Since their inception, the best computers have remained sought-after because of their versatility. We use them to work in offices. We also use them in schools. Finally, if you enjoy watching movies, you can easily connect yours to your television. HDMI cables do this job well. If you do not have an HDMI-enabled laptop or television, you can also use a DVI cable. Even though similar to VGA cables, they support both digital and analog video transmission. They are also plug-and-use and have versatile designs that relay up to 1920×1200p HD videos to most televisions.

Treasured by movie enthusiasts and people who like working on big screens, DVI cables are essential accessories. Designed to work with most computers, their versatility is desirable. They are also easy to setup and have high-speed interfaces that improve data transfer. If you are looking for one, the model that you choose should be as durable as possible. As most other computer accessories, DVI cable undergo a lot of abuse. A cheap model that can break easily will not meet your needs. Your model of choice should support  your computer. Buying a product that you cannot use is a bad decision. Guided by these features, we have identified 10 of the best DVI cable that you will enjoy using.

10. Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable

Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable

DVI cables create secure connections between computers and televisions. If you enjoy playing games and want one for day-to-day use, this Dual Link one for Tripp Lite is one of the best. Featuring a well-engineered male-to-male design, it works well with most computers. It also has a long 20-foot design that benefits people immensely. You can set up your laptop and TV easily, for instance. You can also use it in all orientations with positive results. Finally, ranked among the most durable products in this niche, Tripp Lite Dual Link is perfect for day-to-day use. After several months, it does not kink nor breaks as other low-grade DVI cables often do.

To enjoy a seamless movie-watching experience, your cable of choice should be able to stream data well. Even though most new models accomplish this, Tripp Lite is among the best. The gold plated contacts that it comes with, for instance, are durable and corrosion-proof. Its design, on the other hand, not only meets DVI DDWG standards but also has a high-speed system that people like. Set up well, for instance, you will achieve data transmission speeds of up to 9.9Gbps. Images are also high resolution (2560x1600p).

RFI and EMI emissions commonly interfere with the signals of most brands of DVI cables. Not Tripp Lite Dual Link, however. Because of the advanced foil technology used to make it, it prevents such interference. It also has a novel brand shielding technology that boosts its performance further. Buy yours to get a lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Interference-free
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 9.9Gbps transmission speed
  • 2560x1600p resolution
  • 20-foot long cable
  • Easy to install


  • Quality control issues

9. Dynex DX-DVI2M

Dynex DX-DVI2M

Even though considered traditional, the DVI technology remains one of the most used in the computers industry. It is power efficient. Signal quality is also desirable according to the reviews of most users. To get a suitable cable for day-to-day use, Dynex DX-DVI2M is one of the best brands to consider. Measuring 6.5 feet, for instance, its performance is most environments are desirable. It penetrates hard-to-reach areas well, for instance, to deliver the best experience to users. It also has an aesthetic outlook and a multi-functional design that works with PCs, notebooks, and laptops.

Are you shopping for a new DVI cable on a budget? Do not buy one of the low-grade cables that snap often or fail to meet the needs of most people. Choose Dynex DX-DVI2M instead. With one, you get a powerful yet cheap cable that will satisfy all your needs. Data transfer is fast and reliable. It also improves the quality of pictures from computers to monitors.


  • Improves picture quality
  • Works with most computers
  • Plug and use design
  • 6.5-feet long
  • Works with most computers


  • None

8. GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable

GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable

Most DVI cables look the same. However, under their black cases, they have different technologies. Their performance with most type of computers and television is also different. To get a good one that you will enjoy using for long, GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable ideal. Popular among thousands of people all over the world, its three-foot-long design is convenient. Even though it is not as long as models that we have reviewed, its commercial-grade design has made it sought-after all over the world. It is durable. It also transmits high-resolution signals (digital) to the best HDTVs, LCD monitors, and projectors.

Forget about this DVI cable breaking or kinking over time. The striking white sheath that it comes with is flexible and durable. Connectors, on the other hand, are durable gold-plated ones (24+1) that never disappoint. Their conductivity is impressive. Featuring an advanced AWG technology, they also transmit signals better that some comparable models. According to the manufacturer, you will achieve speeds of up to 99Gbps, if you install them well. GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable is DVI DDWG-compliant. You also get a limited lifetime warranty for it.


  • Durable dual link design
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Speeds of up to 99Gbps
  • Advanced AWG technology
  • Stylish white sheath
  • For televisions, monitors, and projectors


  • None

7. C&E CNE24353 High Resolution DVI Cable

C&E CNE24353 High Resolution DVI Cable

To enjoy high-resolution video transmission, most manufacturers recommend DVI-HDMI adapters. Because of their cost, however, some people cannot afford them. People with old laptops or televisions also fail to benefit from it. Fortunately, advanced DVI cables such as C&E CNE24353 are as effective as HDMI cables. With one, you get a high-resolution multimedia cable with a male-to-male orientation. Connectors are durable and gold-plated to maximize their efficiency. This cable is also long, durable, and has a universal design that works with projectors, HDTVs, and most flat panel televisions.

Most people like efficient cables. To get high-resolution pictures too, the quality of the DVI cable that you use matters. C&E CNE24353, for instance, achieves speeds of up to 9.9Gbps. It relays quality videos. Picture quality is also impressive at 2048x1536p. Finally, you get a double shielded braided cable that reduces interference, data loss, and ghosting.


  • Durable braided cable
  • Double-shielded design
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Speeds of up to 9.9Gbps
  • 2048x1536p resolution
  • Supports most devices


  • Terrible customer service
  • Corrupts over time

6. Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable


Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable

Dell is one of the best-known manufacturers of computers. It is also home to quality keyboard and accessories such as mice and DVI cables. Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable, for instance, is one of the best. Measuring around six feet, its long design works well in homes and offices. It is also durable and has a multi-functional design that works well with most types of LCD and LED monitors.

This cable has convenient 18-pin Male to 18-pin Single Link DVI-D connectors made of quality copper. This material lasts long. It also has an interference-free design that relays error-free high-speed signals in most settings. Whether you want to use your television as a monitor or a screen for watching movies, this cable is ideal. It has a convenient plug-and-use interface. It also has an insulated design that lowers cross talk and a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Insulated design
  • Plug-and-use interface
  • Error-free signals
  • High-speed interface
  • Six-feet long
  • Multi-functional design


  • Does not support all monitors

5. EforCity 349335

EforCity 349335

If you are shopping for a new DVI cable, buy eforCity 349335 to get a quality dual male DVI-D-to-DVI-D video cable. Sought after in top 10 best DVI cables reviews, it has many desirable features. Its long 6-foot design, for instance, appeals to most people. It is easy to setup on laptops and monitors alike. It also works well in both open and tight spaces in homes and offices.

The longevity of this DVI cable is desirable. If you have used several brands that have either kinked easily, you will never have a problem with this model. It is durable. It also has a professional-grade digital interface that improves the quality of the signals that people get. Finally, its precision-engineered design meets the required DVI DDWG standards. You will appreciate its overall value.

The performance of this cable is also notable. At full capacity, you will get transfer speeds of up to 9.9Gbps. Interference is also a non-issue. The under molded shielding that this cable comes with protects against both RMI and RFI interference. Buy yours today.


  • Under-molded shielding
  • Speeds of up to 9.9Gbps
  • Meets DVI DDWG standards
  • Durable design
  • Six-feet long
  • Gold-plated contacts


  • None



Measuring around 25 feet, SANOXY DVI-DVI-CBL25 is a long D VI-D M/M Digital/Digital DVI cable that never disappoints. Featuring a well-engineered dual-link design, for instance, its performance is impressive. Whether you use it with monitors or projectors, you will get professional results every time.

Hook up is straightforward. All you have to do is screw its contacts in place to have a functional system in minutes. Its well-engineered design is also fast and delivers 2560×1600p WQXGA pictures are 60 hertz. Do not waste your money on any other brand. You can even fold this one many times without damaging its structure in any way.


  • Kink-proof cable
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • 2560×1600p WQXGA resolution
  • 25-feet long
  • Quality dual link design


  • None

3. Cables Unlimited DVI D M to M Cable

Cables Unlimited DVI D M to M Cable

A popular product worldwide, Cables Unlimited is an advanced DVI D Male-to-Male cable with a long 6-foot design. It works well in homes and dorm rooms. It is also one of the best models for commercial use because of its flexibility and overall quality of construction. No matter the setup, for instance, you do not have to worry about it kinking, as some models often do.

The performance of most DVI cables lies in the quality of the adapters that they use. Apart from its length and longevity, the performance of this cable is one of its major strengths. The gold plated adapters that it uses are durable. Signal transmission, on the other hand, is fast and stable because of their premium designs. Buy yours to have a memorable time indoors.


  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Fast and stable signals
  • Kink-proof design
  • Cost-effective
  • Long (6-foot) cable


  • Unnecessarily bulky ends

2. BlueRigger DVI Male to DVI Male DVI Cable

BlueRigger DVI Male to DVI Male DVI Cable

BlueRigger is a 15-foot black-themed DVI Male to DVI Male cable with a high-performance dual link design. If you are looking for a heavy-duty cable that will serve you for long, it is one of the best in 2019. The gold plated contacts that it uses, for instance, are super-efficient. They are also durable and conduct electricity well (24+1) to optimize the transfer of signals.

This cable works well with most digital CRT televisions, video projectors, and flat panel screens. It even supports hot plugging of devices without compromising their safety. Finally, concerning performance, only a few brands can rival this BlueRigger cable. It is fast (up to 4.96Gbps data transmission). It also fully complies with DVI DDWG standards and has a shield PVC outer coating that lowers Emi/RFI interference. Buy yours to get a 1-year warranty.


  • Multi-functional design
  • 4.96Gbps data transmission
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Complies with DVI DDWG standards
  • Shielded PVC cover
  • Gold-plated contacts


  • Noisy than its competition

1. Cable Matters Gold Plated VGA Monitor Cable

Cable Matters Gold Plated VGA Monitor Cable

Top on our list, Cable Matters is a gold-plated VGA monitor cable with durable 100% bare copper connectors. Its 15-foot design is convenient. It is also durable and has a plug-and-use design that works well with most televisions and projectors.

Apart from its structure and convenience, the performance of this DVI cable has won the hearts of most people. It has excellent video reproduction. It also has a UL-listed design with quality shielding and strain relief conductors.


  • UL-listed design
  • Strain relief conductors
  • Quality copper (bare)
  • Long 15-foot design


  • None


Conclusion: DVI cables are among the best accessories for connecting computers to televisions. They also work well with projectors and most monitors that people use in homes and workplaces. The get the best product for day-to-day use, the 10 models that we have reviewed work the best. They are high-speed DVI cables with an interference-free design.

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