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It is that time of life when everyone knows about the process of irrigation and why is it done. You see, technology has now changed a lot of things for us and the world has evolved to a whole another level. Now almost everyone is aware of the importance of watering plants and the soil.

However, there yet are some people who question the term “irrigation” and its benefits. Well, if you are someone who is yet unaware of this term then don’t worry because today in this article we are going to cover everything for you.

From irrigation to its benefits and its types too. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might be very useful for you in the long run.

Understand Bamboo Drip Irrigation System In Detail

bamboo drip irrigation

Irrigation is basically all about watering and providing fertilizers to the roots of the plants. That is done in order to keep the plants alive and to provide them with the essential nutrients they need in order to grow.

However, a few years back people weren’t aware of this term much and most of them thought of it to be a waste of water. Well, as said earlier, now things have changed on a whole new level and now “irrigation” has become a broader term which has a lot of types and branches.

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One of the most common and the most famous type of irrigation is drip irrigation and this is a proper system that is made with the help of tubes and emitters.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is that type of irrigation where you get to save a lot of water from being wasted. You see what actually happens is that when you sprinkle water on the plants on the top, the water gets wasted and only a little fraction of it is able to make it to the roots. On the other hand, with drip irrigation, the tubes and the emitters provide water directly to the base of the plants and that way it reaches the roots of it within seconds.

That is the beauty of a drip irrigation system, with it you do have to spend a little amount of money on the set up and it is going to cost a little effort too but at the end of the day, the results will surely pay you back for all the effort you’ve done on it. Also check our article on the difference between Soaker Hose And a Drip Hose.

Bamboo Drip Irrigation

bamboo drip irrigation

Now, the topic of today is basically “Bamboo Drip Irrigation” and we are pretty sure that only a few people among you have heard of this term and this system. If you are someone who is unaware of what a bamboo irrigation is then don’t worry because here we are to explain it all to you.

Bamboo drip irrigation is being practised for more than 200 years now and it is mostly done in the northeastern part of India. This system basically works on the principle of gravity and it is applied on those places which are steep or have rock boulders.

A bamboo channel is made in order to carry out the irrigation and for that, an uphill source is tapped and water is then brought to the plants and the land via these bamboos. The actual source of water in bamboo drip irrigation is hundreds of meters away from the area of irrigation.

Cost & Maintenance

As far as the cost and maintenance of this system are concerned, well, you can say that it is cheaper than drip irrigation because bamboos are easily available in these regions.

As a matter of fact, the farmers set this system up all by themselves and as far as the durability is concerned, this system can work fine for about 2 to 3 years. Also, the results produced by this system are no different than those produced by drip irrigation. So you can say that it is a good option for those who live in such areas where bamboos are easily available.

Also, if you are looking for some type of irrigation system that is free of cost then you can try building a proper bamboo drip irrigation system only if you live in such an area.

Moreover, the only drawback of this system is that bamboos start to rot when there is too much rain so yes you do have to consider that fact too before taking any step or making any decision. The benefits of drip irrigation and bamboo irrigation are the same at the end of the day and both of these systems can save you a lot of water.

Now it is all on you that if you are ready to spend a few dollars and build something reliable then you can opt for drip irrigation system which comes with tubes. On the other hand, if you want an irrigation system that is economical and lasts for almost 2 to 3 years only then obviously bamboo drip irrigation is something that can be beneficial to you.

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