Leather reclining chairs have a special place in the hearts of millions of men and women for several reasons. First, reclining sofas are comfortable than traditional fixed-back ones found in homes. You lounge on one or watch a movie for hours at home without getting tired. Most models also have durable and stylish designs that light up homes and offices. If you are having issues getting the best in 2019, you are in the right place. These top 10 sofas offer impressive results:

10. Homelegance 4 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional

Homelegance 4 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional

Do you have a large family that enjoys watching movies together? Are you planning to replace the old sofas in your home with a set of reclining leather ones? Homelegance is a reputable four-piece sectional made from bonded leather. The material’s heavy-duty structure outlasts most fabric and even leather. Therefore, if you have a high traffic home with kids that jump and play on seats, this is the best brand. These leather seats do not scratch over time nor fade after a few years. Maintain one well, and it will serve you for long.

Three sections of this Homelegance four-piece sofa recline to orient the back and body comfortably. If you like to watch movies during your free time, you can lay on it for hours without getting tired. Two sections have armrests for support, while the cup holder on the center console fits the best coffee tumblers. As you entertain at home, you can use it to secure drinks such as water, coffee, juice, or beer. Homelegance sofas only require a minor assembly to work.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty leather (bonded)
  • Comfortable seats (reclining)
  • Versatile cup holder console
  • Sits six people comfortably
  • Only minor assembly needed
Our Verdict

Do you have an uncomfortable fixed back sofa that you are planning to replace with a recliner? If you are into leather sofas, this 4-piece Homelegance one will serve you well. Made from solid wood and bonded leather, it is a durable product. It also looks good and has a comfortable design that reclines to position to body of users naturally.

9. JUNTOSO 3-Piece Recliner Sofa

JUNTOSO 3-Piece Recliner Sofa

The best reclining leather sofas no longer cost as much money as they did in the past. JUNTOSO has a reputation for making reliable, low-cost sofas, with this three-piece model ranked among the best. The bonded leather used to manufacture it is highly durable. Set up in a high-traffic living room, you will never worry about annoying structural issues such as tears. Clean and wax the seats occasionally to prevent such structural problems and maintain its chocolate theme.

While watching movies, most individuals want to sit as comfortably as possible. Unfortunately, the fixed back sofas they have at home fail to satisfy their needs. JUNTOSO delivers better results for two broad reasons. First, all sofas have a power reclining technology for adjusting their backs. While watching a movie, you can adjust them back and forth to maximize comfort. Second, each sofa has a thick sponge and no-sag springs (steel) that enhance the comfort of people. You can sit or lay on these recliner sofas for long without irritation.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty leather (bonded)
  • Padded seats with no-sag springs
  • Heavy-duty wooden structure (pine)
  • Reliable power recliner mechanism
Our Verdict

Made from pine wood, JUNTOSO is a set of three heavy-duty seats that recline to maximize comfort. They also have padded seats (with springs) and a soft leather cover (bonded) that lasts for many years.

8. Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Sofa Set (Brown)

Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Sofa Set (Brown)

Harper & Bright Designs is a three-piece sofa sectional with a sturdy metal frame. Unlike some wooden models that wobble and break over time, expect years of excellent service from this one. It does not wobble over time. The weathered new-tech leather used to make it is also admirable. It looks stylish and has heavy-duty seams and fibers that withstand day-to-day abuse well. The risk of its woven seams ripping over time is low. Cracking and staining are also non-issues.

Harper & Bright Designs is a large sofa (83x35x39-inches) that can fit up to three individuals. You and your partner can snuggle in this reclining sofa after work without jostling space. You can also recline it fully to position your back naturally as you read or watch a movie. Even though this recliner sofa has a partially assembled design, it is easy to set up. Snap its back on the seat to have a functional sofa at home.

What We Like
  • Stylish weathered outlook
  • Spacious three-seat sofa
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Very Easy to assemble
  • Double recliner system
Our Verdict

Harper & Bright Designs is an eye-catching (weathered) leather sofa that fits up to three people comfortably. Its metal frame is durable. It also has a comfortable design with a recliner for adjusting its position.

7. NHI Express Aiden Motion Loveseat & Console

NHI Express Aiden Motion Loveseat & Console

Are you shopping for a loveseat that you and your spouse will enjoy using while watching a movie? The NHI Express Aiden Motion is a popular two-seat model with numerous exciting features. In terms of comfort, for instance, this is one of the most popular sofas in the market. Its padded headrests, back, and seat cradle the body of users comfortably. They also position the body naturally to lower the risk of back strain or pain while watching movies for many hours. Finally, the sofa has a center console with storage and two cup holders. The cup holders have large and well-placed designs that are easy to use.

Like most sofas we have talked about, NHI Express Aiden Motion is a durable loveseat. The heavy-duty foam used for padding retains its shape for long. Its wooden frame is durable, while the thick leather fabric used to make its cover is the best. Its full-grain structure resists stress better than most traditional leather does. The material is stylish and able to resist scratches, tears, and fading in most environments.

What We Like
  • Thickly-padded armrests
  • Comfortable reclining back
  • Cushioned pocket coil springs
  • Heavy-duty padding (foam)
  • Has versatile cup holders
Our Verdict

NHI Express Aiden Motion is a comfortable two-seat loveseat with cup holders and a sturdy reclining back. Its padded back and seat are soft and durable. It also has pocket coil springs for additional support and a long-lasting leather cover, which is resistant to stress.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings Lee Motion Sofa

Coaster Home Furnishings Lee Motion Sofa

A sofa is one of the essential items that people should have at home. However, the quality of the sofa that you order matters a lot. The Lee motion sofa from Coaster Home Furnishings, for instance, is a popular option for homes because of its comfortable design. The breathable PU leather used to make it has a stylish black theme that does not fade over time. The material also has a flexible design with reinforced seams that can withstand everyday abuse without ripping.

The Coaster Home Furnishings sofa needs a bit of assembly to work. However, due to its simplicity, most people can handle the process in a few hours with basic tools. Its back, on the other hand, reclines to a 108-137-degree angle to position the back of users comfortably. People who spend hours watching movies over the weekend love this feature for two reasons. It convenient lever-based system is very easy to operate. It is also comfortable and designed to support a lot of weight when extended. Most kids and adults can use it worry-free.

What We Like
  • Recliner (108-137-degrees)
  • Breathable PU leather
  • Hidden middle console
  • Thickly-padded arms
  • Stylish black theme
Our Verdict

Everything about this Coaster Home Furnishings leather reclining seat stands out. Its padded backrest, seat, and arms are comfortable. Moreover, even though light, the PU leather used to manufacture it has a light yet durable design, with an eye-catching black theme.

5. FDW Recliner Sectional Sofa Set

FDW Recliner Sectional Sofa Set

FDW is a three-seat sectional sofa set with a black cover made from leather. If you have dreamt of having a leather loveseat at home for many months now, this is your opportunity. Why is FDW a sought-after brand worldwide? First, for a few dollars, you get a premium leather sofa that is resistant to tears and or fading. If you can clean it often and wax it occasionally, its deep black theme will stay black and stylish. Its contrast stitches, on the other hand, are elegant and designed to improve the look and functionality of this sectional sofa.

The FDW recliner sofa is a high-strength product that lasts for long. Its hardwood and plywood frame, for instance, is one of the best in this niche. It can support a lot of weight without breaking, creaking, and or wobbling over time, as low-quality sofas do. Its steel pocket coils are durable as well, while its steel recline mechanism has a stress-resistant design. It never bends, snaps or malfunctions if handled well.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty pocket coils (steel)
  • Durable hardwood frame
  • Stylish contrast stitching
  • Unique modern-style sofa
Our Verdict

FDW’s wooden frame and modern-styled leather cover last for long. It is also an eye-catching product with a spring-loaded seat that you will enjoy sitting on for hours. Its reclining back is comfortable as well.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Delange Reclining Power Sofa

Coaster Home Furnishings Delange Reclining Power Sofa

The brown themed power sofa from Coaster Home Furnishings is a popular option for homes because of its quality. If you struggle to sit comfortably or buy sofas that rip easily over time, a new one will benefit you for many reasons. Made from leather, it has a thick yet comfortable cover that you can clean easily when dirty. Use a damp piece of cloth to clean dirt and debris. You can then polish it with wax to restore its shine and prevent it from cracking over the years.

Due to its comfortable design, Coaster Home Furnishings Delange is perfect for relaxing after a long day and or watching movies. Using a single-switch power lever, you can recline its backrest to 110-130 degrees to improve the positioning of your back. Moreover, its seat, arms, and back have thick padding that cushions muscles and joints while in use. Thus, whenever you have a “couch surfer” at home, he or she can sleep in this reclining sofa comfortably. Coaster Home Furnishings Delange’s wood frame can support up to 870 pounds.

What We Like
  • High load limit (870 pounds)
  • Comfortable leather cover
  • Single-switch power recliner
  • Easy to clean (W-S cleanability code)
  • Reclines to 110-130 degrees
Our Verdict

Coaster Home Furnishings is a comfortable Power Sofa that supports up to 870 pounds. It has an eye-catching black theme with a padded seat, back, and arms for comfort. Its power lever, on the other hand, has a single-switch system that reclines its back to 110-130 degrees.

3. Divano Roma Furniture Double Reclining Loveseat

Divano Roma Furniture Double Reclining Loveseat

Do you have a cozy man cave that you want to upgrade with a new seat? Divano Roma Furniture is a popular two-person loveseat with a durable leather cover. The cover’s bonded design is durable yet smooth and comfortable. It is less prone to fading and has foam padded arms, seat, and back, which cradle the body comfortably. As you watch a movie or spend quality time with your loved one, you will enjoy using this loveseat. It is durable and easy to maintain, as well.

You may have a hard time moving this loveseat’s 130-pound frame. However, the fact that it can support up to two fully-grown adults makes it an ideal product for homes. Finally, by pulling a lever, you can adjust the position of this loveseat’s backrest. Whether you have a troublesome back and or struggle to sit comfortably while watching a movie, this is the solution. Positioned on the side of the arm, the power lever of this double recline seat is easy to access and operate.

What We Like
  • Easy to use power recliner
  • Double-bonded leather cover
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • Space-saving 2-person loveseat
Our Verdict

Divano Roma Furniture is a spacious two-person loveseat with a durable double-leather cover. Its foam-padded seat, back, and arms are comfortable. Its robust frame and reliable recliner are good too.

2. Homelegance Center Hill Double Reclining Sofa

Homelegance Center Hill Double Reclining Sofa

During cold months, one of the best infrared heaters will keep your house warm. However, to create a comfortable lounging or resting area as well, shop for this 90-inch bonded leather reclining sofa from Homelegance Center as well. Its bonded leather cover (mix or PU, cotton, and polyester) has a stylish distressed look that lights up the home. Its padded seat accommodates three people, while its bi-cast backrest has a recliner for improving its support and comfort further.

Homelegance Center Hill’s contemporary design makes it a perfect sofa for the home. Its tufted design, for instance, is not only stable but also has stylish nailhead accents. Moreover, the rolled arms of this seat not only add to its character but also comfort. Whenever you are tired of sitting, you sleep in it too without sacrificing comfort.

What We Like
  • Stylish nailhead accents
  • Stable channel-tufted design
  • Double reclining lever action
  • Minor assembly required
Our Verdict

Homelegance Center Hill’s tufted design is not only stylish but also comfortable as well. Its arms, backrest, and seat have a soft foam padding. It also has a lever-activated recliner (double) for optimizing its position and therefore support. The assembly of this sofa is easy.

1. Homelegance Resonance 83″ Double Reclining Sofa

Homelegance Resonance

The 83-inch Homelegance Resonance sofa comes in many exciting colors. To get a comfortable recliner sofa that will serve you well for long, it is also a popular option. Its overstuffed arms, back, and seat cradle the body comfortably while entertaining at home. Its leather cover (bonded) is non-irritant, while its spacious design (83x39x38-inches) accommodates most adults and their children adequately. The premium foam padding used in this seat retains its shape for long.

The best reclining sofas stand out from traditional ones because of their flexible designs. Like most brands we have reviewed herein, Homelegance Resonance has an efficient system. Even-though lever-activated, most men, women, and children can set an ideal sitting configuration without breaking a sweat. The back is stable up to 130 degrees.

What We Like
  • Double reclining backrest
  • Spacious (83x39x38-inches)
  • Heavy-duty bonded leather
  • Lever – activated recliner
  • Overstuffed back and seat
Our Verdict

Homelegance Resonance 83” has a comfortable foam padded design (overstuffed) with a long-lasting bonded leather cover. It reclines to two configurations and has an 83x39x38-inches that fits three adults.

Shopping Guide for Leather Reclining Sofas


Which type of leather has the manufacturer used to make your sofa of choice? Leather comes in several thicknesses and types. Double-bonded leather, for instance, is durable and thus suitable for making a reclining sofa. It also comes in many stylish shades, which you can maintain easily using soap, water, and wax. Even though lighter than double bonded leather, PU leather is equally popular because of its comfortable design. If you have sensitive skin or spend many hours watching a movie, buying a reclining sofa with such as cover is good.

Second, make sure your sofa or choice can support your load. If you and your loved one have a combined weight of 200 pounds, do not buy a 100-pound capacity sofa. It will disappoint you over time.


The best reclining sofas stand out from traditional fixed back ones because of their flexible designs. They are comfortable and built to accommodate most body shapes and sizes without irritation. For the best results, however, look for a sofa with an easy to use system. Single-step lever or power ones do not require skill or effort to use.

Conclusion: We have reviewed the best recliner sofas that will boost the outlook of your home and how you relax. Their padded seats and adjustable recliners optimize support and thus comfort. Arms have overstuffed or rolled for comfort, while their large designs fit two-three people.

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