During Christmas, millions of people worldwide decorate their homes in many different ways. Many people use lights to highlight fountains and items such as Christmas trees in their homes. Others use decorative papers and household items such as decorative plates or vases to improve the outlook of their homes. Used well, these items are very effective. However, for those looking for fun and modern decorations for this occasion, this review is for you. The top 10 products listed are the best Christmas decorations in 2018.

10. iEnjoyware Snowman Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers

iEnjoyware Snowman Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers

In most homes, people have appliances such as refrigerators and cookers that they use every day. If you are decorating your home for Christmas, do not forget these items. Spread the Christmas cheer into your kitchen with this set of Snowman appliance handle covers from iEnjoyware. They have a stunning red, green, and white look. Whenever you are cooking or eating in your kitchen, they will attract you many compliments from friends and family members. They are also functional accessories. Made of a thick fabric, they protect people from burning whilst operating hot items such as ovens.

To install some Christmas decorations, people need glue or staple guns to secure them in place. With these iEnjoyware Snowman covers, you will have a good experience. Both the horizontal and vertical handle cover that you get has Velcro closure that you can attach and remove easily. They are also secure and designed to fit most types of handles of most kitchen appliances.

These are durable appliance handle covers. Unlike ribbons that tear and lights that burn out over time, these decorations will serve you for long. You can continue using them long after the Christmas season is over. You can also wash and store them for the next Christmas occasion. This is ideal.


  • Stylish appliance handle cover
  • Easy to install (Velcro closures)
  • Fit most types of appliances
  • Cool-touch surfaces


  • Only work well in kitchens

9. Amscan Winter Wonderland 3-D Snowflake Hanging

Amscan Winter Wonderland 3-D Snowflake Hanging

Even though traditional, ceiling and wall hanging are among the most sought-after Christmas decorations. Like the best string lights are, most people like their charming outlook. They are also versatile and designed to blend well in most homes. Amscan Winter Wonderland is such a product. This 3D snowflake hanging has an elegant design that boosts the value of homes. The metallic foil cutouts that you get are also durable and safe for use in rooms with kids. They lack irritants that might harm your baby over time.

These 3D snowflakes are easy to install. Each one has a long 7-foot string for easy installation on walls and ceiling boards. They are also lightweight and have fade-free designs that most people appreciate. If you are tired of the standard ribbons that you have used for years, this is a good option. This Christmas decoration works well in both traditional and modern homes.

During Christmas, people spend hefty amounts of money on decorations that let them down over time. If you have done this before, do not repeat it again. Amscan Winter Wonderland is a cheap product that works well. Each pack has many snowflakes and strings that you can use, as you desire.


  • Package snowflakes and strings
  • Stylish green-themed designs
  • Easy to install on walls and ceilings
  • Versatile Christmas decorations


  • Very thin

8. Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light

Curtain string lights are among the best Christmas decorations for homes. They have bright and eye-catching designs. You can also install them in most areas effortlessly without using special tools. Twinkle Star is one of the best products in this niche. With one, you get 300 LED string lights with eight lighting modes. These include waves, slogs, and sequential lighting. They can also flash, fade slowly, or light steady once set up on windows.

The quality of this decoration is impressive. Measuring 6.6 feet, for instance, it is tall and functional. You can install it on most types of windows without issues. You also get low voltage LEDs (29V), each with a UL-certified design. The risk of them overheating is slim. They are also safe for day-to-day use.

This is a plug-and-use string light. If you have a traditional model that needs hard wiring to work, replace it with this one. It works well in most power sockets (110V). Its IP44-rated waterproof design, on the other hand, works well indoors and outdoors. Buy one to get a quality decoration on a budget.


  • IP44-rated waterproof
  • Low voltage LEDs (29V)
  • UL-certified string light
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Warm White LED bulbs (300)


  • Tangles easily

7. Lightshare 4 Feet Birch Tree

Lightshare 4 Feet Birch Tree

Lightshare is a premium four-foot birch tree decoration that blends well in homes. If you are tired of using the traditional Christmas decorations that are available online, this is a suitable product to use. Its 48 LED bulbs are durable. They also have long lead wires (16 feet) and a warm light that improves the outlook of homes. With one of these trees, your living area will look good. You can also install it in your bedrooms and your office.

A few brands of low-quality decorations are safety hazards. They overheat often. This increases the risk of fires in homes and or offices. Lightshare 4 Feet Birch Tree is different. The 24-volt adapter that it comes with has a UL certified design. It is safe for use indoors and outdoors. They also have low-voltage and power efficient designs that most people like. You will do too.

This is a customizable product. During set up, you can bend its branches into various shapes. You can also customize the orientation of its light bulbs to have your desired effect. Do not hesitate to buy this birch tree decoration. Because of its cost-effectiveness, people of all cadres can afford a new one.


  • Efficient 24-volt adapter
  • Customizable branches (bendable)
  • Low voltage decoration
  • Long lead wires (16 feet)
  • Powerful LED bulbs (48)


  • Overpriced decoration

6. KI Store 24ct Christmas Ball Ornaments

KI Store 24ct Christmas Ball Ornaments

During the Christmas occasion, most people set up Christmas trees in their homes. They have a charming outlook. They are also cheap and readily available in web stores such as Amazon. If you have one that you want to spruce up, this package of KI Store Christmas ball ornaments is ideal. Attainable in four classic finishes, (matte, shiny, shiny swirl, and glitter) they are stylish items. They are also easy to install and recommended for decorating most trees.

These are versatile ball ornaments. Apart from Christmas trees, you can also use them to decorate other areas of your home with good results. You can use them as table centerpieces, for instance. If you have a banister, they are also among the best Christmas decorations for highlighting such products. You will not regret buying an original set. They are durable and easy to use.

To decorate their homes during Christmas, people have depended on low-grade paper decorations for many years. This should not be the case in 2018. Many reputable products are attainable in web stores such as Amazon with these KI Store 24ct Christmas Ball Ornaments standing out. Made of plastic, they are virtually unbreakable. You can recycle them during birthday and wedding parties without them looking out of place. Purchase your set today.


  • Made of shatter-proof plastic
  • Stylish classic finishes
  • Suitable for most occasions
  • Ideal table centerpieces


  • Super small balls

5. Ry-King Pillar Flickering Flameless LED Candles

Ry-King Pillar Flickering Flameless LED Candles

The best picture lights are perfect for highlighting installations such as picture frames in homes. However, to have a dramatic effect during special occasions such as Christmas, buy this set of flickering LED candles. They are of different sizes (4-9-inches). They are also thick (2.2-inches) and a 10-key remote control the ease their operation. Set up well, these candles will boost the outlook of your living area. They also work well in bedrooms, bars, hotels, and parties. With an original set, you will have the time of your life.

Make fake candles are attainable online. Even though cheap, they lower the outlook of homes. These set of flameless ones from Ry-King are different. They are safe for use around children. You do not have to worry about fire-related accidents at home. Finally, these candles are durable. Unlike most standard ones that run out over time, you can easily recycle these LED ones.

These are battery-powered Christmas decorations. Unlike some models that require electrical connections to work well, you can use this set in most areas of your home without issues. Finally, battery capacity is around 150-hours. Charged to capacity, these candles will serve you well for many days.


  • Battery-powered flameless candles
  • Long run-time (150 hours)
  • Powerful LED bulbs
  • Work well in most areas
  • Powerful remote control


  • None

4. Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Clings

Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Clings

Are you looking to bring Christmas cheer to your home without spending a lot of money? This set of Moon Boat window clings will serve you well. They work well on most types of windows. You can also use them on glass storm doors and all other smooth surfaces that are available in homes. All decals are reusable. After celebrating Christmas, you can peel and store them for use the next year. This is ideal for people with a tight budget.

Most electric decorations that people use during Christmas require hard wiring to work well. Others are expensive and therefore beyond the reach of most people. If you are tired of using such products, consider buying a new set of Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Clings. They are easy to install. All you have to do is expose their adhesive surfaces and install them on your preferred surface. They are also affordable. Most people can afford a set.

Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Clings are safe Christmas decorations. If you have children at home, you can use them worry-free in most areas of your home. You can also use them on most surfaces without lowering their value. These include the frosted windows and mirrors people have at home.


  • Reusable snowflake stickers
  • Work well on most surfaces
  • Recyclables Christmas decorations
  • Cost-effective product


  • None

3. Santa Restroom Door Cover Party

Santa Restroom Door Cover Party

Door covers are fun items that improve the outlook of homes. The plethora of stylish designs they come in also appeal to people of all cadres. If you are looking for a new one that will blend well in your home, Santa Restroom is ideal. It has a stylish design. People who interact with it often have a good laugh, which is impressive. The quality of the decoration that you get is also impressive. You can use it during Christmas and other parties without issues.

Hanging decorations are safe for use in homes. They do not require power to work well. You also do not have to damage your doors or walls to have a fun Christmas season. Santa Restroom meets this threshold. Its universal design fits most doorways. It is also easy to install. Once you have identified a high traffic doors that most of your visitor your, simply secure it in place.

Made of a high-quality plastic fabric, this is a durable Christmas decoration. The probability of it ripping after one or two days is slim. The paint and all other materials used to make it are also top-grade. They do not fade and or lose their charm over time. You can recycle it many times over its lifespan.


  • Quality material and paintings
  • Fits most types of doors
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Suitable for most occasions


  • None

2. Lawn Lights 21WW10 Illuminated Outdoor Decoration

Lawn Lights 21WW10 Illuminated Outdoor Decoration

Whilst decorating for Christmas, most people concentrate on the interior of their homes. Many people often ignore lawns and outdoor installations such as patios. If you are one of them, we have identified a suitable product for you. These illuminated 21WW10 Lawn Lights are perfect decorations for homes. They have a beautiful and unique display that most people like. They also work well on most lawns and outdoor structures such gazebos or patios.

The installation of these outdoor lawn lights is a breeze. Their tool-less designs, for instance, do not require hardwiring to work well. You also do not have to struggle with ladders, staples, or extension cords to get them to work well. Once laid on the ground, the work well in just 15-20 minutes.

For those with a tight budget, this is one of the best Christmas decorations to use. It is an affordable product. The powerful LED that it uses, on the other hand, light optimally for over 50,000 hours. You will like its quality.


  • Powerful LED bulbs (50,000 hours)
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Durable and waterproof design
  • Retails cheap in the Web
  • Secure ground spikes


  • None

1. OliaDesign Christmas Decorations Happy Santa Toilet Seat Cover

OliaDesign Christmas Decorations Happy Santa Toilet Seat Cover

Top on our review, this Santa-themed toilet seat cover from OliaDesign is one of the best decorations for Christmas. Its unique three-piece design fits most types of toilets. Whether you have a bidet toilet or an elongated one, it will serve you well. Both the cover and contour rug that you get are also durable and have skid-resistant rubber backs that grip most surfaces well.

Unlike some covers that stress people during installation, this is a convenient product. The 100% polyester fabric used to make them does not rip easily. It also has elasticized edges that fit most toilets. You do not have to struggle with an original one to get a snug and comfortable fit.

These are machine washable Christmas decorations. Unlike some models that require manual scrubbing to clean, these ones are convenient. They also retain their shape well and have colorfast prints that do not fade over time.


  • Stylish colorfast prints
  • Machine washable decorations
  • Snug fitting elastic edges
  • Durable polyester fabric (100%)
  • Skid-resistant rubber backs


  • Poor finishing


The decoration of homes is a popular Christmas tradition all over the world. To do a good job, you need the best Christmas decorations in the market. This is where most people fail. They buy low-grade products that fail easily or fail to blend into their homes. Do not make this mistake. Buy one of our reviewed products to get the best in 2018.


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