Head units are the only form of entertainment in cars. We use them to listen to music or podcasts as we drive to work or school in the morning. Even though the designs of head units have improved over the years, stock car speakers have remained the same. The low wear materials used to make them rip and rattle over time. Some models also have bad coils/magnets that generate low and flat sound, to the frustration of drivers. If you are one of them, today is your lucky day. Here are the best car speakers to use:

10. JBL GTO609C Speakers

JBL GTO609C Speakers

Did you know the poor quality of sound from your car’s stereo system has much to do with your car’s speakers? To solve this problem, upgrade the stock speakers with a JBL GTO609C to enjoy loud and clear sound. These 6.5-inch component speakers are the ultimate solution to the low-quality music some people grapple with every day. They match the stereo systems of most cars, which is a plus.

The carbon injected woofer-cone technology of these speakers provides a larger speaker cone area, which radiates sound while listening to music. In turn, it offers more low-frequency sound with deep bass. Its carbon injected woofer cone is lighter but stronger and produces perfect musical notes in synergy with the three-ohm coils. Finally, the speaker’s versatile I-mount system supports flush or surface mounting your tweeters. Edge-driven silk dome tweeters with adjustable volume guarantee an unforgettable experience with high soft frequencies.

What We Like
  • Large speakers (6.5-Inches)
  • Edge-driven dome tweeters (silk)
  • Versatile I-mount system
  • Crisp and clear sound
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for replacement speakers for the old and worn out stock models in your car? JBL GTO609C Speakers are large (6.5 inches), loud, and designed to fit most cars. They also have edge-driven tweeters that smooth sound.

9. Pyle 2-Way Custom Speakers

Pyle 2-Way Custom Speakers

The Pyle custom kit has two 6.5-inch medium bass speakers with a stunning poly injected yellow cone. Its Butyl rubber surrounding resists vibration, which boosts its longevity. Finally, these speakers mount to a depth of 2.65-inches, which is sufficient for most cars. Whether you have a sedan or SUV, expect high-quality sound with exploding tunes. These 400 watts 2-way component speakers also have a pair of 0.5-inch tweeters that balance sound and a 40-ounce magnet it an electro-plated 6.5-inch basket (steel).

The 0.5-inch silk dome tweeters have a flat design that also supports angle mounting and a frequency response from 90 Hz – 20 kHz. The kit also comes with wires for connecting speakers and tweeters, grills, installation hardware, and a passive crossover network. Crossover networks separate highs and lows to improve sound quality.

What We Like
  • Passive crossover network
  • Diverse mounting options
  • Electroplated steel baskets
  • Powerful system (400 watts)
Our Verdict

The best car amplifiers improve the sound quality of cars. However, for the best results, switch your stock speakers with these 400-watt 2-way ones from Pyle. They are powerful, clear, and mount flush or at an angle in cars.

8. Infinity Car Speaker

Infinity Car Speaker

Manufactured in the United States, the Infinity speaker might be the missing link in your stereo system. It is a 6×8 speaker with unbeaten sound clarity. Combined with 1-inch edge-driven, silk blended tweeters; it produces warm, refined sound. Finally, its parts are long-lasting. The hi-roll rubber of its polypropylene woofer, for instance, is long-lasting. It also has a frequency response of 49-21,000 Hz, and a big woofer cone that enhances its performance.

Due to its good power handling ability, you can connect this speaker with up to 60 watts of power from your factory stereo or aftermarket stereo system. More so, it can handle an external amplifier and has a low impedance (4-ohms), which makes the best out of every watt to produce quality sound. Infinity works at depths of up to 2.65-inches on cars.

What We Like
  • Hi-roll rubber surrounding
  • Good frequency response
  • Mountable to depths of 2.65-inches
  • Warm and refined sound
Our Verdict

The excellent power handling ability and refined sound of the Infinity Car Speaker have made it sought-after. Its frequency response is admirable, while the hi-roll rubber used to make its surrounding lasts for long. You will like it.

7. New Rockford Fosgate Speakers

New Rockford Fosgate Speakers

Rockford Fosgate 6.50-inch speakers (180W) deliver high-quality sound. It is best for replacing old stock speakers for many reasons. First, its heavy-duty components comprise a large vacuum polypropylene cone that produces immersive mid-frequency sound. The woofer cone has a rubber surround that delivers smooth, fatigue-free highs. Finally, the magnet of this 400-watt speaker has a stamped steel basket, which connects it to the cone.

Its silk dome pole-mounted Piezo tweeter radiates high, yet soft high-frequency musical tunes. The tweeter crossover separates the low-frequency signal to the tweeters, while its low impedance of 4-ohms boosts both its power and sound output. These speakers have a magnetic structure with a frequency response of 52Hz to 20 kHz and sensitivity of 91dB. They are also easy to mount in cars and come with grilles and mounting hardware.

What We Like
  • 65-watts RMS
  • Sensitive (91dB)
  • Free mounting hardware
  • Stamped steel basket
  • Large speakers (6.5 inches)
Our Verdict

If your car can fit 6.5-inch speakers, look for this set of New Rockford Fosgate speakers. All four speakers have mounting hardware and grills that protect their internal parts. Their stamped steel baskets are durable, while their sensitive sound systems (91dB) are loud and immersive.

6. BOSS AUDIO CH6930 Car Speakers

BOSS AUDIO CH6930 Car Speakers

BOSS AUDIO CH6930 is a pair of 200-watt 6×9-inch speakers, each with a Polyurethane cone. The material is not only durable but also very strong and offers maximum flexibility and great sound. The cone is connected to the basket using rubber, which withstands active play and continuous usage. Its magnetic structure has a temperature and fatigue resistant voice coil. Hence, it is more efficient in playing heavy tunes without compromising on quality.

Each speaker has a 5-inch Piezoelectric Tweeter and system that withstands high loads. Thus, even though it lacks a crossover network, it produces high-frequency sounds while listening to music. Moreover, it does not interfere with the production of mid-range frequency sound, as some similar speakers do. Instead, you get an excellent frequency Response (50Hz – 20 kHz), a sensitivity of 92dB, and a low impedance of 4-ohms, which boosts quality.

What We Like
  • Low impedance (4 ohms)
  • Sensitive speakers (92dB)
  • Piezoelectric tweeter (5-in)
  • Fatigue/temperature resistant
Our Verdict

These fatigue-resistant BOSS AUDIO CH6930 speakers will serve you well for long. Both can handle day-to-day abuse without ripping or rattling over time. They are also easy to install in cars that fit 6×9-inch speakers using simple tools.

5. Pioneer TS-A6990F Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6990F Car Speakers

The New style Pioneer TS-A6990F 5-Way Coaxial Speaker has 700 watts Max power or 120 watts nominal power. It offers an improved quality dynamic bass range and can handle higher power than similar brands. Its improved sound quality outmatches that of most factory-installed speakers for two reasons. First, its multi-layered mica matrix cone structure offers a more significant dispersion of sound and deep bass. Its woofer cone is fused to the basket using an elastic polymer surround with a higher fatigue resistance. Finally, its triple polyethylene terephthalate (PET) hard dome tweeter has a crossover of 2600Hz. The crossover creates and disperses medium to high range frequencies better to deliver clear sound at high volumes.

The large magnet structure of this speaker enhances the movement of the diaphragm to produce loud sound with impressive power. The basket has air vents that keep voice coils cool and improve power-handling capability. Finally, you will like its sensitivity of 93dB, a low impedance of 4-ohms, and frequency response of 28Hz – 38 kHz.

What We Like
  • Mica Matrix Cone
  • Sensitivity of 93dB
  • Ventilated basket
  • Durable dome tweeter
  • Dynamic bass range
Our Verdict

Bass output is a limitation of some of the best Wakeboard tower speakers and car speakers. If you have such speakers in your car, which you are planning to replace, look for the Pioneer TS-A6990F. Each pack has two ventilated speakers, each with a high dynamic bass range, which people love. These screw-on car speakers come ready to use on the Net.

4. Pyle Speakers (PL683BL)

Pyle Speakers (PL683BL)

Pyle’s Blue Label series speakers are not only powerful but also good-looking products. Replace your vehicles factory speakers, and you will note the difference immediately. Each speaker has a low, mid, and high-end range of sound with a power handling of 180watts RMS or 360 watts max. Its blue poly-injected woofer cone attaches to the basket by via a non-fatiguing Butyl Surround rubber, which lasts for long. These speakers draw power from a heavy-duty 40-ounce magnet. They also have a wide frequency response of 70Hz – 20 KHz and a midrange dome of neodymium film.

The car speaker has a low impedance rating of 4-ohms, which improves the sound quality of all car stereo systems. It has a 1-inch high-temperature ASV voice coil that boosts its efficiency and performance, a grill, and mounting hardware.

What We Like
  • Non-fatiguing butyl rubber
  • Free mounting hardware
  • Efficient ASV voice coil
  • Neodymium film
  • 40-ounce magnet structure
Our Verdict

Most brands of speakers have low-grade rubber surrounds that rip and degrade sound output over time. Pyle Speakers (PL683BL) is not only of them. These low impedance speakers have butyl rubber surrounds that do not fatigue over time. Magnets are large and powerful, while their ASV voice coils produce a loud and clear sound.

3. BOSS Audio Systems CH5530 Speakers (Bass Audio)

BOSS Audio Systems CH5530 Speakers (Bass Audio)

BOSS Audio Systems CH5530 speakers have an eye-catching design measuring 5.25-inches. They also have metallic poly injected cones made from Polyurethane and woofer cones with rubber surrounds. The enlarged magnet on the back hosts a voice coil with higher resistance to elevated temperature and fatigue, to name a few.

These BOSS Audio CH5530 speakers have 225-Watts systems with a frequency response of 100Hz – 18 KHz, and a Sensitivity of 90 dB. Thus, set up well, they deliver powerful, clear, and smooth musical sound from most head units. These speakers also have 0.5-inch Piezo tweeters, each for boosting midrange frequency audio. The tweeters are more resistant to overload and have high-tech electrical properties, which eliminate the need for a crossover network. Included are grills to cover and protect the tweeter and cone from external damage.

What We Like
  • In-built crossover network
  • Protective grills (metal)
  • Very sensitive (90dB)
  • Full-range power (250W)
Our Verdict

BOSS Audio Systems CH5530 is a package of two full-range car speakers, each with a 250W system. They also have protective grills (metal) and crossovers networks that separate lows and highs to improve the quality of sound.

2. BOSS Audio BRS5768

BOSS Audio BRS5768

This Full Range 80-watt car speaker is an ideal option for your underperforming audio systems. Its 5 x 7-inch design is stylish and generates clear sound from both stock and third-party head units. Furthermore, because it is only 2.25 inches deep, you can install it in most vehicles without compromising its sound output or the look of cars. Finally, the speaker can handle up to 40 watts of power at a frequency response of 100Hz to 18 kHz. The polypropylene woofer, foam surround, and stamped steel basket on offer, on the other hand, withstand abuse for long.

BOSS Audio BRS5768 has a 1-inch voice coil made from aluminum. The coil can handle the power of most factory-installed stereo systems without rattling or impairing sound output. Besides, it has an impedance of 4 ohms and a Frequency Response at 100 Hz to 18 kHz and has universal mounting holes for easier installation. Thus, while upgrading your car, you do not need a professional to set up this speaker. Included in the pack is an instruction manual and mounting hardware, which ease its installation further.

What We Like
  • Universal mounting holes
  • Aluminium voice coils (1-inch)
  • Works with all factory stereos
  • Low profile design (2.25 inches)
  • Works with all stock stereos
Our Verdict

Upgrading a car stereo system with BOSS Audio BRS5768 is a simple process. Its universal mounts fit most cars. You also get a powerful speaker (40 watts) with a high-value voice coil (1-inches) that boosts sound projection and quality.

1. JBL CLUB6500C Car Speakers

JBL CLUB6500C Car Speakers

Are you tired of your factory speakers often letting you down while listening to music? JBL’s Club Series speakers are your solution. Manufactured in Mexico, this high-quality product comes has a highly sensitive design. It also comes equipped with a UV resistant Polypropylene Plus One woofer cone for outstanding performance in extreme conditions (hot or cold). The extended woofer cone area generates clear bass and has a pair of edge-driven PEI soft dome tweeters that smooth highs/mid-ranges.

Engineered at a low impedance of 3-ohms, this speaker extracts more power from your factory stereo to deliver clear sound. Peak power output is about 180 watts, while its high resistance voice coil works with external amplifiers. Finally, its starfish mounting brackets and I-Mount tweeter mountings support both flush and bottom mounting.

What We Like
  • Premium mounting hardware
  • Powerful system (up to 60 watts)
  • Low impedance (3 ohms)
  • Edge-driven PEI tweeters
Our Verdict

Have you done everything to improve the sound quality of your car with poor results? Replace the old and worn-out pair of car speakers in your car with JBL CLUB6500C. They fit and work well in most cars. These edge-driven speakers are also powerful and support most stock units in vehicles.

Shopping Guide for Car Speakers


The sensitivity of a car speaker refers to its maximum volume at a specific power rating. Therefore, sensitive speakers are not only powerful but also generate loud and immersive sound in motor vehicles. Before spending cash on a speaker, check its sensitivity. Will it satisfy your need? Does it meet the requirements of your motor vehicle? Car speakers with a sensitivity rating of over 90 dB are the best.

Power Handling

The stock head units of different cars have different power ratings. 200-watt units, for instance, are popular because of their efficient yet powerful designs. Before ordering a set of speakers, make sure it can handle the power output of the head unit in your car. Low powered speakers connected to a high-powered head-unit often burn out while in use.


Most third party speaker systems have a convenient bolt-on design that works on most cars. However, for the best results, the mounting system of your speaker of choice should match that of your car. It should also be of the right size for your car and have premium parts that last for years.

Conclusion: Does the low speaker system in your car compromise your outdoor experience while driving to work? You will enjoy having one of the recommended speakers on our list in your car for several reasons. First, most models have a low profile design that mounts flush or at an angle in vehicles. Power handling is great, while their high sensitive designs generate high fidelity sound with clear highs and deep bass.

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