Do you crave a spa-grade experience whenever you are having a bath at home? While quality soap and premium mitts are essential, bath bombs are among the must-haves by people looking to have a spa-grade experience. Christened the balls of happiness, they have soothing fragrances. They also have hypoallergenic ingredients that sooth sensitive skin, leaving them feeling smooth and rejuvenated.


Unlike traditional soaps, bath bombs are non-staining. Most brands are also affordable, attainable in a plethora of flavors, and do not require effort to use. Simply by quality bath bombs and dump one in your bathtub whenever you are bathing to have the time of your life. Go through this top 10 best bath bombs reviews to find a product that meets your needs.

10. Yumscents Love Spell Bath Bomb

Yumscents Bath Bomb, Love Spell, 11 Ounce

Yumscents is a sought-after brand of bath bombs in hotels and homes because of its value. With Love Spell, for instance, you get an 11-ounce accessory, blended to soothe and soften skin whilst bathing. Featuring a unique cloyingly scent that is sweet and non-overpowering, you will smell sweet after having a bath. Its premium formula fizzes nicely, while its smooth residue-free ingredients do not stain the body as comparable brands often do.

Every day, millions of women spend hefty sums of money on bath bombs to enjoy their numerous benefits. This is not the case with Yumscents Love Spell. Retailing cheap on Amazon, it is an ideal everyday product that you and other family members will enjoy using. It is also of a decent size and has a safe SLS-free formula with moisturizing oils that improve skin health. With an original, expect a soothing experience without spending a lot of money.

For most women, Yumscents Love Spell bath bomb takes bathing to the next level because of its ease of use. Once you have unwrapped it, simply dunk it in your bath, and let it do its magic.


  • SLS-free
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Large 11-ounce design
  • Sweet cherry blossom aroma


  • Not as bright as some brands

9. Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Bath Bomb Trio

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Bath Bomb Trio

Bath bombs have a soothing and relaxing effect that improves skin health. To enjoy these benefits and more, Village Naturals Bath Shoppe is a valuable brand. Recommended for use on most skin types, its hypoallergenic blend of ingredients delivers a memorable experience always. It also has skin softening and moisturizing oils that improve skin luster and a slow release formula that lasts long in water.

In addition to its skin-soothing ability, the therapeutic fragrance this bath bomb generates has made it sought after globally. Whether you like the sweet smell of vanilla, lavender, jasmine, or white tea, this product will meet your needs. You will enjoy a calm and relaxing experience whenever you are bathing after a long day’s work. You will also be able to think clearly and soothe mental problems such as stress.

Recommended for use in family setups, Village Naturals Bath Shoppe retails is a package of three quality bath bombs each with a different fragrance. The lavender and chamomile bomb, offered, for instance, soothes the body well. You also get a white tea and jasmine bomb and a vanilla amber and white-tea bomb that you can use as desired. When bathing, therefore, you can use a single fragrance or a combination of fragrances to create the spa experience you have been craving.


  • Three fragrant bombs
  • Therapeutic fragrances
  • Cost-effective
  • Skin-soothing properties


  • Does not fizz
  • Overwhelming scent

8. LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

Big Blue Bath Bomb by LUSH by LUSH Cosmetics

Have you bought a new bathing brush to improve skin health with poor results? If you are adventurous or open to trying out new things, consider this LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb. It is relaxing, calming, and has attracted positive attention globally because of its skin-soothing abilities. Used regularly, therefore, expect a marked improvement of your skin’s luster. It will feel smoother. It will also look cleaner, brighter, and younger.

LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb lacks the irritant ingredients found in comparable products. Instead, you get a well-made product with helpful natural ingredients like lemon oil. It also contains sea salt and fragrant lavender extracts that perfume the skin well without overbearing users. Together, these ingredients improve skin luster and health.

As most bath bombs listed, LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb is easy to use. Available ready to use, its seaweed-rich formula absorbs hot water well to dissolve efficiently in water. When you are ready to bath, simply dunk this ball in your tub and let it do its magic. In minutes, you will have a soothing experience without doing much.


  • Soothing lavender fragrance
  • Fast-absorbing seaweed structure
  • Natural ingredients
  • Has skin-soothing lemon oil
  • Very easy to use


  • Overpriced
  • Slight residue

7. Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs

 Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs by Level Naturals - Menthol & Eucalyptus Shower Steamers(4 count per unit)

Bath bombs are ideal day-to-day accessories. This model, for instance, is a frizzing shower bomb with potent aromatherapy extracts that benefit users in numerous ways. It pampers the skin, for instance. Used every day, expect a younger and radiant skin without using the expensive skin-care products that some individuals use. Its also opens up sinuses, cools the skin, and refreshes the body after a shower.

Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs remain a favorite of most women because of its organic and natural ingredients. Oils, for instance, are natural and skin soothing. The cucumber and menthol extracts used are natural and therefore, recommended for individuals of all cadres. Used every day, you will never harm your skin or body with synthetic ingredients such as cleansers.

What these shower bombs lack in size they make up for in performance. Compact, for instance, they are easy to hold and use whilst showering. They also frizz to soothe users better and are attainable as a pack of four shower bombs.


  • Package of four shower bombs
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Soothing menthol and cucumber extracts
  • Affordable
  • Great scent


  • Dissolves fast

6. Schone Natural Essential Oils Bath Bombs Gift Set


For those who are looking for a perfect gift for their lovely ones, Schone Natural Essential Oils Bath Bombs are ideal. With each package, you get six beautifully designed bath bombs, each with quality all-natural ingredients. The cocoa butter extracts used, for instance, are smooth and skin soothing. These bombs also contain a pure blend of essentials oils that rejuvenate skin cells and perfume the skin well.

Are you having problems maintaining a youthful looking skin, even with the quality skin-care products in your possession? Do not overlook this package of Schone Natural essential oils bath bombs. Even though simple, their skin soothing attributes are desirable. All bath bombs are also nutrient-rich and have sweet and natural fragrances that will help you to relax after a long day’s work.

Popular globally, these bath bombs are safe for everyday use. In addition to the natural ingredients used to manufacture them, the lack artificial dyes or colors that often irritate the skin. They also wash away cleanly and come in tightly sealed packages that maintain their freshness longer.


  • Contain natural ingredients
  • Lack artificial colors and dyes
  • Retain freshness longer
  • Contain natural essential oils


  • Overbearing scent

5. Essence of Earth Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Gift Set, 6 Pack - Organic Bath Bombs - Lush & Fizzy Bath Bomb Gift for Her w- Pure Essential Oil Blends - Perfect as an Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift for Mom, Etc

Considered among the cheapest products in this niche, Essence of Earth Bath Bombs are valuable day-to-day accessories. To improve skin health on a budget, therefore, do not hesitate to purchase one. The six bombs that you will get are durable and recommended for use on most skin types because of their value.

Even though cheap, you do not sacrifice quality with an original package of Essence of Earth Bath Bombs. The natural and original ingredients used in their production, for instance, do not irritate the skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, the coconut oils and hazel oils infused into these bombs will maintain is smoothness and youth. You also get sea salts and witch hazel extracts that improve skin health.

The six bombs that you get have distinct flavors that users appreciate. Lavender, for instance, has a sweet smell that clears sinuses well. You also get unique almond ginger and lemon scents that calm and relax the body well whenever you are having a bath. Even though brightly colored, all bombs lack residues that stain bathtubs.


  • Brightly colored designs
  • Residue-free
  • Appealing natural fragrances
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Fussy packaging

4. Baby Bath Bombs 6 Pack Random Scented

Baby Bath Bombs 6 Pack Randomly Scented

Recommended for individuals of all ages, Baby Bath Bombs is a pack of six bathing accessories that offer value for money. Randomly scented, for instance, all bombs have a calming and soothing effect that users appreciate. Forget about the overbearing brands that often irritate babies and individuals with sensitive skin. They are also refreshing and therefore ideal for relaxing after a long day’s work.

Like bath accessories such as soaps and shower gels, safety is of paramount importance when purchasing bath balls for everyday use. These Baby Bath Bombs do not disappoint in this regard. Made using 100% safe ingredients, for instance, you can use them every day without worrying about skin irritation. By exfoliating dead, the also refresh the skin, leaving it looking younger and rejuvenated.

To retain their freshness longer, all bombs come individually wrapped. The packaging also prevents contamination and a host of other issues that users of bathing bombs grapple with occasionally. Buy an original pack for your family to have memorable results during bath time.


  • Individually wrapped to retain freshness
  • Very easy to use
  • Calming and refreshing effect
  • Exfoliate the skin well
  • Randomly scented balls


  • Hard to unwrap

3. Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath Bomb

Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath Bomb, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint, 6-Ounce

To get a quality bath bomb that delivers memorable results, Hugo Naturals is an ideal brand. Even though its 6-ounce design is not as large as comparable products, its performance has made it a sought-after product globally. Fortified with rosemary and mint, for instance, is has a cool effect that leaves users feeling refreshed after a bath. It is also fizzy and has eucalyptus essential oils that condition the skin well.

Hugo Naturals bath bombs have natural ingredients. The moisturizers it contains, for instance, keep the skin smooth and supple. You also get fragrant lavender and vanilla extracts and a blend of natural essential oils that improve both comfort and health.

Do not pay the outrageous amounts charged by some bath bomb brands. To get a valuable product on a budget this 6-ounce bomb from Hugo Naturals is ideal. For just a few dollars, you get a restaurant-grade product that works well.


  • Lasting 6-ounce design
  • Affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cool and refreshing effect
  • Rich in skin-soothing minerals


  • Barely frizzes

2. Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs Set - 6 Extra Large Size, 4.5 Ounce Per Scent - Lavender, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Rose, Grapefruit Tangerine, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Cool Water

Oliver Rocket contains six uniquely made bath bombs that will blow your mind whenever you are bathing. The plethora of fragrances offered, for instance, appeals to users of all cadres. Whether you like lavender, grapefruit tangerine, cool water, cucumber melon, or black raspberry vanilla, this package has them all.

To ensure that its products are 100% safe for everyday use, Oliver Rocket has used organic and natural ingredients to make these bombs. The shea butter used, for instance, is smooth and 100% natural. These bombs also contain skin soothing kosher salts and coconut oils that condition the skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. Even after months or regular use, you will never have enough of the great bathing experience that these six bath bombs offer.

Even though compact (4.5 ounces), Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs are durable and fun to use accessories. Unlike brands that dissipate in minutes, you will enjoy a soothing experience longer without worrying about residues staining your bathtub or bath towel.


  • Six uniquely made bath bombs
  • Long lasting 4.5-ounce designs
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Appealing fragrances


  • Overbearing fragrances

1. Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set USA - 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil Lush Fizzies. Organic Shea and Cocoa to Soothe Dry Skin. Unique Birthday Gift for her, Teen girls, Secret Santa

With Rejuvelle, you get six quality bath bombs; each made using 100% natural essential oil. Recommended for everyday use, they are durable. They are also easy to use and lack irritants that can impair your skin’s health over time. On the contrary, you get a smooth and youthful look without spending a lot of money.

Are you tired of the pungent set of bath bombs you received as a gift? Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set is a sweet smelling batch that you will like. They do not irritate the sinuses. They also have a calming and relaxing effect that most individuals appreciate.

A five-star-rated product in stores such as Amazon, this Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set never disappoints. Apart from saving a significant amount of money, the experience they offer is invaluable.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fragrant
  • No dyes or artificial colors


  • None


Bath bombs are rejuvenating bath accessories with numerous positive effects on the body. The natural ingredient used to make them moisturize the skin well, for instance. The also open sinuses and refresh the body after a long day’s work. To get value for money, our top 10 picks are among the best. They are fragrant, affordable, and safe.


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