible cables of various lengths. The shorter 3-foot cable, for instance, is perfect for traveling or charging phones in cars. You also get two six-foot cables and one 10-foot cable for use at work and at home. All cables are durable and have flexible nylon-braided covers that do not kink nor fray easily.

Most people do not have the time to watch their phones charge for many hours. If you are part of this group, you are lucky. With an original package of SGIN iPhone Lightning cables, you will enjoy fast charging speeds. You will also enjoy fast data transfer between your phone and computer. Even at such a blistering pace, your phone is 100% safe. These cables do not damage charging systems nor the rechargeable batteries that phones use.

SGIN iPhone Lightning Cables are affordable. For just a few dollars, you get an original set that lasts long. All cables support most iPhone and have a one-year warranty on defects.


  • One-year warranty
  • 100% safe designs
  • Braided nylon covers
  • Fast charging technology
  • Fast data transfers
  • Pack of four cable
  • Broad compatibility


  • Wiggly connections

8. AmazonBasics Apple Lightning USB Cables

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 6 Feet (1.8 Meters) - White

The AmazonBasics brand is home to everything nice. This lightning to USB cable, for instance, is a long (6-feet) Apple MFi –certified accessory that never disappoints. Perfect for charging and synchronizing data, it has a high-speed interface that users like. It is also safe and compatible with most Apple devices (including the iPhone 7 plus).

The versatility of this cable is desirable. If you have a USB wall charger, for instance, you can use it to charge your phone without spending money on add-on accessories. The universal connector offered also works well. It fits tight on most devices. You can even use it nearly all types of iPhone cases without compromising charging or data transfer.

Are you looking for a durable Lightning cable that you can use at home and on the road? AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable fits the bill. Its plastic cover lasts long. You can bend it over 4000 times at 90 degrees without kinking or fraying. The USB connector it comes with also top-grade. Buy yours to get a one-year warranty.


  • Heavy-duty plastic case
  • Quality connectors
  • High-speed system
  • Long cable (six feet)
  • Cost-effective
  • Broad compatibility
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Overheating issues

7. Cablex iPhone Chargers

Cablex iPhone Chargers

To get a powerful set of cables that are safe for charging iPhone, iPod, and iPad, Cablex is one of the best brands. Attainable as a package of three black-themed cables, its value is impressive. In each original package, for instance, you get a long three-foot cable for close-quarters charging. It works well in cars and recreational vehicles such as boats. You also get a 10-foot cable and two six-foot cables that work just as well. You can use them for charging or for synchronizing data with good results.

With Cablex, you do not have to worry about the safety of your phone or its battery when charging. Fitted with advanced chipsets all cables regulate current well for safe charging results. They are also interference-free and have snug-fitting connectors that improve their performance further.

Do you like using your phone as you charge your phone? Do you travel often with your charger in your pouch or backpack? Cablex lighting cables can withstand such level of abuse. The braided cord fiber used to make their jackets, for instance, is one of the best. It is smooth, tangle-free, and does not kink nor fray easily.


  • 12 months warranty
  • Braided cord covers
  • Snug-fitting connectors
  • Charge and transfer data well
  • Pack of three cables
  • Broad compatibility


  • None

6. Apple MD818AM/A Lightning to USB Cable

Apple MD818AM/A Lightning to USB Cable

Considering its reputable worldwide, Apple is a brand that you can trust. If you are shopping for lighting cables, for instance, this one-meter MD818AM/A model is one of the best. It is long. If you like using your phone as it charges, you do not have to bend to access it, as is the case with shorter cables. It also works well with most wall outlets and computers.

As most cables that we have listed, this reversible one from Apple works well with most Apple devices. You can use it to charge your iPhone and or synchronize data. It also works well with the iPod and iPad without sacrificing safety in any way.

Even though cheap, Apple MD818AM/A Lightning to USB Cable is a durable product. It does not kink nor breaks easily. It is also stain proof and has quality connectors that do not bend over time.


  • Quality and accurate connectors
  • Durable plastic case
  • Supports most Apple products
  • Fits in wall outlets and computers
  • Safe for day-to-day use


  • Inconsistent results

5. AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Cable

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Cable

Nylon braided lightning cables are durable and flexible accessories that make phone charging easy. If you are looking for one, this USB A model from AmazonBasics is one of the best. Apple-certified, for instance, it is one of the safest for charging all Apple products. This includes the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can also use it to synchronize data at high speed to and from your computer.

Have you ever bought a lightning connector online only for its pin to fail to fit your phone or iPad? You will never have a similar problem with this charger. All components are of the required specifications. Its pin, for instance, fits snug. It does not damage the charging system of Apple devices. You also get a long (6 feet) nylon-braided cover that does not kink nor break over time. Finally, the thick copper wires used not only transmit signals well but also last long.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Cable is flexible, bendable, and easy to use (plug and play). It is also cheap and has a limited warranty (one-year) that covers all defects.


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Flexible and bendable design
  • Durable nylon braided cover
  • Heavy-duty copper wires
  • Accurate connectors
  • Six-feet long
  • Apple-certified design


  • Inconsistent results

4. SMALLElectric iPhone 7 Charger (10 Pack)

SMALLElectric iPhone 7 Charger

To maintain the integrity of your phone longer, the quality of the charger that you use matters. The cheaply made low-grade models that some people use, for instance, often disappoint. Buy an Apple-certified brand such as SMALLElectric instead. It is affordable. The 10 different-sized lightning cables that you get are also the best of the best. Made of quality PVC, for instance, they withstand abuse well. The universal connectors that they come with, on the other hand, work with most versions of the iPhone and iPad.

SMALLElectric believes in the satisfaction of its customers. With this pack of cables, thus, you get well-engineered accessories that you can use in two ways. They charge better than most models, for instance. You will never miss a call because of low battery power. They are also perfect for synchronizing data. Their high-speed interfaces excel at this as well. Each pack has a money back guarantee (100%) from the manufacturer.


  • Pack of 10 cables
  • Money back guarantee (100%)
  • Charge safely at high speed
  • Synchronize data well
  • Durable PVC covers
  • Accurate connectors


  • Not reinforced

3. Zeuste 3-Pack Nylon Braided Lightning Cables

Zeuste 3-Pack Nylon Braided Lightning Cables

When shopping for the USB cables, people go for the toughest and most efficient models in stores. Apply the same standard when shopping for a new lightning cable. Even though many brands come cheap in stores, this pack of three cables from Zeuste is one of the best. Fitted with braided nylon covers, for instance, they do not kink nor break easily. All cables are also long and have interference-free connectors that charge and transfer data well.

Forget about the cheaply made lighting cables that break and or fail to meet the needs of people. The three nylon cables that you get will serve you well for years. The tangle-free nylon jackets that they come with (braided), for instance, are durable. All cables also have an aluminum shell that not only prolongs their lives but also prevents interference.

Do you have an iPhone, iPod, and iPad? Instead of buying an individual charger for each, choose this pack from Zeuste. First, you get three cables – one or each of your devices. All cables also have universal designs. They can charge all Apple products with no issues.


  • Universal charging system
  • Durable braided covers (nylon)
  • Interference-free connectors
  • Tangle-free designs
  • Pack of three cables


  • Slower than its competitors

2. Kinps Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable

Kinps Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable

With Kinps, you get a 10-foot Apple MFi-certified lightning cable that works with most Apple products (100% compatibility). Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this cable is durable. The braided cover that it has, for instance, has a lifespan of over 5000 bending. You do not have to worry about it kinking or breaking over time. Its connectors are also durable and accurately sized to fit snugly into ports. Even if you have a protective case on your phone, you will have an easy time using this lightning cable.

Because of its impressive length, Kinps is convenient than most comparable products in stores. You can charge you phone for anywhere at home or at your workplace effortlessly. Buy one to get a lifetime warranty. Kinps also offers excellent customer service.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good customer service
  • Long (10-foot) design
  • Braided nylon cover
  • 100% compatibility with Apple devices


  • Poor connections
  • Charges slowly

1. Anker Lightning to USB Cable (3ft)

Anker Lightning to USB Cable (3ft)

In our review of the best lighting cables, this three-foot cable from Anker fills our number one spot. Trusted by thousands of people worldwide, you get a leading USB charger that works well with most Apple products. It also synchronizes data well and has accurate contacts that fit snug on iPhone and iPad.

The durability of Anker Lightning to USB Cable is impressive. If you have experimented with many brands that have broken down over time, expect different results. You can bend this one over 4000 times without tearing its cover or breaking its wire.


  • Long-lasting design
  • Three-foot long
  • Flexible braided nylon cover
  • Supports most Apple products
  • Apple MFi Certification


  • Delicate connectors


Lighting cables help us to keep our iPhone and other Apple products charged. They also synchronize data well at high speed. Unfortunately, when shopping for new ones, some people buy cheap cables that damage their phones over time. Do not make the same mistake. Research and buy one out recommended models to get an Apple MFi certified product that works well.


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