Stenciling is the exciting art of making pastry such as cakes and cookies visually appealing. It is also a simple process that most people can handle using baking stencils. If you bake often and want to add value to the cakes and or cookies that you serve your family or friends every day, our article is for you. Herein, we have identified the ten best baking stencils that you can use to make charming pastry at home. They are food-grade and have clean, laser-cut designs that work well.

10. Designer Stencils C385 Holiday Cake Stencils

Designer Stencils C385 Holiday Cake Stencils

Baking the appealing Christmas-themed cakes that sell for a fortune in stores is not as hard as people think. If you know how to bake cakes, all you need is a pack of these Christmas-themed cake stencils from Designer stencils to do an excellent job at home. The three stencils in this pack each has a unique 2.5-inch design that looks good on cakes. They also work on the top and the side of cakes and are made from a food-grade plastic (10 mils) that does not poison cakes.

Designer Stencils C385 stencils are versatile items that you can use to decorate your cake in many ways. For a raised look, place one or more on your desired location and spread with royal icing. When you use this method, choose contrasting colors such as red and white or red and green for the best look. You can also paint these stencils with food color or dust with icing powder with excellent results.

What We Like
  • Food-grade plastic (10 mils)
  • Large stencils (2.5 inches)
  • Work on most types of cakes
  • Easy to clean after use
Our Verdict

With the Designer Stencils C385, decorating cakes for holidays such as Christmas will be easy for you. The three plastic stencils on offer (10 mils) are durable, food-grade, and support all types of cake decorations.

9. Designer Stencils C153 Fleur De Lis Cake Stencil

Designer Stencils C153 Fleur De Lis Cake Stencil

The Designer Stencils C153 Fleur De Lis is a semi-transparent stencil motif for decorating pastry such as cakes. The stencil has four different-sized motifs (small, medium, and large), which you can use individuals or as a group. It is also a durable product made from food-grade plastic. Thus, as you decorate your cake, you will never worry about chemicals such as phthalates and or BPA poisoning your pastry. The material also has a robust structure, which you can use many times without it tearing or its shapes distorting.

Unlike piping and freehand techniques for decorating cakes that require a lot of skill, Designer Stencils C153 is easy to use. Once you have cooled your cake on a rack or countertop, you can airbrush its design onto your cake in seconds. You can also paint over the stencil or use thick icing to transfer raised decorations. Its non-stick design does not ruin cakes.

What We Like
  • Multiple eye-catching decorations
  • Food-grade plastic stencil
  • The stencil is easy to use
  • Durable, non-stick design
Our Verdict

Designer Stencils C153 is a food-grade stencil (plastic) with four eye-catching shapes. It is not only easy to use but also washable many types without ripping or warping.

8. Magnoloran Cake Decorating Stencil Molds (15-Pack)

Magnoloran Cake Decorating Stencil Molds (15-Pack)

With Magnoloran, you get everything needed for decorating desserts, birthday cakes, and floral cakes in an affordable and portable package. You also get stencil baking tools and templates, each made from durable and food-safe plastic. If the thought of PET or BPA poisoning your cakes concerns you, the 15 stencil molds in this package are the best to use. You can use them separately or as a group to come up with exciting designs for your baking projects at home.

Some brands of baking stencils have poorly-finished edges that chip time. The low-quality designs of other models warp easily after washing, which is a concern for most people. Magnoloran tips, molds, and stencils lack such issues. The novel laser cutting technique used to prepare these molds creates detailed images that retain their edges for long. They are also light, nicely flexible, and therefore enable people to transfer precise images as they decorate cakes and other pastry.

What We Like
  • Clean laser-cut images
  • Light and flexible plastic
  • Food-grade stencils/molds
  • Large package (15 items)
Our Verdict

The 15 commercial-grade molds and stencils in this pack are suitable for decorating cakes and other pastry at home. They are food-grade, easy to use, and have clean designs (laser cut) that retain their shape for long.

7. Crafter’s Workshop Stencil Pack

Crafter's Workshop Stencil Pack

The Crafter’s Workshop design is popular among kids and crafter because of the versatility of its stencils. However, over the years, it has broken into the baking stencil niche with its superior design attracting a lot of interest globally. If you are planning to decorate your cake using abstract shapes such as stars and stripes, for instance, check out this stencil pack. Its stencils are accurate and easy to transfer on cakes or paper. Moreover, apart from stars and lines, you can get diamonds, Swiss dots, and flower designs online.

Most bakers consider the Crafter’s Workshop Stencil Pack a stand out baking stencil because of the quality of its construction. The ten mil plastic used to make it, for instance, has a food-grade design that lasts for long. It is also resistant to tears or warping and has a hand-washable design that you can clean quickly after use.

What We Like
  • Many eye-catching designs
  • Food grade plastic stencil
  • Long-lasting product (10 mils)
  • Easy to transfer to a pastry
Our Verdict

Even though the stencils of the Crafter’s Workshop pack are mostly abstract, they look good on cakes. It is also a durable item made from a 10 mil food-grade plastic.

6. AK ART KITCHENWARE Landmark Building Cake Stencils

AK ART KITCHENWARE Landmark Building Cake Stencils

With AK ART KITCHENWARE, you will make visually appealing cakes with images of famous landmarks all over the world. For your son’s birthday, you can serve a cake with an image of the statue of liberty or the Eiffel tower. You also get a modern stencil of the leaning tower of Pisa on a solid backing made of food-grade plastic. Like the Magnoloran stencils, the images of AK ART KITCHENWARE have laser-cut images that retain their edges for long. They also transfer cleanly to cakes devoid of the type of cake you are decorating.

These are multi-functional baking stencils. While decorating cakes, you can use buttercream or royal ice cream with good results. You can also use powders or food colors to decorate cakes without damaging these baking stencils over time. The package contains five odorless mats, each with a different style. They also have images of various sizes, patterns, and textures.

What We Like
  • Multi-functional cake stencils
  • Durable and food-grade plastic
  • Stylish design and patterns
  • Long-lasting stencils (laser cut)
Our Verdict

AK ART KITCHENWARE stencils from the floral and abstract ones that people have used for decades. Each of its five sheets has noticeable landmarks that transfer cleanly to cakes. They are also durable and food-grade.

5. Designer Stencils C757 New York Skyline Stencil

Designer Stencils C757 New York Skyline Stencil

To showcase your love for New York during your birthday, look for this C757 New York Skyline from Designer stencils. It is also an excellent template for crafting because of its quality design. The food-grade plastic used to make this stencil is durable, odorless, and lacks chemicals that might poison your cakes. Due to its light and flexible design, it is also easy to use than most of the low-quality stencils people used in the past. While decorating, you can use it on the top and or the sides of your cake without distorting its design.

The Designer Stencils C757 has a versatile stencil that you can use in many ways. Apart from decorating cakes, its 4×7.5-inch design is suitable for decorating cookies as well. Moreover, by varying the materials you use for decorations, you can alter its look and or effect on your cake in a short time. Royal icing, for instance, creates a raised 3D look. You can also use icing powder or food color.

What We Like
  • Decorate cakes and cookies
  • Flexible food-grade plastic
  • Works with powders and royal icing
  • Long-lasting baking stencil
Our Verdict

Do you want a stencil for cakes that can also decorate cookies? Designer Stencils C757 is a New York-themed 4×7.5-inch model that delivers. It is a durable product made of food-grade plastic. It also has a flexible design that you can apply on the top and side of cakes easily.

4. Güden European Artisan Bread Stencils

Güden European Artisan Bread Stencils

While cake stencils are diverse and readily available online, finding the best stencils for bread is a chore for most people. If you are one of them, we have found a suitable one for you. The Güden is a four-piece pack of 6×6-inch bread stencils that deliver excellent results. The laser-cut patterns (flower, rose, wheat, and leaf) on these stencils are clean and durable. Thus, if you bake bread for cash, you can use them every day without edges chipping or the templates warping. They also have flexible designs that you can wash and reuse many times.

Güden is not one of the cheap stencils with odor and or contaminants such as BPA. In addition to its unique style, you will love the quality of the stencils on offer. Made from translucent PET plastic, these flexible stencils withstand day-to-day abuse well. You can use, wash, and reuse them a few times without damage. They are also BPA-free and easy to position on cakes.

What We Like
  • High-quality PET stencils
  • Stylish patterns (laser cut)
  • Long-lasting designs (four)
  • Ideal for drafting and drawing
Our Verdict

Apart from decorating cakes, Güden is perfect for drafting and drawing as well. They are durable, food-safe, and have “clean” patterns that transfer easily on cakes and paper. You can also wash and reuse these stencils many times without structural damage.

3. HULISEN 7Pcs Cake Decorating Stencil Mold

HULISEN 7Pcs Cake Decorating Stencil Mold

HULISEN is a 7-piece pack of stencils and molds for decorating pastry. If you are looking to add value to your cakes before selling, this is the best pack to use for many reasons. Made from food-grade PET, you can use them safely at home or in your business. These stencils are also durable and have elegant laser-cut images that transfer neatly on cakes and other pastry. The versatile themes offered are suitable for occasions such as birthdays, wedding, or housewarming, to name a few.

Whether you are a professional chef or an everyday Jane who loves baking, you will never have a challenge using these stencils. Because of their flexible designs, you can position them in many different ways without distorting their look. All stencils are also light and recommended for use with icing or powders with good results. With a new pack, you will never spend a lot of cash on a pre-decorated cake again – you can make your own.

What We Like
  • Money-back guarantee (30 days)
  • X-ray/yellowing-resistant mats
  • Long-lasting PET material
  • Has fine laser-cut stencils
Our Verdict

Are you decorating a cake for a birthday party or a homecoming party? HULISEN is a pack of seven baking molds that will help you to create a masterpiece. Its laser-cut images transfer cleanly onto cakes. They are also food-safe, washable, and reusable several times.

2. Breadtopia Bread Stencils (Set of 5)

Breadtopia Bread Stencils (Set of 5)

With Breadtopia, decorating cakes, bread, and pie will never be an issue for you. The five stencils in this pack deliver beautiful and professional results always with little effort from people for many reasons. Made from a flexible Mylar material, they are easy to position on pastry. The material also has a durable and food-grade design that will serve you well for months.

You do not have to be a chef to use the Breadtopia stencils as required. Whenever you are ready to decorate, dampen a stencil with water and lay it gently on a loaf of cake. You can then sprinkle cocoa, flour, or icing sugar to transfer its image on your pastry. Cleaning these stencils is also easy. After use, all you have to do is rinse them by hand with cold and warm water and air dry them on a rack in your kitchen.

What We Like
  • Reusable many times
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Durable Mylar stencils
  • Food-safe components
Our Verdict

Breadtopia is a pack of five food-safe stencils for decorating bread, pies, and cakes. Made from Mylar, they are durable, safe, and flex for easier placement on pastry.

1. Magnoloran Coffee Decorating Stencils

Magnoloran Coffee Decorating Stencils

Did you know that you can easily decorate the coffee you serve your family members without going to culinary school? Buy a milk frother and or a stovetop espresso maker to prepare delicious coffee at home. You also need quality stencils such as Magnoloran to showcase your art coffee latte and pastry such as cake, to name a few. Made from polypropylene plastic, the 38 decorating stencils on offer are not only durable but also safe to use on foods. The material also has a dishwasher-safe design that you clean easily after use.

Magnoloran stencils come in 38 exciting shapes and sizes that you can experiment with while decorating. The shapes have accurate, and laser-cut designs that transfer cleanly on latte coffee and or pastry. They are also diverse, washable, and easy to use with cocoa, coffee, or icing sugar. Place one or two stencils over a cup of coffee of the pastry you want to decorate. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of cocoa or coffee over it to transfer its image instantly. You will love this item.

What We Like
  • Decorate coffee and pastry
  • Safe polypropylene plastic
  • Very durable and easy to use
  • 30 diverse shapes and patterns
  • Dishwasher-safe stencils
Our Verdict

Magnoloran stencils are food-safe stencils that are perfect for decorating coffee latte and pastry. It is an affordable product with 38 dishwasher-safe stencils that most people can use and maintain at home easily.

Buying Guides for Baking Stencils


Are you tired of spending a lot of money on decorated cakes while organizing parties at home? You can easily create a charming custom cake at home using baking stencils. Before buying one, however, check the shapes on offer. Are they clean and accurate? Poorly designed stencils often deliver poor results devoid of your skill. You should also buy a pack of stencils that will satisfy your needs. If you are preparing Christmas breakfast, for instance, the Christmas themed Designer C385 stencils that we have listed herein are the best.


Whenever you are decorating pastry, remember that you are handling food that people will eat in the end. Make sure the quality of the stencils you are using is top-notch before placing them on your cake, bread, or coffee. Check the material. If it contains irritants such as BPA and phthalates, look for another brand. Food-safe stencils made of quality materials such as Mylar and polypropylene are the best.

Conclusion: Decorating cakes or bread is a straightforward process that most people can do easily. However, make sure that your cake is cool and rested before you attempt to decorate. You also need a versatile pack of stencils, such as the ten brands we have reviewed. They are food-safe, durable, and easy to use.

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