Traditional radios depend on AM and FM bands to stream music, news, and podcasts that people. Even though effective, they have major limitations. In most settings, for instance, people can only access a handful of stations. Network issues are also common in remote areas with poor coverage. However, with the newer Internet radios, entertainment is limitless. They cover a host of channels. Signals also stable, while their durability is admirable.

Internet radios are valuable accessories that have lowers the demand of even the best stereo systems. However, even though convenient, the quality of the radio that you buy should be exceptional. It should be durable. Its parts should be professional-grade and its system designed to deliver the best experience. Even though most brands claim to offer these benefits, the 10 radios we have listed work the best. Sought-after on Amazon, most people appreciate their performance and the overall value that they offer.

10. Aluratek AIRMM03F

Aluratek AIRMM03F Wi-Fi Internet Radio Streaming Pandora, Slacker, iHeart, Spotify (Black)

Since their inception, Internet radios have improved in terms of style and function. If you are looking for a new one that will keep you entertained during your free time, Aluratek AIRMM03F is ideal. A sought after product in stores, its durability is amazing. It also has a stylish low profile design and a Wi-Fi adapter for media streaming. If you have Wi-Fi at home, you can easily play music and podcasts from Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, and iHeart radio.

Forget about the bulky yet inefficient radio that you have at home. With Aluratek AIRMM03F, you get a sleek Internet radio with a low profile design that does not clutter homes. It is also lightweight and has a large LCD screen and controls that ease its operation. Once setup, for instance, you can load your favorite stations easily and have an enjoyable time at home.

Aluratek AIRMM03F has storage that you can use in many ways. You can use it store your favorite channels, for instance, for easier access. You can also use it save your preferred settings. This radio also has a voice recognizing alarm and a weather application that you can use to plan your days.


  • Voice recognizing alarm
  • Weather application
  • Large LCD screen
  • Space-efficient design
  • Powerful Wi-Fi adapter
  • Quality speakers


  • Low-grade shell
  • Non-alluring interface

9. Sangean WFR-28

Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Sangean WFR-28 is a top-rated Internet radio that accesses over 16,000 internet radio stations. It also has an FM-RDS waveband that receives local channels and a fun-looking design that blends well in homes. If you are tired of the traditional AM/FM radio in your possession, this product will spice up your entertainment. It is durable. It is also affordable and has a convenient plug and use design that never disappoints.

Sangean WFR-28 has many advanced features that most people appreciate. However, a few major ones stand out. With an original model, for instance, you get 10 preset stations (5 FM and 5 iRadio) for your favorite channels. You do not have to tune it every time to access your favorite podcast or radio program. It also has a search feature for looking for stations (genre or country) and a smart system that supports Mp3 playback. Once you have connected it to your phone, you can listen to your favorite tracks on demand.

Forget about the bulky speaker system that you have at home. With Sangean WFR-28, you get a powerful internet radio with a portable design. It also has an advanced system that works well with the best rechargeable batteries and dry cells.


  • Sleek and portable design
  • Works with most batteries
  • Supports Mp3 playback
  • 10 preset stations (5 FM and 5 iRadio)
  • FM-RDS waveband for local channels
  • Dual alarm
  • Sleep timer


  • No carry handle

8. C Crane Co CWF CC

C Crane Co CWF CC WiFi Internet Radio

Are you tired of listening to your boring local radio stations whenever you are lounging at home? C Crane Co CWF CC will come to your rescue. Combining both Ethernet and Wi-Fi technologies, this internet radio has a versatile system that delivers. It accesses the Internet fast in all environments. Unlike some models that drop connections often, it also has a reliable system that you will enjoy using every day.

With an original model, you get around 99 preset channels that you can use as you like. You can use them to save your preferred radio channels. You can also use them save your preferred podcasts for easier access. This is unlike traditional radios that only offer four or five preset channels. As the Aluratek AIRMM03F radio listed, you also get a search function that works well. You can use location, genre, or a call letter to identify your station or channel of choice.

Apart from streaming radio stations from the Internet, C Crane Co CWF CC’s versatile system plays audio directly from computers. Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can easily load your favorite tracks wirelessly and have a blast at home. Finally, you get an alarm (five setting) and a sleep timer that shuts it off automatically.


  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi technologies
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Five setting alarm
  • Responsive sleep timer
  • 99 preset channels
  • Powerful remote
  • Inbuilt search function


  • Low powered speaker
  • Dated design

7. Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200

Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200 Hi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner

With Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200, you get a Hi-Fi Internet Radio tuner that accesses over 17,000 local and international channels. It is durable, affordable, and has an internet-enabled design that works well indoors or outdoors. Whether you like streaming from premium services such as Pandora, NPR, or BBC, you will enjoy using this Internet radio.

In addition to internet services such as fiber optic, Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200 supports both digital RCA and analog connections. As such, most individuals in all environments can benefit from its system without buying special equipment. Finally, it has a backlit two-line display, a full-size remote, and an FM antenna.


  • FM antenna
  • Full size remote
  • Backlit two-line display
  • Supports digital RCA and analog connections
  • 17,000 local and international channels


  • Clunky interface

6. Grace Digital GDI-IR2600

Grace Digital GDI-IR2600 Wi-Fi Internet Radio featuring Pandora, NPR On-Demand, SiriusXM Internet Radio and iHeartRadio - Black

Grace Digital is a reputable line of internet videos that continues to captivate millions. Even though most of its products offer professional service, this GDI-IR2600 model stands out. Designed to deliver premium services such as MPR on-demand, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and SiriusXM, its value is amazing. It is also durable and has a stylish black case that blends well in homes.

Perfect for entertaining on a day-to-day basis, its sound quality is impressive. Even though it lacks thumping bass, the speakers it comes with have clear highs and mid-ranges. Most people like this. It also has a backlit 4-line display with 30 backlighting settings and an accurate real time clock. With Grace Digital GDI-IR2600, therefore, you get a versatile all-in-one internet radio that works as well as the best home theater systems.

Do you have a phone with some of your favorite music? Via is AUX-in port, you can easily play music from phone and tablets on demand. You also get a headphone jack for a quiet listening experience, five-alarm setting, and a responsive remote control.


  • AUX-in port
  • Headphone jack
  • 4-line backlit screen
  • Five alarm settings
  • Remote control
  • Quality sound
  • Stylish design
  • Equalization settings


  • Goes offline randomly

5. Sangean PR-D18BK

Sangean PR-D18BK Portable Digital Radio (Black or Grey)

Most people live venturing on camping trips. If you share a similar passion and want to enjoy the best experience, make sure that you have one of the best camping tents. You should then purchase a quality Internet radio such as Sangean PR-D18BK to stay entertained outdoors. It is a light, portable, and thus, a travel-worthy radio that you will enjoy using. Its black and gray look is eye-catching, while the 10 preset stations offered are convenient.

Internet radios lack the thumping sound of subwoofers. However, because of their affordability and functional designs, they have remained sought-after to date. Sangean PR-D18BK, for instance, is a convenient battery-powered model with a built-in search function. With it, therefore, you can easily search for and load your favorite stations by name or genre. It also has a bright LCD screen and an alarm clock with a humane wake system.


  • Battery powered (AA)
  • Stylish black and gray theme
  • 10 preset stations
  • Light and portable design
  • Effective search function
  • Large and easy-to-use buttons
  • Affordable


  • Small speaker

4. Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700

Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700 Wireless Internet Radio Adapter with 3.5-Inch Color Display Featuring Pandora, NPR, and SiriusXM (Black)

Good things always come in small packages. Considering the value that Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700 Internet radio offers, this is 100% true. With one, for instance, you get a powerful tabletop radio that accesses thousands of Internet radios via an 802.11n wireless adapter. The adapter is durable. It also connects reliable to most Wi-Fi networks (in under five minutes) and streams media seamlessly. If you enjoy listening to music or online podcasts, thus, you will have a fun time with a new one.

Because Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700 has a large display (color TFT), you do not have to struggle to set it up. You can also customize its performance on demand and have a fun time with it at home or outdoors. Most people have their favorite stations. If you have a couple, this radio offers storage for up to 100 stations. It also streams music from computers (windows and Mac) and has a USB port that works with most thumb drives.

Do you have a tight budget; Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700 is an affordable internet radio. It also has a heavy-duty plastic case that lasts long, loud built-in speakers, and a both AC and headphone jacks.


  • AC and headphone jack
  • Durable design
  • 100 preset stations
  • Windows and Mac-compatible
  • 802.11n wireless adapter
  • Connects fast (under five minutes)
  • Beautiful 3.5-Inch (color LCD)


  • Poor field of view
  • Does not reconnect automatically

3. Grace Digital GDI-IRA500

Grace Digital Wireless Internet Radio Adapter Featuring Pandora and SIRIUS (GDI-IRA500)

Replace your standard AM/FM radio with Grace Digital GDI-IRA500 to enjoy over 18,000 AM and FM radio stations. Apart from your local station, you also access Internet-based ones such as NPR, Pandora, and CBS free and in high definition (HD). Featuring a high-powered wireless adapter (802.11n), it connects to routers in minutes. Connections are also stable. This improves sound quality significantly.

The 4-line display offered is large, clear, and designed to ease its setup and operation. Buyers also get 10 stations presets and a remote control application for controlling your favorite station from your iPhone.


  • 10 station presets
  • Fast and reliable connections
  • Powerful 802.11n adapter
  • Over 18,000 AM and FM
  • Accesses premium web-based stations
  • Aesthetic design
  • Fully functional remote


  • Not compatible with all premium services

2. Logitech Squeezebox

Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player with Color Screen (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Featuring an ultra-compact design, Logitech Squeezebox delivers quality sound in a small and affordable package. Perfect for indoor use, it has a durable and clutter-free design. Its high contrast screen is eye-catching, while the powerful Wi-Fi adapter it comes with generates fast and reliable connections.

Whether you enjoy listening to news or music, this radio will never let you down. It inbuilt speaker, for instance, generates loud and clear sound. It is also easy to setup and has premium components that last long.


  • Loud and clear sound
  • Eye-catching design
  • Clutter-free
  • Streams seamlessly


  • Complicated setup process

1. Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000

Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black)

For the best experience at home or outdoors, Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000 is currently the best Internet radio to use. Compact, aesthetic (black themed), and with a powerful Wi-Fi adapter, it is an excellent day-to-day accessory. It also has a large (3.5-inches) display and an advanced system that streams over 17,000 radio stations.

Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000 supports Mp3, AAV, OGG, and WMA playback. It also has seven wake alarms and premium add-ons such an RCA-3.5mm connector, a remote, and a one-year warranty.


  • One-year warranty
  • Functional remote
  • Seven wake alarms
  • 17,000 radio stations
  • 3.5-inch display


  • Under-powered


Perfect for entertaining indoors and outdoors, internet radios are battery-powered devices that sound well. They are also portable and have wireless systems that play AM, FM, and internet-based radio stations. If you are looking for one, the 10 models we have reviewed are the best for 2018. They are aesthetic. They are also affordable and support playback of Mp3 files from phones. Buy yours from Amazon today.


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  1. The Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000 (Mondo) is the best unit as you have customer support, unlike the Logitech Squeezebox, where they have abandoned support. The GDI Mondo also has a software /firmware update that works for the SiriusXM updates. I don’t think any of these radios will play a Flash-based audio stream, or BBC’s “m3u8” that essentially points to a playlist with HQ 44.1K AAC+ streaming. Squeezebox has best audio but no support – Grace Mondo audio is a close second in audio, but tops in connections flexibility.

  2. I like my Logitech Squeezebox a lot it is old and the display is shot. You can’t read the display at all so I leave it on one station RFA which I enjoy. I spoke with tech support several years back and they offered me a free speaker in place of the radio, which I thought was strange and confusing.. trade my radio for a speaker? What? Anyway I kept the radio on my kitchen table and paly it 4 or 5 times a week and enjoy the music. I don’t understand why these internet radios aren’t more popular- I guess the Ipod and cell phones took over. It looks very much like the newer Grace Mondo + is a quality tabletop internet radio. Grace has several types of internet radios now including one with stereo speakers and a wood tone case.

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