Top 10 Best Lee Child Books Reviewed

Lee Child is a popular multi-award winning author and orator who has written several bestselling books over his lustrous career. Gaining global attention with his debut title, Killing Floor, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his famous Jack Reacher characters and produced several film-based novels that have featured in several television programs and films. A former television director, this English native has honed the skill or storytelling and helped millions of people worldwide quench their thirst for literature without spending a hefty amount of money. If you are part of this group and shopping for a new book that will engage and entertain you during your upcoming trips, this article review ten of Lee Child’s best book titles that you will never regret purchasing. They are fun to read and have engaging story lines that will leave you wanting more.

10. 61 Hours (Jack Reacher)

61 Hours (Jack Reacher)

Judging by the positive reviews that 61 Hours (Jack Reacher) has attracted over the years, there is no doubt that it currently ranked among the best in Lee Child’s arsenal. This book is affordable, starts with a grab of ideas that will get you hooked instantly, and has a catchy story line that starts when its main character, Jack Reacher, crashes in a snow storm and finds himself in a deadly confrontation that he never anticipated. Faced by the dilemma of moving on or protecting a female witness from a deadly assassin hell-bent on taking her life, Reacher decided to put his life on the line by making the latter decision. The book is enjoyable. The flow is sensational, while the series of event that take place are not only heart wrenching, but will also keep you entertained during your free time.

9. Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel

Make Me A Jack Reacher Novel Hardcover

A recent edition to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher trilogy of novels, Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel is an interesting hardcover book ranked among the best by Suspense Magazine, The Guardian, and even Los Angeles Times. This thriller is entertaining and has an interesting crime-themed plot setup in a small rural town called Mother’s Rest. As several other books, Reacher has a dilemma to deal with, walk away or stay and deal with the numerous ills facing lovable characters in this interesting yet troubled town. With this book, you will enjoy how Lee has combined cliches and strange elements into an original and compelling piece. You will also enjoy his storytelling skills and the cunningly constructed suspense that most avid and occasional readers often seek in novels and storybooks.

8. Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher)

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

Considered one the best novels of all time, Lee has combined suspense and storytelling in Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher) to come up with a masterpiece that has attracted global acclaim since its release years ago. It is interesting, has Jack Reacher as its main character, and has an interesting plot that revolves around Jack, a troubled woman (Susan Mark), and a chaotic shadow town with dozens of lying inhabitants. Being the loner that readers have known and liked Reacher for, he find a way to blend into the society, makes friends with a woman cop and several shady federal agents, and then triggers a chain of electrifying events that bring him face to face with one of his worst enemies. Be ready for the hidden surprises in this unique book. The suspense is engaging, while the chronology of event highlighted make it easy and entertaining to read.

7. Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher)

Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

Expect and entertaining and exhilarating experience with this Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher) novel by Lee Child. It is well written, engaging, and among the most sought after titles by both occasional and avid book readers for its engaging suspense-rich plot that keeps readers guessing. After a murder is committed in the heart of the California desert, Jack Reacher finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy involving several of his old friends. Alone and helpless, Jack reconnects with one of his old female comrades, gets wind of the unexplained disappearances plaguing his old mates, and users his brains and fighting skills to protect the people he loves. In this book, Lee brings out the creative and intelligent sides of Jack that most readers never knew. It is also well organized and has a chronology of events that create an interesting story line.

6. The Hard Way (Jack Reacher)

The Hard Way (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

Set up in New York City, The Hard Way is a classic Jack Reached book that revolves around crime, a lot of money, and a dedicated man hell-bent of bringing the guilty parties to book. When the family on Edward lane is kidnapped and a ransom of one million dollars requested, he seeks the help of illegal soldiers for hire, with Jack Reacher topping his list. An accomplished man hunter in his own rights, Jack uses his military skills and intelligence to trail the vicious kidnappers only to unearth a horrific drama involving money, deceit, and crime that his employer did not tell him. Reacher digs in deep and eventually brings the situation to order. If you enjoy crime and suspense-based story lines, and are looking for a new book to satisfy your thirst for reading, this title never disappoints.

5. Persuader (Jack Reacher)

Persuader (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

A popular Jack Reacher classic, Persuader (Jack Reacher) is a well-written and entertaining novel involving an ex-military cop who attracts trouble wherever he goes. However, instead of giving up as most people often do, he delves into his challenging situations and uses his intelligence and advanced military training to come on top. If you enjoy such story lines and read a lot during your free time, Persuader is an interesting title that you should consider. You will delve into Jack’s challenging world, watch him gather evidence as he performs his investigation, and watch him attain what he considered justice while at the same time enjoying Lee’s excellent storytelling and orating skills. Persuader (Jack Reacher) is cheap, readily attainable in web stores, and satisfied need of readers of all cadres

4. Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher)

Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher) is a mass-market paperback book that has earned a permanent spot in most top 10 best lee child books for several reasons. Its plot, for instance, is mature, interesting, and has a plethora of engaging series of events that will leave you entertained and appreciate the valuable contribution that Jack Reacher plays in most troubled cities. In this trilogy, for instance, he comes face to face with the Duncan’s, a clan in the corn county of Nebraska that has struck fear into the hearts of residents. Reacher delves into this thick of the action, motivated by a decades old case of a missing chained the he cannot let go. The vintage Reacher adventure offered is exhilarating. Its complex yet neatly sewn lot is easy to understand, while the plethora of characters highlighted are lovable and make the book even more interesting.

3. The Enemy (Jack Reacher)

The Enemy (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

As all other action sequences that Lee Child has written over the years, The Enemy (Jack Reacher) is an adventure-rich Reacher novel involving crime and an investigator’s to reconstruct a crime case piece meal. Reacher’s strong bond with his mother is evident in this book, while his skill intelligence and never dying resolve to solve cases will surely please all new and avid Jack Reacher fans. If you enjoy reading books and looking for a new and or memorable experience, factor this book in your list of must haves. Apart from its interesting plot, Lee has written it a simple and easy to understand manner that will leave you entertained.

2. The Affair (Jack Reacher)

The Affair (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

A New York Times bestseller and one of the most sought-after Lee Child books of all time, The Affair (Jack Reacher) is a prestigious title featuring and elite military cop, Jack Reacher, a crime scene, and solid evidence that points to an accomplished military personnel with powerful friends. This book is set up in Washington USA, has an adventurous fact finding theme, and explores several interesting environments and characters that most people can identify with. The conspiracies involved are heart wrenching. Its construction and executions mirrors Lee’s skill and vast experience, while the non-stop action that users get from start to finish has made it a sought-after title among Lee’s bestselling books. You will have a memorable and enjoyable experience with this classic masterpiece

1. Never Go Back (Jack Reacher)

Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) Mass Market Paperback

As per our review, Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) is current the best Lee Child book in the market. Ranked the number one bestseller by the New York Times; this book has won several awards and is soon to become a motion picture because of its interesting plot and the positive attention it has attracted over the years. It is setup in North Eastern Virginia, has a suspense-rich and action-packed plot, and has interesting characters that will keep you entertained as you walk toe to toe with Jack Reacher during his numerous adventures. Never Go Back (Jack Reacher) is adrenaline-packed, action charged, and has a sharper and interactive dialogue than most comparable books.

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