Top 10 Best Baby Formula Milk 2-3 Years Reviewed In 2017

To give your baby the best ever start to life and raise a healthy child over the years, proper nutrition is vital. He or she should drink as much breast milk as possible for at least six months, for instance. Alternative feeds should also be nutritious and blended to supplement breast milk at latter stages (2-3 years) of childhood. While most parents get nutrition right the first year, it drops significantly after the second birthday because of poor food selection. The cookies and refined drinks that parents offer children not only increase weight gain, but also impair their overall health. To prevent such problems, administer a nutrient-laden baby formula milk instead. They are palatable, easier to digest and contain minerals and vitamins that improve brain health, boost metabolism, and boost immunity. The following 10 best brands are also easier to administer and do not hurt the stomach as some poorly blended baby foods often do.

10. Similac Go & Grow (Stage 3)

Go & Grow by Similac Stage 3 Milk Based Toddler Drink, Powder, 24 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Did you know that pediatrician-recommended replacement foods such as Similac Go & Grow are as nutritious as breast milk is? Instead of blending yucky food to meet your kid’s nutrition needs, buy one for the best experience. Retailing as a package of six containers (24 ounces total), it is an affordable and sustainable alternative to breast milk. The powdered formula offered, on the other hand, is not only easy to reconstitute and administer, but also promotes better overall health to both sexes. The exclusive blend of vitamin E, lutein, and DHA, for instance, support better physical, eye, and brain development. They also boost the immune system without constipating babies. Trusted by generations of moms, this supplement does not have irritants such as preservatives and genetically engineered ingredients.

9. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Non-GMO, Gentle Infant Formula With Iron 34oz. (2 Pack) + FREE Butterfly Decals Stickers

A popular non-GMO supplement for babies, Kirkland Signature is a favorite among moms conscious about their baby’s well-being. Fortified with iron, the nutritious blend of ingredients used (including lutein and DHA) promote better eye and brain development. It also has Vitamin D that improves bone health and probiotics that improve digestive health naturally. After feeding, therefore, forget about the vomiting and constipation issues that some babies have with various supplements. Reconstitution and administration are also easy while its affordability appeals to most moms. Purchase this supplement from Amazon to get two 34-ounce containers (sealable), each with a long shelf life.

8. Enfagrow Toddler Natural Milk

Enfagrow Toddler Natural Milk Ready To Drink - 8 Ounce, 6 Count (Pack of 4)

Considered among the best natural milk supplements Enfagrow has produced for years, this milk complements toddler diets well. Attainable ready to drink, you do not have to grapple with complicated preparation steps not spend additional amounts on milk. The 8-ounce and 6-ounce bottles (four in number) offered are filling, while its nutritionally tailored formula benefits 1-3-year-olds. With each serving, for instance, your baby gets neuro support nutrients such as DHA and iron that nourish the brain and eyes. The dual probiotics offered, on the other hand, boost natural body defenses and support healthy growth. This powdered milk supplement retails cheap online.

7. Similac Go & Grow Toddler Drink

Go & Grow by Similac Non-GMO Milk Based Toddler Drink, Powder, 24 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Most babies like delicious and easy to digest supplements. Parents, on the other hand, like nutritious, safe, and easy-to-reconstitute ones that support better growth and development without harming babies. Similac Go & Grow Toddler Drink meets both needs. For a few dollars, you get a package of six milk-based product, with a non-GMO powdered formula blended to meet the highest standards. Fortified with vitamin E, lutein, and DHA, for instance, it supports better eye and brain development. By complementing toddler nutrition, it also improves physical development and the energy levels of babies. In addition to this natural milk supplement, Similac Go & Grow has vanilla and sensitive options that suit the need of most babies.

6. Happy Tot Grow & Shine

Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk, 23.2 Ounce

Happy Tot Grow & Shine is a 100% organic toddler milk, formulated to support eye and brain health. It also boosts fragile immune systems of babies to keep common baby diseases at bay. Retailing in a large 23.2-ounce container, it is long lasting. Its ARA, DHA, and choline-rich ingredients are non-GMO, while the 30% and 35% daily value of iron and calcium it provides is notable. Over time, your baby will develop strong bones and healthy red blood cells and live a productive and healthy life as a result. Happy Tot Grow & Shine benefits 1-3-year old babies. Reconstituted, it makes approximately 161 fluid ounce of a delicious and nutritious drink that babies enjoy.

5. Enfamil Newborn Baby Formula

Enfamil Newborn Baby Formula - 33.2 oz Powder Refill Box

Recommend for use since infancy through to three years, this newborn formula is a nutritious everyday supplement in a 33.2-ounce box. Powdered, the complete baby formula offered is durable and very easy to prepare. Brain nourishing supplements such as DHA and choline are in plenty. It also has vitamin D, a natural whey to casein ratio, and dual blend probiotics that boost health in various ways. They improve bone health, for instance. They also prop energy and natural body defenses and improve digestion by boosting metabolism.

4. Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Gentlease

Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Gentlease, Milk-Based Powder with Iron, 20 Ounce

Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Gentlease is a 20-ounce iron-supplemented milk formula for gassy and fussy infants and toddlers. Nutritionally tailored for babies aged 9-18 months this neuro supportive product is a recommended everyday product with numerous benefits. Apart from interesting taste, babies get a blend of easy-to-digest partially blended proteins that support better growth. Iron, choline and eye-supporting DHA are in plenty, while its high calcium and protein levels support active toddlers well. Apart from satisfying his or her nutritional needs, therefore, your kid will stay active, which slows weight gain.

3. Enfagrow Toddler Transitions

Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Infant and Toddler Formula - 20 oz Powder Can (4 pk)

With Enfagrow Toddler Transitions, you no longer have to frustrate your child with a hard-to-digest supplement to satisfy nutritional needs. Its smooth powdered formula betters the process in many ways. The 20-ounce powdered can offered, for instance, is portable. When traveling, you no longer have to compromise your child’s nutritional value as most women often do. The neuro support formula offered benefits babies aged up to 18 months old while its balanced blend of nutrients offer value. Calcium, for instance, improves bone structure and strength. Probiotics improve digestion, while iron and DHA improve brain development.

2. PediaSure Grow & Gain

PediaSure Grow & Gain Vanilla Shake Mix, Nutrition Shake For Kids, 14 oz (Pack of 2)

Offering a complete/balanced nutrition to kids 2-10 years old, you get a vanilla shake mix with each PediaSure Grow & Gain supplement bought. Package in two 14-ounce containers, it is affordable. Protein (12 grams), minerals, and vitamin (26) levels are high with each serving, while its powdered formula is easy to use. Ranked among the most recommended pediatrician-endorsed products in this niche, PediaSure Grow & Gain is 100% safe for everyday use. It lacks chemical preservatives, for instance. It also lacks GMO-based ingredients and proteins such a gluten with a negative effect on health.

1. Enfagrow Next Step Vanilla

Enfagrow Next Step Vanilla Milk Drink, 24 oz Powder Can (Pack of 4)

Top on our list, this powdered Next Step vanilla milk drink from Enfagrow is a nutritious baby product is a 24-ounce can. Packaged in fours, it is travel-worthy. It is also easy to use and not prone to contamination as some brands are. As most products reviewed, its powdered nutritionally balanced formula satisfies the needs of 1-3-year olds. It is also palatable (vanilla flavored) and fills the DHA gap as you wean your child from breast milk. Even though Enfagrow Next Step Vanilla has milk as its main ingredient, it also has probiotics and over 22 nutrients that support health.

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