Dictionaries are the go-to accessories by individuals looking to improve their grammar and expand their vocabulary. Carefully crafted by professionals in various fields, most brands are accurate. Prints are clear and fun to read, while their ever-evolving content captures changes of dynamic languages such as English and French. Finally, unlike hiring professional tutors, dictionaries are affordable. They are also available in paperback and digital formats.


If you enjoy writing or want a dictionary for research or information, our top 10 selections are among the best. Ideal for natives and non-native, they are excellent day-to-day dictionaries for schoolwork or personal use. They are also cheap, easy to read, and are available on Amazon in digital and paperback formats. Research well and choose the best to improve your grammar and essay or article writing skills.

10. DK Visual Dictionary

Ultimate Visual Dictionary

Print dictionaries are tedious because of their small text. Individuals with a short attention span also find them hard to use because of the long and winding texts that some editors use. If you have a similar challenge but want to stay informed, we have a solution for you. DK Ultimate is an advanced visual dictionary that educates users about some of the most popular things and places worldwide. It is well-curated, very e easy to review, and has numerous desirable components that individuals appreciate.

Attainable as a paperback, you do not need a smartphone or a computer to use this dictionary. You can carry it to the park and or school and review it on demand whenever you have time. It is also well organized into 14 major sections, which betters the experience of users further. Overall, you will learn over 33,000 common things and places. These include common rails and roads. It also covers animals, music, and sites in fun and well-organized tables.

Unlike comparable products, DK Ultimate Visual Dictionary has quality prints. The colored photographs used keep users entertained, while its straightforward explanations are easy to understand. Forget about the boring verbose texts that comparable traditional dictionaries often have.


  • Colored photographs
  • Quality prints
  • Detailed explanations
  • 33,000 common things and places
  • Portable paperback design


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Not compatible with digital readers

9. Webster’s 1st Edition

Webster's New Pocket Dictionary

Webster is a popular editor-recommended brand of dictionaries with numerous quality products. This first edition of its renowned pocket dictionary brand, for instance, is a recommended product. Featuring clear and concise definitions, this dictionary is fun to use. It is also informative and constantly updated to suit the needs of users. If you want to improve grammar, for instance, this dictionary will benefit you. If you are a writer, on the other hand, it will improve your vocabulary and writing skills overall.

Even though compact, Webster Pocket Dictionary has over 35,000 entries. All entries are comprehensive, up to date, and very easy to understand. It also doubles as an effective thesaurus, which students, writers, and readers appreciate. Even though you pay peanuts for this dictionary, you get one of the best products. It is fun to use, comprehensive and packaged decently to entice readers.

Do you travel to work or school often? Are you tired of carrying the heavy and bulky dictionary in your possession? Unlike what many people think, bigger is not always better. This product is compact, light, and therefore, suitable for traveling.


  • Light and portable
  • Comprehensive content (33,000 entries)
  • Clear and concise definitions
  • Affordable


  • Missing some words

8. Oxford University Press American Dictionary (3rd Edition)

New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition

Oxford University Press is an acclaimed publisher with numerous educational books in its arsenal. Even though most of its books are top-notch, this third edition American dictionary is one of the best. A flagship product for Native Americans and non-Americans, the value that it offers is incomparable. Whether you want to improve your reading and or speaking skills, you will never regret purchasing one.

Oxford University Press American Dictionary (Third Edition) is a comprehensive dictionary. With an original one, you get over 350,000 senses, phrases, and words that its editors update often. Definitions are crisp and clear, while the hundreds of explanatory notes that it comes with improve the experience of users. Devoid of your skill level, expect memorable results. This dictionary also has thousands of illustrations that most non-natives appreciate.

Do you have eye problems? Do you have a challenging time reading the tiny texts in most traditional dictionaries? Replace your existing dictionary with this model to better your experience. Its texts, for instance, are crisp, clear, and therefore, easy on the eye. Its paperback design is portable and organized well to better the experience of users further.


  • Portable paperback design
  • Crisp and clear text
  • 350,000 senses, phrases, and words
  • Crisp definitions
  • Thousands of illustrations


  • Cheap looking paper

7. Webster’s New World (Fifth Edition)

Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition

Are you shopping for a versatile college dictionary to improve your writing skills and or vocabulary? This fifth edition of Webster’s New World College Dictionary will not disappoint you. Featuring a portable design, you can carry it around effortlessly, unlike the heavy and bulky models in stores. Printed on durable paper, it also has a well-crafted and user-friendly design that you will enjoy using.

Synonyms are abundant. Definitions are clear, while the authoritative guidance that this dictionary offers has made it a favorite of copy editors and newsroom editors. If you are a student or a blogger, you can also enjoy the same level of service without spending a lot of money. With Webster’s New World, you get specially identified phrases, words, and senses from all over the USA.

Apart from its clear and well-curated style, Webster’s New World is popular worldwide because of its accuracy. It contains definitions of almost all words. It also has hundreds of additions and revisions, which makes it one of the most detailed dictionaries in stores.


  • Hundreds of additions and revisions
  • Well-curated style
  • Clear and concise definitions
  • Authoritative guidance
  • Detailed catalog of similes


  • Not thumb indexed
  • Lighter typeface

6. Merriam-Webster’s New Edition

Merriam-Webster's Everyday Language Reference Set, New Edition (c) 2016

Since its release in 2016, this New Edition set of Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries has become the go-to product for language reference. Students like it. Professionals also appreciate its value. If you are shopping for a new language reference, therefore, buy one to get over 75,000 updated definitions. This dictionary also has over 8000 examples, which make it a perfect vocabulary builder for most individuals.


Apart from its impressive vocabulary, Merriam-Webster’s New Edition is popular globally because of its thesaurus. Considering that you get over 150,000-word choices, you will be able to write and read better. It also has special sections that highlight common foreign phrases and words. When traveling, these words come in handy. You will fit in easier in most countries with the help of this dictionary.

Merriam-Webster’s New Edition is attainable as a portable paperback dictionary that you can travel with easily. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and curated for school and recreational use.


  • Portable paperback design
  • Perfect for school and recreational use
  • 150,000-word choices
  • 75,000 updated definitions
  • 8,000 examples
  • Three in one package


  • Small prints
  • Limited synonyms

5. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary New Edition (c) 2016

With affordable dictionaries now available offline and online, you do not have an excuse for poor grammar or vocabulary. The Merriam-Webster New Edition Dictionary, for instance, is a top of the line product for professionals, individuals, and students. Buy one to get up to 75,000 pronunciations, for instance. If you are non-native, therefore, you will be able to hold fruitful conversations over time. This dictionary also has word origins and detailed definitions that better the experience of users.

The vocabulary-enhancing synonym list that this The Merriam-Webster New Edition Dictionary comes with is ideal. When doing schoolwork, you will be able to write better. Your articles or blogs will also come interesting with a bit of practice. Based on the collegiate dictionary by The Merriam-Webster all words and phrases are accurate. They are also precise, easy to understand, and backed by over 8,000 usage examples that help individuals to talk and write better.

Readily available in reputable stores such as Amazon, you do not have to break the bank to own this dictionary. Designed to withstand abuse well, it is also durable and thus, suitable for everyday use.


  • Accurate words and phrases
  • Detailed usage examples (8000)
  • Detailed synonym list
  • 75,000 pronunciations
  • Affordable
  • Legible letters and texts


  • Only 75,000 words

4. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus, Newest Edition (c) 2014

Merriam-Webster’s is a popular paperback dictionary and thesaurus. Produced in mass since 2014, this tried and tested product appeals to millions of individuals globally. Based on the collegiate dictionary from Merriam-Webster’s, its quality is desirable. It is also comprehensive, recommended for personal or professional use, and most importantly, does not cost users a fortune. Buy yours today to improve how you talk and or write English.

With the latest edition, for instance, you get 60,000 alphabetical entries and 13,500 thesauri. You also get extensive synonym and antonym lists that come in handy when writing essays or articles. All entries are accurate. Wordings, on the other hand, are clear and concise, which improve comprehension. Merriam-Webster is, therefore, of the best English dictionaries for both natives and non-natives.

Unlike some hard to read dictionaries, you will have an enjoyable experience with this one. Whether you are a professional or a student, you will appreciate its legible text, for instance. Used as a reference, therefore, you will identify words easily and read their definitions without straining.


  • Both dictionary and thesaurus
  • Portable paperback design
  • Clear words and definitions
  • Accurate alphabetical entries (60,000)
  • Accurate thesaurus entries (13,500)


  • Dated content

3. Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

Do not stress your child with a boring jargon-laden dictionary to improve his or her English grammar or comprehension skills. A fun and well-written children’s dictionary such as Merriam-Webster is ideal. Hardcovers, it has a compact and portable design that you child can carry to school effortlessly. It is also fun looking and printed on thick paper that does not fray nor tears easily.

Released in 2016, Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary is currently one of the bestsellers in top 10 best dictionaries reviewed in 2017. The 35,000 phrases, words, and images it comes with, for instance, are accurate. Its authoritative content, on the other hand, informs and educates children well from elementary school. Do not waste your money on other hyped brands that do not deliver quality.

To keep children interested in reading, Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary has visual references that break the monotony of text. It also has notes on punctuation and spelling that children like.


  • Visual references
  • 35,000 phrases, words, and images
  • Durable hardcover design
  • Affordable
  • Trusted publisher


  • Confusing explanations

2. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Laminated Cover)

Now in its eleventh edition, this laminate covered Merriam-Webster collegiate is an advanced dictionary that offers value. With over 225,000 precise and clear definitions, you will have an easy time reviewing words whilst reading or writing. Its content is accurate and reviewed often to keep it current.

To help users to speak and write better, Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary has over 42,000 usage examples that you can use as a reference. Its font is inviting, while its clear prints and quality paper used in its production make it fun to read.

Even though this dictionary is not as portable as some compact models, it is one of the best models for desk research or for use in libraries. It withstands abuse well. It is also easier to read, considering its clearer and larger prints.


  • 225,000 precise and clear definitions
  • 42,000 usage examples
  • Durable laminated cover


  • Small prints

1. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Fifth Edition)

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, New 5th Edition (mass market, paperback) 2014 copyright

Scrabble is a game of wits. Players whom can come up with complex words round after round often win the game. To be this person, having a detailed scrabble dictionary on your side is an excellent decision. This paperback Merriam-Webster works the best. Now in its fifth edition, this expanded game grade dictionary is among the most sought-after by millions of scrabble users all over the world.

This dictionary has 100,000 playable 2-8 letter words. It also has 500 new entries, variant spelling, and an expanded coverage of both British and Canadian vocabulary. Ideal for professional and recreational use, this dictionary is affordable and among the few recommended by the Scrabble players associations.


  • 100,000 playable 2-8 letter words
  • 500 new entries
  • Recommended by Scrabble player associations


  • A few misaligned pages


Even though old school, dictionaries remain sought-after accessories for improving grammar and vocabulary. However, with numerous brands now available in stores, choosing the best remains a challenge, particularly to students. If you have a similar challenge, this article has done the legwork for you. The 10 dictionaries that we have reviewed are among the best for school and or personal use.


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