Top 10 Best Dictionaries Reviewed In 2017

For years, dictionaries have remained the go-to accessories by individuals looking to improve their grammar and expand their vocabulary. Carefully crafted by professionals in various fields, most models are accurate. Prints are clear and fun to read, while their ever-evolving content captures the changes of dynamic languages such as English, Spanish, and French. If you enjoy writing and or want a dictionary for research or information, our top 10 selections are the best. Whether you are a native or not, you will appreciate their value. They are also affordable and attainable in digital and paperback formats.

10. DK Visual Dictionary

Ultimate Visual Dictionary

Print dictionaries are tedious to read, particularly among individuals with a short attention span. If you have a similar challenge but want to stay informed about popular things and places, DK Visual Dictionary is ideal. Attainable as a paperback, it is affordable and easy to carry around. The 14 major sections offered are well organized and contain approximately 33,000 common things and places under several categories. Users learn about common roads and rails, for instance. This dictionary also covers music, animals, and sites in fun and easy to understand tables. Print quality (color photography) is admirable while the straightforward explanations under each image inform users better than boring verbose texts.

9. Webster’s 1st Edition

Webster's New Pocket Dictionary

This first edition dictionary from the acclaimed Webster’s brands is a popular editor-recommended accessory that informs users well. Featuring clear and concise definitions, this dictionary is fun to use. Whether you are looking to learn new words or improve your writing skills, you will not regret buying this one of a kind dictionary. Overall, it contains over 35,000 entries. All entries are comprehensive, up to date, and very easy to understand by individuals of all cadres. Ideal for work or school, Webster’s 1st Edition has a light and portable design. It also doubles as an effective thesaurus, which betters the experience of students, writers, and readers further.

8. Oxford University Press American Dictionary (3rd Edition)

New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition

Oxford University Press is an acclaimed publisher with numerous books in its arsenal. While most of its productions are top notch, its dictionaries stand out. This third edition American dictionary, for instance, is a quality flagship product that has helped individuals to read and speak American English better. Containing over 350,000 senses, phrases, and words, it is one of the most detailed products in this niche. It also has thousands of illustrations and explanatory notes (hundreds) that better the experience of users further. For those with eye problems, texts are crisp and very easy on the eye. Students and professionals alike appreciate its portability, while its well-made paperback design lasts long.

7. Webster’s New World (Fifth Edition)

Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition

Are you shopping for a versatile college dictionary to improve your writing or vocabulary? This fifth edition of Webster’s New World will never disappoint you. Featuring a portable and user-friendly design that individuals love the Webster’s brand from, expect a memorable experience indoors and outdoors. Synonyms are abundant. Definitions are clear, while the authoritative guidance it offered users has made it a favorite of copyeditors and newsroom editors. This paperback dictionary has specially identified phrases, words, and senses from all over the United States of America (USA). Its clear style is easy to understand. Finally, the hundreds of additions and revisions it has undergone make it one of the most detailed dictionaries to date.

6. Merriam-Webster’s New Edition

Merriam-Webster's Everyday Language Reference Set, New Edition (c) 2016

Since its release in 2016, this set of New Edition Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries has become the go-to product for everyday language reference. With over 75,000 updated definitions and 8000 usage examples, it is a perfect vocabulary builder for most individuals. The 150,000 word choices offered makes it an ideal thesaurus, while its special sections highlight common foreign phrases and words. When traveling to another country, therefore, it will furnish you with several phrases to help you get by. This set of paperback Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries is affordable, portable, and recommended for both school and recreational use.

5. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary New Edition (c) 2016

With affordable yet detailed dictionaries such as The Merriam-Webster available online, you do not have an excuse for poor grammar/vocabulary. Buy one to get up to 75,000 pronunciations, word origins, and definitions. You also get a vocabulary-enhancing synonym list and over 8000 usage examples that will help you to write/talk better. Based on the collegiate dictionary by The Merriam-Webster all words and phrases are accurate. Wordings are precise and easy to understand, while its special sections (biographical names, foreign words/phrases, and geographical names) are invaluable.

4. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus, Newest Edition (c) 2014

Curated as a thesaurus and dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s is a bestselling paperback book, produced in mass since 2014. Based on the collegiate dictionary of Merriam-Webster’s, its quality is desirable considering the low amounts individuals pay for it. The 60,000 alphabetical entries and 13,500 thesaurus entries in it are accurate. Synonyms and antonym lists are extensive, while its concise and clear wording improves comprehension. Unlike some dictionaries that challenge users, you will have a promising experience with it whether you are a professional or a student. Make Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus your main reference to improve how you speak, read, and or write.

3. Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

Do not stress your child with a boring jargon-laden dictionary to improve his or her English grammar or comprehension skills. A fun and well-written children’s dictionary such as this hardcover one from Merriam-Webster works better. Released in 2016, it is currently a bestseller in top 10 best dictionaries reviewed in 2017. Phrases, words, and images (35,000) are accurate and have authoritative content that informs and or educate children from elementary school. This dictionary also has visual references that individuals appreciate and notes on punctuations and spellings that make it a must-have resource.

2. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (Laminated Cover)

Now in its eleventh edition, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate is a durable (laminate cover) dictionary with over 225,000 precise and clear definitions. Revised and updated often, its content is accurate and current. The usage examples offered (42,000) are easy to understand while its clear and inviting font makes reading fun. Even though this dictionary is not as portable as comparable compact one, it is currently the best for use on desks and in libraries.

1. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Fifth Edition)

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, New 5th Edition (mass market, paperback) 2014 copyright

Scrabble is a game of wits. Individuals that can string intriguing words round after round wins the game and the price on offer. To be this person, having a detailed scrabble dictionary on your side is an excellent decision. Now in its fifth edition, this paperback Merriam-Webster is an expanded game grade dictionary that appeals to millions of scrabble users. Each original has 100,000 playable 2-8 letter words. It also has 500 new entries, variant spelling, and expanded coverage of both British and Canadian vocabulary. Ideal for school and recreational use, this dictionary is affordable and among the few recommended by the Scrabble players associations.

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