Global crime statistics indicate that thousands of people lose care every day because of a lapse of security. A majority of people leave cars unlocked or park in dark alleys only to find them missing in the morning. Car burglaries have also increased and cost people thousands of dollars on lost assets when it happens. Fortunately, you can easily prevent such issues on a budget. Make sure your car’s locks are working. You should also use in-car safety devices such as the best car steering wheel locks to deter crime. They are affordable and attainable in a plethora of novel designs for different types of cars. The best of 2019 are:

10. Oklead Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock

Oklead Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks protect cars from thieves by limiting their drivability. However, for the best experience, look for a visible model made from heavy-duty materials. Oklead Universal, for instance, is a versatile lock that works well in most types of cars. Installed in sedans or SUV, its bright yellow theme is visible from a distance. It is also large, mean-looking, and thus a deterrent for thieves. With one, thieves will think twice before targeting your car.

If your car has a 17-inch steering wheel, Oklead Universal is an ideal lock to use due to its strength. The tampered steel used to make its bar and cover is saw-proof. It also has a lock with unique laser-etched keys that burglars cannot duplicate. Finally, the Oklead Universal wheel lock is easy to transport. Apart from the trunk of your car, you can store it under a seat and or the footwell of your car. Unlike some brands, it does not clutter space.

What We Like
  • Fits 17-inch steering wheels
  • Hardy tampered steel bar
  • Covers and protects airbag
  • Anti-hammer and saw
  • Easy to store/transport
  • One-year mechanical warranty
Our Verdict

If your car has a 17-inch wheel and is a target for thieves, you will benefit from the Oklead Universal lock. Its tampered steel parts are resistant to sawing and hammering. Installing and or transporting this lock are also a breeze, which most people like.

9. SAVEMORE4U18 Car 14.5”/368mm Steering Wheel Holder


Have you used cutouts and gear locks that failed to secure your car from thieves? You will never regret using this 368mm car steering holder from SAVEMORE4U18 for many reasons. First, it fits most types and brands of cars. By pressing the switch that locks its system, you can adjust its height to fit your car. It also has an adjustable spring (loaded) that boosts its performance in most cars as well. Buy one for your SUV or sedan worry-free.

The best car steering wheel locks are foolproof. Although this wheel lock from SAVEMORE4U is not 100% reliable, its novel features boost protection. The thick iron (155mm) used to make its bar, for instance, is resistant to saw and hammer attacks. It is also rustproof and has a lockable design that secures steering wheels to driver seats. With one, thus, expect a boost in safety.

What We Like
  • Thick iron bar (155mm)
  • Lockable/adjustable design
  • Works with most steering wheels
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Safe for wheels and seats
Our Verdict

The SAVEMORE4U18 holder will secure your steering wheel without running its structure in any way. It is a durable product (iron) that most people can set up and or lock to boost security.

8. RoterSee Universal Double Protection Wheel Lock

RoterSee Universal Double Protection Wheel Lock

While shopping for car products such as scratch removers and car steering wheel locks, opt for the best brands. Wheel locks, for instance, are the second line of protection for cars and thus very important. Instead of gambling with a random brand, look for RoterSee to get a tried and tested universal lock that works. Its high-security design features a 4-pound stainless steel bar that is resistant to sawing. Its lock, on the other hand, has a pry-resistant copper cylinder that boosts its safety in vehicles further.

Does the RoterSee fit SUVs? Is it is easy to install and or remove as some of the best brands in this niche are? Whether you have an SUV or a sedan, this product’s three-stage design will fit and work well in your car. You can adjust it up to 34 inches and secure it to the throttle or brake of your car in a couple of minutes. Removing it is also a breeze without damaging wheels of cars.

What We Like
  • Adjustable to 34 inches
  • Dual locking system
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Works well in most cars
Our Verdict

RoterSee is a secure dual-locking car wheel lock that works well in most cars. Its 4-pound design is portable and easy to use. It also has a durable bar made from saw-proof stainless steel.

7. HAODELE Steering Wheel Lock

HAODELE Steering Wheel Lock

Some of the standard wheel locks that people have in their car fail to work when needed. They are easy to compromise due to their poorly engineered designs or low-quality materials used to make them. If you have had a negative experience with such a product, you will love HAODELE for many reasons. First, its universal design fits steering wheels with a diameter less than 31 inches. You can adjust its telescoping design for a custom fit without ruining your steering wheel in any way. It also works well in sedans, SUVs, and transit vans for all leading car brands.

Does the HAODELE car steering wheel lock work as well as it looks? If you are questioning the performance of this lock, here are a few safety features that stand out. First, its rotating lock mechanism is resistant to drilling. It also has a sturdy system, which needs a set of unique keys to open and remove. Second, because HAODELE is visible from windscreens, it deters thieves from attempting to break into cars in the first place. Thus, it is a must-have lock for people who live in high-risk neighborhoods or leave their vehicles in public parking lots for long every day.

What We Like
  • Highly visible design
  • Fits and works in all cars
  • Drill-resistant lock (rotates)
  • Telescoping design (31-inches)
Our Verdict

HAODELE is not one of the fragile car steering wheel locks that are susceptible to drilling and hammer attach. It fits and locks up to 31-inch wide steering wheels without damage. It also has a foolproof design that consists of a steel bar and a rotating lock.

6. Disklok Security Device – Steering Wheel Lock

Disklok Security Device - Steering Wheel Lock

To maximize car safety, complement its cutout and wheel lock with a steering wheel lock. The Disklok Security Device is one of the most popular brands for people with sedans and SUVs. Its full wheel design, for instance, covers and locks the entire wheel, which is a nightmare for thieves. It is virtually impossible to break. Moreover, even if a thief manages to start up the car, he or she will be unable to derive it around, which is good. Even though you will need slightly more space to store and or carry Disklok Security Device, its superior safety is admirable.

While stealing cars, thieves use crude items such as hammers and drills to break loose wheel locks. Others try to pick locks and or saw the bars or locks to free steering wheels or pedals. Even though Disklok Security Device has its limits, it is less susceptible to such types of attacks. Its spins when struck to absorb and or dissipate the impact of hammers. It also protects airbags and prevents the steering of motor cars, which is beneficial as well.

What We Like
  • Three-year warranty
  • Shock absorbing design
  • Patented lock system
  • Fits 13.7-15.3-inch wheels
Our Verdict

The Disklok Security Device secures the entire steering wheel of cars to prevent theft. It is visible from a distance, dependable, and has a mechanical warranty that covers all factory defects.

5. MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock

MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock

Car owners should have three items in their cars – a jump starter, an air freshener, and a car wheel lock. We have talked about the best jump-starters here. However, if you are looking for the best car steering wheel for your car, read on. MONOJOY is a versatile model with an extendable (17.7-28.7 inches) steel frame that works in most cars. You can set it up in a sedan without damage to its steering wheel or dashboard. Its police and car experts – approved design also works in SUVs and trucks, to name a few.

Four attributes make MONOJOY one of the most dependable car safety locks for cars. Its robust architecture, for instance, is resistance to hammer attacks. Cheaply built alternatives have weak joints that fail after three or four blows. It also has a visible design with a pickproof grade B+ lock that boosts its security further. Moreover, the cylinder can withstand Freon attacks or drills without compromising the safety or your car, truck, or SUV.

What We Like
  • Grade B+ lock cylinder
  • Extendable (17.7-28.7 inches)
  • Saw-resistant frame (steel)
  • Visible from a distance
  • Works in most vehicles
Our Verdict

Never gamble with the safety devices for your car. If you are considering using a car steering wheel lock, opt for a tried and tested brand such as MONOJOY. Its heavy-duty design fits and works well in most cars. It is also resistant to hammering, Freon attacks, sawing, and drilling and thus maximizes the safety of cars.

4. Winner International The Club CL606

Winner International The Club CL606

The Club is by far one of the most recognized brands of car anti-theft devices in the market. The simplicity, versatility, and the effectiveness of its locks have made it a leading brand in this niche. The Club CL606, for instance, is a renowned brake lock that secures steering wheels to brake or clutch pedals. With it secured, therefore, thieves cannot start some cars. Furthermore, driving a car with this item secured is almost impossible devoid of your skill. The Club CL606 works in sedans, trucks, and SUVs.

The lock’s bright finish is a visual deterrent for thieves. It also has a tempered steel shell and a self-locking system (patented) that boost its safety further. Its extendable bar, for instance, is resistance to sawing. The lock, on the other hand, is not only hard to pick, but also withstands drilling attacks from thieves.

What We Like
  • Visible bright red finish
  • Extendable to fit all vehicles
  • Tempered steel components
  • Self-locking (patented)
Our Verdict

The Winner International the Club CL606 offers three levels of protection in cars. Its visible finish (red), for instance, is a major deterrent for thieves. It also has a saw and hammer proof steel frame (tempered) and a foolproof lock mechanism (patented).

3. Winner International The Club 1102 LX Series

Winner International The Club 1102 LX Series

The LX Series of The Club 1102 steering wheel lock from Winner International can secure all cars. If you have had a few burglary attempts, you should order yours now. Its metallic blue finish is visible from a distance and therefore can deter thieves from targeting your car. It also has a smooth feel, which protects vehicles from scratches/dings over time. The Club 1102 is easy to set up. To boost safety, all you have to do is to adjust it to fit your steering wheel and then secure it with a lock.

Winner International The Club 1102 is a secure product that can withstand most forms of attack. Its steel bar (tempered) is not only resistant to rust but also prying and hammer attacks. It is also resistant to sawing and has a patented lock (self-locking) with three laser-encrypted keys. Therefore, even if a thief gains entry into your vehicle, he or she will not be able to drive it away.

What We Like
  • Laser encrypted keys
  • Tempered steel bar
  • Self-locking system
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Protective finish
Our Verdict

The Club 1102 is a visually intimidating car steering wheel lock that works in most cars. Its heavy-duty design (tempered steel) is resistant to hammering and sawing. Its lock, on the other hand, is a durable and self-locking model that resists prying attacks.

2. Winner International The Club 1000 Original

Winner International The Club 1000 Original

Do you have a new set of quality car speakers or a car amplifier that you want to protect from thieves? By preventing your car from thieves, The Club 1000 can protect such items as well. The solid bar and steel hooks used to make it secure steering wheels of cars without damage. Its intimidating design boosts theft deterrence, while its patented lock (self-locking) is fool proof. You can pry it or attack it with a Freon torch with poor results.

You will appreciate the quality of The Club 1000 steering wheel lock. Unlike brands that chip and or break easily, the Cro-moly steel used to make it withstands the test of time. The material is resistant to sawing. You can also hammer its joints without its bar breaking and its hooks cracking or breaking over time.

What We Like
  • Hammer and saw resistant
  • Long-lasting Cro-moly steel
  • Fits most types of vehicles
  • Excellent security (foolproof)
Our Verdict

Are you in search of an affordable car steering wheel lock with a secure and easy-to-use system? Made from Cro-moly steel, The Club 1000 is a durable brand that works in all vehicles. It is resistant to hammer and saw attacks and has a patented pry-proof lock.

1. Winner International The Club 3000 (Twin Hooks)

Winner International The Club 3000 (Twin Hooks)

Single hook car steering wheel locks from Winner International offer excellent results in most vehicles. To boost safety further, you will need a dependable dual hook model such as The Club 3000. Like The Club 1000 and 1102 wheel locks, its visible finish deters theft. The long-lasting Cro-moly steel used to make its bar; on the other hand, can resist hammer and Freon attacks.

The universal design of The Club 3000 steering wheel lock works well in most cars. Whether you have a sedan, an SUV, or a truck that you want to secure, do not hesitate to buy one. Its all-in-one design comes ready to use. Furthermore, setting it up is a simple process that does not require a lot of skill and or tools.

What We Like
  • Simple to set up
  • Works in all vehicles
  • Sturdy twin-hook design
  • Self-locking canister
  • Cro-moly steel shell
Our Verdict

The twin hooked The Club 3000 is one of the best devices for securing trucks, sedans, and SUVs. It is durable, easy to set up, and has a self-locking design that resists hammer and Freon attacks.

How to Choose the Best Steering Wheel Locks


Will the steering wheel lock you are planning to buy fit and work well in your car? To avoid disappointments with such products, it is advisable that you check their design on the outset. Make sure that your brands of choice can fit your steering wheel. It should be easy to install and prevent thieves from accessing your car.


Always check the quality of the material used to make your car wheel lock of choice. Can it withstand hammer attacks without bending or breaking? Is it resistant to sawing and or rusting over time? Stainless steel and Cro-moly steel offer the preceding key benefits and are therefore considered the best. Shop wisely.

Ease of Use

Look for a product that you can set up ad remove easily without damaging your car. It should be easy to expand and secure on your car. It should also have a foolproof lock that you can use easily.

Conclusion: Cars are priced assets, which are also targets for thieves. To secure yours at home or the parking lot of a supermarket while shopping, use our recommended locks. They fit most vehicles, are easy to install, and can withstand hammer and Freon attacks.

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