Having the best doormat at home is beneficial in many ways. If you have a high traffic home, a quality model will protect it from dirt and dust as people walk in and out. This keeps your floors clean. It also protects delicate ones such as linoleum from damage. Second, doormats are decorative elements. A quality one will improve the outlook of your home. Finally, most models minimize slipping hazards. This lowers the risk of injuries.

Which are the best doormats in 2018? Whilst shopping on the Internet, people look for different features in doormats. Many look for spacious types that contain dirt and dust well. Others look for colorful doormats that can improve the overall outlook of their homes or offices. To get a product that offers both benefits, buy one of our recommended models. The never disappoint.

10. Amagabeli Outdoor Shoe Scraper Doormat

Amagabeli Outdoor Shoe Scraper Doormat

Do you have a high traffic home? Are you tired of people damaging your floors with sand and grit as they walk in and out? Installing a shoe scraper doormat is one of the best remedies. Amagabeli, for instance, is a quality outdoor accessory that works well in most homes. Widely used as décor in entryways and in bathrooms, its eye-catching design blends well in homes. It also works well on outdoor installations such as patios or gazebos.

Apart from its style, many people like this Amagabeli Outdoor Shoe Scraper Doormat because of its functionality. The heavy-duty cleanscrape fabric used to make it, for instance, catches dust and debris well. Its rough texture also scrapes off mud, grit, hair, and grass. Set up well, your home will look clean. It also protects floor from scratches.

Are you tired of the small doormat outside your home that fails to work as desired? Replace it with this model. It is a spacious accessory (24×36-inches). The recycled rubber used to make it is also durable, weatherproof, and has a non-slip backing that secures it on floors. The risk of your visitors slipping on it is slim.

Cleaning this Amagabeli doormat is an easy task. Unlike some models that require special detergents to clean, you can sweep or vacuum it without lowering its value over time. You can also shake and or wipe it with a damp cloth occasionally to remove stubborn stains.


  • Weatherproof rubberized material
  • Low maintenance design
  • Non-slip backing
  • Eye-catching design
  • Spacious mat (24×36-inches)


  • Attracts pet hair

9. Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen

Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen

Many people are proud of their homes. Whenever they are shopping for items such as floor mats, they want top-rated brands that improve their value. If you are one of them, you will love this welcome doormat from Apache Mills. Measuring 18×30-inches, it is a versatile item. You can use it on your front pouch without issues. It also works well in bathrooms and on entrances or vital areas such as kitchens.

Doormats, as the best exercise mats do, undergo a lot of abuse inside and outside homes. Under such stress, most low-grade models rip. Others frays and or lose their aesthetic value over time. Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen is different. Made from recycled rubber (heavy duty) and scrap tires, it is a durable product. The risk of it fraying or tearing over time is slim. The material is also weatherproof. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, expect good results.

Are you looking for a stylish doormat that will boost the value of your home? Order this one. Its flocked fiber surface has a beautiful full-color design. It also has a molded outlook with deep channels that scrap shape shoes and trap debris well at the same time.

Made in the USA, Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen has a stain proof design that works well outdoors. To boost the value of your patio or any other outdoor installation, this is one of the best products to use.


  • Beautiful full-color design
  • Dirt-trapping channels
  • Weatherproof material (heavy duty)
  • Spacious design (18×30-inches)


  • Scuffs off easily

8. GrassWorx 10371857 High Traffic Doormat

GrassWorx 10371857 High Traffic Doormat

Nothing protects delicate wooden floors better than a well-designed doormat. By keeping debris and dust off floors, for instance, the risk of scratching is low. Most brands also have welcoming designs that boost the value of homes. GrassWorx 10371857 is such as product. Buy one to get a high-traffic outdoor mat with a spacious 18×30-inch design. It also has a stylish desert taupe (brown) theme that blends well with most floors.

One of the major functions of doormats is to clean and secure debris such as soil and dirt. This product excels at this task. The advanced clean machine technology used to make it traps and hides up to a pound of dirt. This is impressive. Used in a high traffic area such as a hallway, you will have good results.

Exposed to the elements, a few brands of doormats stain easily. Others grow molds and mildew, which lower their value further. This is not a problem for GrassWorx 10371857. It works well in snow and hot weather. You can also hose it down occasionally without issues.


  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Durable all-weather design
  • Hides up to a ton of debris
  • Spacious (18×30-inch) doormat
  • Charming desert taupe outlook


  • Slides on smooth floors

7. Alamere Front Door Mat

 Alamere Front Door Mat

Doormats, like the best dog water dish mats, are vital household accessories. The protect floors from damage. They are also protective (non-slip) and have stylish designs that improve the outlook of homes. If you are shopping for a new one, Alamere Front Door Mat is ideal for many reasons. Because of its durability, for instance, it works well in both low-traffic and high-traffic homes. Its non-slip rubber back, on the other hand, grips most floors well. This protects people from slipping and injuring themselves in smooth floors.

If you live in a wet area or one where it snows often, this mat will serve you well. Its moisture-proof fabric does not grow mold or mildew over time. It is also quick drying and has anti-bacterial properties. Unlike your smelly mat, this one will serve you well.

This is an eye-catching 30×18-inch doormat. It is also spacious and has a low-profile design that works well under doors. If you have a mat that sticks under your swinging door, this is a good alternative. You can also use it in your office without major problems.

Attainable in black, the quality polypropylene used to make this mat blends well in most homes. Whether you have a traditional or modern one, it will not look out of place. The material is also easy to clean. Shake it to remove loose debris. You can also clean it with a high-pressure hose to remove caked dirt and or stains.


  • Low maintenance polypropylene
  • Works well under doors
  • Eye-catching design (dark)
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Non-slip surfaces


  • Smaller than it looks

6. Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat

Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat

Are you struggling to find a large and functional mat for your door or patio? We have identified a suitable model for you. Amagabeli is a popular doormat with a spacious 24×36-inch design. Made of a thick (1/8-inch material) it is a durable item. Use in a high traffic area such as a hallway, the risk of it ripping or fraying over time is slim. It is also roll-proof and has a high-traffic design that also works well in garages, gardens, and door for porches or kitchens.

On floors such as laminate and stone, most brands of doormats slip without warning. With such products around, the risk of injuries to kids, pets, and adults is high. If you have this problem, Amagabeli Outdoor Door Mat will serve you better. This is a non-slip rug. Its rubberized back (non-skid) grips most types of surfaces will without damage. It also protects people from slipping as the walk in and out of homes.

High profile carpets are plush and comfortable to walk on. However, they do not clean shoes and sandals well. They also snag on swinging doors whilst in use. This doormat from Amagabeli offers a different experience. Its tough and low-profile design works well under most doors. It also grips and cleans shoes well and has a waterproof design that does not rip or stain easily.


During rainy weather, you will never have an issue cleaning this doormat. The polyester fabric used to make it is water-resistant. You can hose it down when dirty without compromising its value in any way.


  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Rubberized back (non-skid)
  • Works well under doors (1/8-inch thick)
  • Rip and stain resistant
  • Cleans shoes well


  • None

5. Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat

Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat

Many people are conscious about the environment. This has seen an increase in demand for natural household products, doormats included. If you are among this group, you will like the value of this Kempf Coco Coir doormat. Made of 100% coconut fiber, its natural design appeals to most people. The material is also durable and has an abrasive surface that cleans shoes well. If you live in a heavily soiled area, thus, this is one of the best doormats to use in 2018.

Do you have a small and non-functional doormat at home? To get a large and functional one without spending a fortune, buy this Kempf Natural Coco Coir mode. Its spacious 18×30-inch design covers most doorways well. It also has a low clearance (1-inch) that fits under most doors and an attractive design that boosts the value of homes. This mat works well.

Do you have a pet that likes sleeping on doormats? This is one of the best models for use in homes. Unlike the synthetic mats that have irritants or environmentally damaging ingredients (PVC, for instance), it is 100% safe. With an original, you also get a biodegradable doormat that works well year round.


  • Durable all-season design
  • Made of 100% coconut fibers
  • Low clearance (1-inch)
  • Spacious (18×30-inches)
  • Environment-safe doormat
  • Stylish natural look


  • Frays easily

4. Masterpiece Flagstone Grey Stone Door Mat

Masterpiece Flagstone Grey Stone Door Mat

Masterpiece Flagstone is a stylish stone-themed doormat for use outdoors. If you have bought expensive models that have rotted or ripped under pressure, you will like this one for many reasons. Made of recycled rubber (heavy-duty), this is a tough item. Whether you have a low traffic or heavy traffic home, this is the best doormat to use. It is also eye-catching, stain proof, and has a non-slip rubber back that grips most floors well.

Because of their low budgets, most people settle for low-grade doormats that let them down over time. Do not make the same mistake. Masterpiece Flagstone is an affordable product. Buy yours to get a full-color mat with a flocked fiber surface that cleans feet and shoes well. It will keep dirt off your floors always.

Most brands of doormats fail to clean heavily soiled shoes well. They either rip under stress or miss small debris that end up damaging floors. Masterpiece Flagstone is different. Its molded construction has deep channels that clean shoes efficiently. They also trap dirt well until cleaned. You will enjoy using one.


  • Molded construction (deep channels)
  • Full-color flocked fiber surface
  • Non-slip rubber back
  • Heavy-duty recycled rubber
  • Eye-catching stone-themed design


  • Colors fade over time

3. DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Mat

DII Natural Coir Mat

Doormats come in a plethora of interesting designs and sizes. Do not rush to buy the first model that you come across, though. To get value for money, look for a durable item that will function well in your home. DII, for instance, is a reputable indoor/outdoor model made of 100% coconut fibers. It has a charming natural outlook. Its fiber face also cleans both shoes and feet well to keep dirt and debris out of homes.

This doormat comes in a plethora of interesting designs and colors. If you are conscious about looks, this dark and gold themed one will serve you well. Its cute design blends well on doorways. It is also fade-proof and has a spacious 18×30-inch design that works well.

This 1/2-inch thick doormat works well in most areas. If you have a patio that you use most of the time on, for instance, it is a good addition. It also works well on doorways of laundry rooms and high-traffic areas such as entryways. You will not regret buying.


  • Versatile design
  • Made or 100% coconut fibers
  • Fade-proof colors
  • Works well indoors and outdoors


  • Challenging to clean

2. Masterpiece Home Stones Door Mat

Masterpiece Home Stones Door Mat

Masterpiece products are popular for their superior designs. They are stylish. They are also durable and have functional designs that work well in most areas. This Home Stones edition from Masterpiece, for instance, stands out. It has a spacious design (18×30-inches). The recycled rubber and old scrap tires used to make it, on the other hand, is durable and sustainable. The risk of it ripping over time is slim. You can also wash it many times without lowering its value.

The performance of this doormat is impressive. Its molded construction, for instance, cleans shoes and feet well. It also has deep channels that trap dirt and debris well to keep your floors clean. Finally, if you are looking for a beautiful doormat, you will like this one. Its flocked fiber top has a unique full-color design that does not fade.

Perfect for use outdoors, this is a stain-resistant product. If you have bought a few models that have degraded in value over the years, you will like this one. It also resists snow and UV rays better than most comparable doormats. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor spaces such as patios and porches.


  • Durable USA-made product
  • Weatherproof design
  • Full-color flocked top (fiber)
  • Stain-resistant material
  • Non-slip recycled rubber


  • Slightly off colors

1. The Andersen Company Andersen 280 WaterHog

The Andersen Company Andersen 280 WaterHog

Made of a quality polypropylene fabric, The Andersen Company Andersen is a quick drying for homes. If you have used a few models that log with water often, this is a suitable alternative. The material is also durable and has a stylish design that boosts the value of homes. Do not hesitate to buy your today. It is one of the best doormats.

Some popular brands of doormats do not trap dirt well. Others rip and or degrade fast under normal conditions. The Andersen Company WaterHog is different. Its ridged surface cleans shoes well. It also traps dirt to keep debris off your floors. With one, therefore, your home will look clean always.

To protect you and your visitors from slipping, this mat has an Eco-friendly rubber backing that works well. It grips most floors well. It also has reinforced nubs that prevent it from gathering whilst in use.


  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Eco-friendly (20% recycled rubber)
  • Waterproof design
  • Stylish outlook


  • Visible seams


The best doormats protect homes from dust and debris. They are also stylish and have non-slip designs that protect people from sliding on smooth floors. To get the best in this niche, our top 10 picks stand out. Buy yours to get a valuable household product that will serve you well for long.


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